Chinese Red Lanterns

By | May 4, 2012

Chinese Red LanternHanging red lanterns is one of Chinese traditional cultures. It is very popular in China right now. Red lanterns represent harmony (round shape), booming in business like fire (red color). It also represents happiness, vitality, illustration and wealth. This is the reason that Chinese like to hang red lanterns in parties or festivals, such as Chinese New Year, lantern festivals, etc. Furthermore, Chinese red lanterns are also hanged in some important building or shops, etc as the symbols.

Chinese red lanterns usually have some beautiful pictures or Chinese auspicious words on the surface. All pictures such as fishes, dragons, peony flowers, etc or auspicious words printed on the surface stand for good luck or wealth. In addition, adding some tassels attached to the red lanterns enhance their beauty and good luck.

Little History of the Red Lanterns:
Long time ago, Lanterns were used to as the lights only. Later, Chinese used red lanterns as the symbol of protections and protections after some wild animal only attacked those villagers without hanging red lanterns and never attacked those villagers hanging red lanterns according to one tale.

Red Lanterns and Feng Shui:
Besides of red lanterns having a lot of good meanings, people use red lanterns to enhance some auspicious flying stars and as feng shui cures to bad feng shui stars in feng shui. Hanging red lanterns in where the flying star #9 locates to accelerates delight events, such as promotion, marriage and new start. On the another hand, hang red lanterns in where the flying star #3 locates as the remedy to arguments and lawsuit problems.

See Chinese Red Lanterns and Feng Shui Tips as the meanings of flying stars.

9 thoughts on “Chinese Red Lanterns

  1. Coupon Mage Review

    I like China. The country is interesting 🙂

  2. Cheska

    Hi! I just wanna know> Currently, I have a pair of chinese red lanterns hanging on my business area. But I’m not sure it is in the right place. Can you please help and tell me where will be the best area I’m going to place the lantern. Currently, they are hanging inside my business premises and it is infront of a cashier table where my customers pay.
    Anyway, I want to boost my sales. Does a lantern can help it? I’m not sure if it is coincidence or maybe in a wrong spot, I just noticed that the time I hang the lantern, my sales went down.

    Looking forward for your kindness reply. Thanks!


  3. admin Post author

    You can hang that pair of the red lanterns outside or the hallway to bring more auspicious energy. They will help to boost your sale.

  4. cheska

    Thanks! I just read your comment. Will immediately implement this. I will removed the pair of these were they hang it right now. Thanks again.

    P.S. If you don’t mind, Can I ask your email address? I just wanna send you an image of the area where my lanterns are hang. I just wanna know if this would be the correct one. Thanks!

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  6. shaji

    Tel me where to hang the red lantern in a west facing house and living area is on the north west corner


    I would like to make use of some of the material on my website. I’ll provide you with a reference on the site if that’s okay with you?

  8. a property management company

    I’m often blogging and I really appreciate your content.

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