Horoscope Sheep 2021

2021 Chinese Horoscope for Zodiac Sheep People

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Sheep in 2021 Year of the Ox:

In the year of Ox, the energy from the house of Ox becomes ferocious that it rushes to the southwest, the house of zodiac Sheep. This is what generally recognized as the direct conflict with Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter), which brings instabilities, fluctuation, and other changes to zodiac Sheep’s life. Career wise, one will be more likely to experience job switching, redeployment, business traveling, and business is likely to be affected and even going downward. From the life perspective, one may experience emotion changes, house moving, breaking up, study transferring, long journey touring on the road. Changes bring one turbulence in life; nevertheless, changes also imply new opportunities. If one could seize the turning point, one could turn the disadvantage into the advantage. The outcome of future will really depend on how one harness one’s fortune.

Suggestion for Career:

Side issues would occur and hinder one’s sail to the goal. Thus, one will always find that one’s hard work is not rewarded. Due to the changes in life, one also should learn how to adjust to the new environment quickly. In the face of intense competition, one’s original position may be replaced by others. One needs to face the new personnel matters and new working condition. Sudden setbacks and hindrances are unavoidable. Langan (obstruction), the star of hindrance, will further distract and frustrate one with frequent holdbacks while the presence of Qiuyu (shackles) and Posui (damage) both suggest certain restriction on freedom, or even lawsuit.

Suggestion for Wealth:

If one embarked on business, one should watch out for the trespass of the menacing star Dahao since it indicates money losses or extra expense in life. Vicious competition will occur; one’s hard-earned money may be drained. For some Sheep people, money can happen in a way of “easy come easy go.”  Spend wisely. Make a budget and track both your income and your expenses. Since gossips, disagreements, setbacks and unexpected cost will exhaust one’s energy and time, Sheep people need to always keep a positive and calm attitude and come out some creative ideas to the new challenges.

Suggestion for Relationship:

Single female Sheep people will experience better romance luck than male Sheep people. Lovers or couples should be aware of occurrences of bad romance, third party. Since Sheep people are prone to be emotional this year, frictions occur; disputes are likely to happen between lovers. Without any presence of romance star, the changes in some personnel matter would go to extreme. Attached couples may be prone to either split up or get married. Married or attached couples need to exercise enough patience and tolerance as one’s intimate relationships may indicate tensions and frailty. Even some little disagreements or misunderstandings may endanger one’s marital relationship.

Suggestions for Health:

Offending Taisui will smite one with ailments and injuries. One’s health situation, especially the digestive system, will be weakened. Stay peaceful and stay calm. Consider do some practices of Taiji, yoga, meditation, or spiritual activities for they are beneficial for one’s health. Take precaution when one need to handle with sharp objects and fire related game as the horoscope predicts. Check the electricity before one leaving the house.

Cures for Chinese Zodiac Sheep in 2021:

Wu Lou w/ Longevity God

Enhancers for Chinese Zodiac Sheep in 2021:

Blue Tara Gau Home Protection Amulet

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