Lucky Wedding Dates 2014

By | August 23, 2013

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Double Happiness

Marriage is one of the most important things for a life. One lucky wedding date can bring happiness, harmony and wealth for the rest of the life. Instead an inauspicious wedding date can lead to unhappy marriage.

In general, a good wedding date can’t be against to either groom’s Chinese zodiac sign or bride’s Chinese zodiac sign. For specific persons, the lucky date for wedding is better calculated by the combination of the four Pillars of both groom and bride (Four pillars are the date of the birth) and the birthday charts. Followings are the general good wedding date for 2014 Year of the Horse. They list what animal zodiac sign it is against on that date.

If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Sign tool to find out. Also see Lucky Wedding Date for 2013. Use our service of choosing wedding day to pick one lucky wedding day for you.

January, 2014
01/03 (Lunar 12/03) Fri. – against Zodiac Dragon
01/08 (Lunar 12/08) Wed. – against Zodiac Rooster
01/11 (Lunar 12/11) Sat. – against Zodiac Rat
01/20 (Lunar 12/20) Mon – against Zodiac Rooster
01/26 (Lunar 12/26) Sun – against Zodiac Rabbit

February, 2014
02/01 (Lunar 01/02) Sat. – against Zodiac Rooster
02/05 (Lunar 01/06) Wed. – against Zodiac Ox
02/14 (Lunar 01/15) Fri. – against Zodiac Dog
02/17 (Lunar 01/18) Mon. – against Zodiac Ox
02/26 (Lunar 01/27) Wed. – against Zodiac Dog

March, 2014
03/01 (Lunar 02/01) Sat. – against Zodiac Ox
03/07 (Lunar 02/07) Fri. – against Zodiac Sheep
03/14 (Lunar 02/14) Fri. – against Zodiac Tiger
03/19 (Lunar 02/19) Wed. – against Zodiac Sheep
03/23 (Lunar 02/23) Sun. – against Zodiac Pig
03/26 (Lunar 02/26) Wed. – against Zodiac Tiger
03/31 (Lunar 03/01) Mon. – against Zodiac Sheep

April, 2014
04/04 (Lunar 00/05) Fri. – against Zodiac Pig
04/05 (Lunar 03/06) Sat. – against Zodiac Rat
04/13 (Lunar 03/14) Sun. – against Zodiac Monkey
04/17 (Lunar 03/18) Thur. – against Zodiac Rat
04/20 (Lunar 03/21) Sun. – against Zodiac Rabbit
04/25 (Lunar 03/26) Fri. – against Zodiac Monkey
04/29 (Lunar 04/01) Tue. – against Zodiac Rat

May, 2014
05/02 (Lunar 04/04) Fri. – against Zodiac Rabbit
05/08 (Lunar 04/10) Thur. – against Zodiac Rooster
05/12 (Lunar 04/14) Mon. – against Zodiac Ox
05/15 (Lunar 04/17) Thur. – against Zodiac Dragon
05/20 (Lunar 04/22) Tue. – against Zodiac Rooster
05/24 (Lunar 04/26) Sat. – against Zodiac Ox
05/27 (Lunar 04/29) Tue. – against Zodiac Dragon

June, 2014
06/01 (Lunar 05/04) Sun. – against Zodiac Rooster
06/05 (Lunar 05/08) Thur. – against Zodiac Ox
06/06 (Lunar 05/09) Fri. – against Zodiac Tiger
06/09 (Lunar 05/12) Mon. – against Zodiac Snake
06/14 (Lunar 05/17) Sat. – against Zodiac Dog
06/28 (Lunar 05/21) Wed. – against Zodiac Tiger
06/26 (Lunar 05/29) Thur. – against Zodiac Dog
06/30 (Lunar 06/04) Mon. – against Zodiac Tiger

July, 2014
07/03 (Lunar 06/07) Thur. – against Zodiac Snake
07/08 (Lunar 06/12) Tue. – against Zodiac Dog
07/09 (Lunar 06/13) Wed. – against Zodiac Pig
07/13 (Lunar 06/17) Sun. – against Zodiac Rabbit
07/21 (Lunar 06/25) Mon. – against Zodiac Pig
07/25 (Lunar 06/29) Fri. – against Zodiac Rabbit

August, 2014
08/06 (Lunar 07/11) Wed. – against Zodiac Rabbit
08/07 (Lunar 07/12) Thur. – against Zodiac Dragon
08/10 (Lunar 07/15) Sun. – against Zodiac Sheep
08/15 (Lunar 07/20) Fri. – against Zodiac Rat
08/19 (Lunar 07/24) Tue. – against Zodiac Dragon
08/22 (Lunar 07/27) Fri. – against Zodiac Sheep
08/27 (Lunar 08/03) Wed. – against Zodiac Rat
08/31 (Lunar 08/07) Sun. – against Zodiac Dragon

September, 2014
09/03 (Lunar 08/10) Wed. – against Zodiac Sheep
09/09 (Lunar 08/16) Tue. – against Zodiac Ox
09/16 (Lunar 08/23) Tue. – against Zodiac Monkey
09/21 (Lunar 08/28) Sun. – against Zodiac Ox
09/25 (Lunar 09/02) Thur. – against Zodiac Snake
09/28 (Lunar 09/05) Sun. – against Zodiac Monkey

October, 2014
10/03 (Lunar 09/10) Fri. – against Zodiac Ox
10/11 (Lunar 09/18) Sat. – against Zodiac Rooster
10/16 (Lunar 09/23) Thur. – against Zodiac Tiger
10/23 (Lunar 09/30) Thur. – against Zodiac Rooster
10/28 (Lunar Lunar 09/05) Tue. – against Zodiac Tiger

November, 2014
11/04 (Lunar Lunar 09/12) Tues. – against Zodiac Rooster
11/10 (Lunar Lunar 09/18) Mon. – against Zodiac Rabbit
11/14 (Lunar Lunar 09/22) Fri. – against Zodiac sheep
11/22 (Lunar 10/01) Sat. – against Zodiac Rabbit
11/26 (Lunar 10/05) Wed. – against Zodiac sheep
11/29 (Lunar 10/08) Sat. – against Zodiac Dog

December, 2014
12/04 (Lunar 10/13) Thur. – against Zodiac Rabbit
12/09 (Lunar 10/18) Tue. – against Zodiac Monkey
12/12 (Lunar 10/21) Fri. – against Zodiac Pig
12/17 (Lunar 10/26) Wed. – against Zodiac Dragon
12/21 (Lunar 10/30) Sun. – against Zodiac Monkey
12/24 (Lunar 11/03) Wed. – against Zodiac Pig
12/29 (Lunar 11/08) Mon. – against Zodiac Dragon

Chinese Wedding Double Happiness

75 thoughts on “Lucky Wedding Dates 2014

  1. mhai

    Hi. I hope you could help me. Were planning to get married this yr, but don’t know which day its best to get married. My partner is a rat (Feb 17,1984) and I’m an ox (Jan 17,1985).thanks.

  2. nino

    We’re planning to get married on September 13, 2014, I was born in December 20, 1083 and my zodiac is Boar and she is on September 6, 1990 and her Zodiac is horse.
    , Please can you give us some advice what date is good (aside from september 12, 2014) and bring Happiness and prosperity for us? Kindly Please Advice,

  3. claire

    Hi. We’re planning to get married this month of June 2014 i don’t know which date would be the best for us but i’m thinking the date of June 8,2014. Can you give some advice if it is the right date for us.
    I was born in November 1,1985 and i’m an ox my and partner was born in April 27,1987 and his a rabbit.
    Thanks you so much for the time!

  4. julie donaldson


    My son born 3/2/1984 Rat & his girlfriend born 3/2/1985 Rat (that is right they were born on the same date but one year apart) want to get married this year. Could you please advise a good date for them to get married in China.

    Many thanks for you consideration.

  5. krystel ferrer

    Pls help me find a wedding day in january 2015 for two persons born on march 22, 1986 (groom to be) and November 22, 1988 (bride to be) thank u.. ill be waiting :-)

  6. Leanne


    I wanted to know the best wedding date in 2014 for my wedding
    partner: 19 May 1974 – 11.45am on a Sunday in Footscray hospital vic

    and me….
    17th July 1978 -7.30am Monday in Footscray hospital Vic

    I have researched some information but would like some one elses opinion if I done this correctly?
    Ive been told lunar calendar dates to avoid are 3,6 and 7.
    16/9 Lunar 23/8 against monkey
    25/9 Lunar 02/8 against snake
    28/9 Lunar05/8 against Monkey

    16/10 Lunar 23/9 against Tiger
    28/10 Lunar 5/9 against Tiger

    So that has led me to believe that the following dates are ok:
    Sep 6,13,20,27th (my partner says the 27th, the AFL Grand Final is that day and its bad luck to marry then lol)
    Oct 4,11,18,25th

    I just want to know if you could please give me some confirmation if I have done this correctly?

    Thanks Leanne

  7. sunny lee

    Hi good day would you help me
    Me and my fiance are planning to get married this year what month and day and time are good for us to get married
    Im a rooster july 5 1969
    my fiance is pig sept. 1 1983
    Pls help me i need your advice
    Thank you very much for your time more power

  8. Martha

    Hi..I’m planning on getting married in 2014. My fiances birthday is 03/04/1960 and mine is 07/14/1965. What is a good feng shui day to get married for us? Thanks!

  9. Halo

    My bro is going to have a wedding this year and my bro is tiger and his GF is rabbit.How about them an what’s the lucky date for them?

  10. kimmie

    hello – is april 15, 2015 a good month to marry? my fiance and i are both dragons. also , since april is the number 4 in western culture is it a bad month according to chinese astrology? it is also a widow year (no li chun). should we try to move it up so we can still catch part of year of the horse (where there are two li chuns?) thank you.

  11. Linda naam

    My birthdate is 04/10/87 year of rabbit. My future husband’s birthdate is 01/01/88 I think heart of rabbit also. The birthdates are according to the normal calendar, not the lunar calendar.

    Is 10/01/2015 a good date to have a wedding dinner? What about 28/12/2014? if not, what are the good dates between December 2014 and January 2015?

    Thank you.

    kind regards

  12. Jin Pei

    Hi, my partner and I are both born in the year of Goat, 1991. My birthday is 9 Nov while his is 2 Dec. May I know if 12 Sep is a good date for us to ROM? For your kind advice, please. Thank you.

  13. greenwater

    his birthday is may 14, 1973 ox and mine is march 25, 1972 rat we were wanting to get married this year if it is a good year for marital happiness between us maybe late summer or fall. please help. thank you, ~greenwater

  14. elizabeth comprado

    what is the good date of marrieage may 14 or may 16 20014

  15. Billy

    I am born in year of a monkey and my partner on February 10, 1981, which Sunday in October or November is the most auspicious?

  16. Billy

    Hi, I am born in year of a monkey and my partner on February 10, 1981, which Sunday in October or November is the most auspicious?

  17. blue sky

    Hye. My girlfriend and i wanted to engage in august or september. What is the perfect date for us. My birthday is nov 5,1983 (boar) and her march 9, 1986 (tiger). Tq.

  18. funmi ogunleye

    Ples help me and my financ to set a date ƒ♥̸̨я our wedding we want it my july but we need a lucky date,the groom date of birth is(jan/1/1983) while the bride date of birth(july 7,1984)ples reply us thanks

  19. Sheri


    Could you please advise me what dates in 2014 would be good for me and my fiancé.

    Me: dec 28, 1978. I am a horse
    Him: dec 4, 1974. He is a tiger I believe.

    Thank you in advance

  20. gerymie

    Hi im planning to get maried on aug 7 2014 my bday is may 10 1980 and my partner is mar 14 1964.his dragon and im monkey..please advice for good feng sui..thank u and apriciated if u can give some advice

  21. Veronica

    my bf is nov.2,1984 and mine is july 14,2014.. and where planning to get married on July 4,2014.. my favorite number.. can you please help me if this is lucky number?

  22. vivian

    Hi, I would like to ask whether 28 September 2014 suitable for ROM. My bf was born on 22 Oct 1984 and mine was 19 June 1987. Some website mention this day is not auspicious day. Please help to verify

  23. edna evangelista

    we are planning to get married on december 2014. my birthdate is july 01, 1968 and my partner is june 8, 1966. will you please help me to choose which date is good for us to get wed? thanks

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  25. Dianna


    I was born on November 10, 1985 at 6:00 AM. My fiance was born on March 24, 1986 at 6:00 PM.

    I really am stressed now because my fiance and I have agreed last year that our wedding day be December 13, 2014; not only because it is 12/13/14, but it is our 10th year Anniversary. Almost all is fixed but one of our principal sponsors, who happens to be Chinese, said that the 13th is not lucky for us and for those who are dear near to us when he checked the Chinese calendar. He advised us that December 20, 2014 3:00 PM on wards is what will be lucky for us and for the people near our hearts.

    Hope to get response from you the soonest! Thank You!

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