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What is Five Elements

Five Elements is also Called Wu Hang. It is the basic principle of feng shui. Using the theory of 5 Elements can let feng shui balance and enhance our life. It is consisting of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth Element. The relations of them are as followings:

Five Element Metal generates Water; Water generates Wood; Wood generate Fire; Fire generates Earth. In another way, Water decrease Metal since Metal produces Water; Wood decreases Water since Water produces Wood; Fire decreases Wood since Wood produces Fire; Earth decreases Fire since Fire produces Earth.

5 Elements also have destroying relationship as following: Fire destroys Metal; Metal destroy Wood; Wood destroys Earth; Earth destroys Water and Water destroys Fires. For example, we can use water or wood element to increase wood element since water generates wood. On the other hand, we can use metal and fire to decrease wood element since metal destroys wood and wood produces fire. Colors, shapes and materials represent 5 elements.

Colors represent 5 elements: Gold, white and silver represent metal; Black, grey and blue represent water; Green represent wood; Red and pink represent fire; Yellow and brown represent earth. For instance, we can choose Gold, white and silver to increase water element and choose green color to decrease water.

Shapes are also representing 5 Elements: Round, oval and arch-shaped objects represent metal; Wave-shaped and free-flowing objects represents water; Rectangle-shaped objects represent wood element; Sharp point objects and triangle objects represent fire; Square shaped objects represent Earth. For example, we can use Rectangle-shaped objects to increase fire and choose Square shaped objects to decrease fire.

In addition, materials are also representing 5 elements: Metals represent metal element; Ponds and water fountains represent water element; Wood, plants and flowers represent wood element; Lighting objects represent fire element; Ceramic and porcelain objects represent Earth. For instance, we can use water fountain to increase wood and use lighting objects to decrease wood;

Followings are the example of the 5 elements: Metal Objects have golden bar, metal rooster and brass wu lou, metal 5 element pagoda ringing bell with tree of life, etc. Water objects have water dragon, black charms and blue wave shape hanging, etc. Wood objects have wooden charms, lucky bamboo and live plants, etc. Fire Objects have Chinese red scroll, red dragon with flaming sword, magic fire wheel and Ksitigarbha Fireball for Displaying, etc. Earth Objects have porcelain vases, pots and gemstone, etc.

Using Rooster to Appease 2012 Tai Sui

brass rooster

2012 is the year of the dragon. Since rooster is the secret friend of the dragon, wearing rooster pendant, rooster charm or displaying rooster statue is good for this year – Rooster can appease to the 2012 Tai Sui. This is the reason that a lot of feng shui consultants recommend people to have the rooster with them. However we need to pay attention what zodiac sign you are.

If you are the Chinese zodiac sign sign rabbit, you need to display one more snake statue or snake pendant besides rooster. Since rooster is against rabbit, rooster will be against to you if you display one rooster statue or wearing rooster pendant only. The best solution to it is finding one more Chinese zodiac to ally with the rooster. Once they are allied, rooster will be not against to rabbit.

Rooster, snake and Ox will be allied together. However Ox is side affected by Tai Sui too. Therefore we just choose snake to ally the rooster instead of both. See Chinese Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend for more details of Chinese zodiac allied.

If you are the Chinese zodiac sign Rat, Dragon or Monkey, make sure the position of the rooster will be correct. Since golden rooster can activate Tao Hua Luck for the above people, displaying golden rooster in the west position of your house will bring third party if you are married. Therefore void rooster in west position.

You can use our Chinese Zodiac Calculating Tool to find out what Chinese zodiac sign you are in you are not sure. In addition, We have rooster statues, rooster pendants, rooster charms or other zodiac at Chinese Zodiac.

Pay Attention to SouthEast and North

5 Element Pagoda with Tree of LifeIn 2012 year of the dragon, we need to specially pay attention to two locations: SouthEast and North since the most deadly fictitious stars #5 and #2 are in these two locations. Especially for those people whose main doors are located in these two locations.

Both flying star #5 and #2, which brings all kinds of bad luck, disasters, wealth loss and sickness, belongs to Earth element. Therefore those colors such as red, yellow or brown, etc, which can increase Earth element, are not recommended to those two locations (SE and N). The recommended colors for these locations are gold or white. Besides colors can affect the flying star, shapes of the objects affect the flying star too. If you have big sharp point object, triangle objects or Square shaped objects in those locations, you need to move those objects away. Recommended shapes of object for those locations are round, oval or arch-shaped objects.

In addition, SE in original Bagua also represents the eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old. Therefore, those people (the eldest daughter, widow, female between ages 30 to 45 years old) will be affected seriously by this star and are better not to live in SE. On the other hand, North in original Bagua represents second son or the male between 15 and 30 years old. Therefore those people (second son or the male between 15 and 30 years old) will be affected seriously by this star and are better not to live in North.

Besides we need to pay attention the color, shapes and who live in those two locations, we also need to display one Five-element pagoda, such as 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life in SE and one wu lou, such as Metal Wu Lou in North to lower down the effects of those bad energies. Furthermore, Tai Sui is in SE too, one pi yao, Pi Yao is very recommended in this location to appease the Tai Sui.