Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2018

By | January 28, 2018

Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2018Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2018:
Out of the zone of turbulence and changes, the zodiac Rooster enters the new period of life. The arrival of propitious star Wenchang (inspiration) will elevate the general fortune of Rooster and especially bring those who engaging in creative work their muses. However, the trespasses of five other villainous stars suggest emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. Since Rooster people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall, they could carry the Hamsa Hand Keychain Amulet all the time to help them prevail over the obstructions and safeguard the sail to the success.

Suggestion for Career:
With the visit of Moyue(unfamiliarity) star, the prospect of career is visualized as constant changes and opportunities (like switching job or starting business in a new environment). Fortunately, shinning upon Rooster’s horoscope, Wenchang star will cultivate your inner-value and talent; boost up your career fortune and thus gain recognition from others. If you can seize the opportunity, you are very likely to make a breakthrough in certain field of your life. For those who want to start a business and seek for partners in the work, Zodiac Rabbit and Zodiac Boar are your benefactors to look for. You can display Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque in the southeast of your office and Aventurine Tree in the south as the best remedy to smooth the difficulties in your transitional period and safeguard your sail to new shore. To grasp the opportunity in the work and boost your promotional luck, you can display the Red Fire Dragon in the southwest and 3 Legged Bird for Success – Bright Sun in the northwest to carve a path for your shinning future. As the star of inspiration, Wenchang is particularly beneficial for people who embark on creative job and pursue higher education. If your work is related to art, writing, producing, design etc., or you are in the pursuit of a higher education, you can place White Dzambala Mirror in the northwest and Wish Granting Amulet – Dragon in the south your study place.

Suggestion for Wealth:
Wenchang star may do you a favor to actualize the return for your diligent work and open new market; nevertheless, you need to pay attention to the financial changes due to the unstable monetary luck especially in the case of self-employment. The trespass of the looming stars Disha (harm) suggests the wrong decision in the speculation or investment. It is wise to avoid risky investing or gambling heavily since you tend to make wrong decisions in this field. To appease the ill effects from villain stars and prevent your money from draining away, you can hang the Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony in the east and display 3 Legged Bird for Success – Bright Sun in the southwest of your house. Since the educational luck is rising, Rooster people can spend some money on some workshops or taking courses that would help you develop your talent. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, display the Double-Fish Keychain for Double Happiness and Wealth in the central region of your office and place Red Fire Dragon in the southeast to appeal the help from the promising flying stars Zuofu and Youbi.

Suggestion for Relationship:
The lack of romance star in the constellation would result in slow progress in relationship wise. Lovers and married couples might experience a relatively insipid love life or get involved in an emotional entanglement. The increasing workload and some health issues would also give rise to some discord between Rooster people and their partners. Singles can hang The New Moon Rabbit Amulet in the northwest and hang Double Happiness Amulet in the south of their bedroom to cultivate the romance energy of auspicious star. Singles can also carry Wish Granting Tree Keychain Amulet all the time to enhance personal love fortune. To enjoy a life of bliss and harmony, couples could display Bejeweled Cloisonne Apple in the center and Wish Granting Tree Keychain Amulet in the northeast of their bedroom. To prevent from the disturbance of third party, they can hide Bejeweled Cloisonne Rooster Statue inside closet and have the rooster face out. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other.

Suggestion for Health:
In the course of striving for your goal in the career, watch out for the sneak attack from Bingfu (sickness) and Wangshen (void and death), which mostly cause illnesses that relate to infection. Elder should pay attention to illnesses such as heart diseases or blood pressure while young Rooster people might be inclined to have ailments such as coughing, fever, stomach and intestine problems. It is wise to safeguard your health and adopt a healthy schedule and diet. Hang the 4 Friends Windchime in the north and display Wu Lou Wind Chime in the west to suppress health issues caused by ill stars. Those who stay a lot in the office should carry the Inner Celestial Mansion of Avalokteshvara keychain with them as the protection against ill energy.

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