Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2020

By | January 1, 2020

Overall for zodiac Monkey in 2020:

Being in harmony with Taisui(Grand Jupiter), Zodiac Monkey will usher a year of smooth sail. However, gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white Tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female) while the other ominous stars like Feilian (flying dagger) and Dasha(disaster) is likely to cause undeserved ill turns, bloodshed, surgery, and other accidents. Monkey people should pay great attention to water related accident and the addiction to voluptuousness.

Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2020
Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2020

Suggestion for Career:

The absence of favorable star creates fluctuation for the general career luck. Disha and Zhibei are both gossip stars that will have you involved in disagreements, jealousy, or tend to make your effort futile. It is a great year for Monkey people who work in a team since cooperation fortune is rising.

Suggestion for Wealth:

Beleaguered by the unfavorable stars, your financial goal is hard to achieve. Because of Dasha star, the extra income luck is unstable. The poor communication and neglect might drive away some opportunities. You also need to work out and practice most of plan by your own. Pay special attention when you are signing the legal documents.

Suggestion for Relationship:

Without special strong romance star in the house, the love life of Monkey people this year is prosaic. Baihu Star will produce the feeling of solitude and frustration. Affected by vexing Zhibei star, Monkey couples are more susceptible to emotional fluctuation, distrust, and disharmony between each other.

Suggestion for Health:

Zodiac Monkey is susceptible to ailments and injuries for the trespass of stars Baihu (white tiger). Due to the arrival of Dasha star, disharmony and sudden changes is likely to occur in the family. Baihu star is particularly unfavorable for female; therefore, female Monkey people should also watch for the gynecological diseases. Pay great attention when participated in water related activities, especially in summer and fall.

Cures for Horoscope Monkey in 2020:

1. Place Increasing Business Talisman and Tai Sui Plaque 2020 in the north.

2. Place Good Health Keychain Amulet  and Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque in the south.

3. Place Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony in the center.

4. Hang 3 Celestial Windchime in the east.

Enhancers for Horoscope Monkey in 2020:

1. Place Double Dragons in the northwest.

2. Place Increasing Business Talisman  and Double Happiness Amulet in the west.

3. Place Sacred Hum Syllable on Lotus in the northeast.

4. Place White Tara Mirror in the southeast.

5. Place Green Tara Mirror in the southwest.

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