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Feng Shui Tips 2011

Feng Shui Tips 2011:
We need to pay attention to three fictitious stars in Feng Shui yearly: Tai Sui, Sui Po and 3 killings. Bad harmful energy will be generated by disturbing these 3 fictitious stars. In 2011 year of the Rabbit, Tai Sui is in East and Sui Po is West that is sitting on the opposite site of the Tai Sui. In addition, 3 Killings is in West also.

Tai Sui is the most fictitious star. Tai Sui is also called Grand Duke which is in East in 2011. Don’t disturb East, such as no any construction in East side. By most of the feng shui tips, placing One pair of Pi Yao in East will cater the Tai Sui. For someone who born in the year of the Rabbit or rooster, it is recommended to carry Tai Sui Amulet.

Sui Po and 3 Killings that can not be offended are in the West in 2011. They bring deadly disasters, such as accidents, sickness, etc. Don’t disturb this location and keep it calm. Don’t do any construction and sit over there for a long time. the best feng shui cure by most of the feng shui tips is placing or hanging one 3-Chi-Lin, such as 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime, Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque, 3 Chi Lin Charm for 3 Killings, etc, in the West position to lower the affection of 3 killings.

In addition to those above three fictitious stars, there are nine main flying stars which are related to different aspects, such as wealth, relationship, health, etc. These nine flying stars are 1 white, 2 black, 3 jade, 4 green, 5 yellow, 6 white, 7 red, 8 white and 9 purple. The locations of the flying stars are changed every year. The locations of these 9 flying stars in 2011 year of the Rabbit are shown as followings:

Chart of flying stars 2011

Right now it is in Period 8, the Eight White flying star is the emperor star which is related to wealth and fortune. It is the good star that we need to enhance. 8 White is in NW in 2011. By most of the feng shui tips 2011, placing something has the number 8 symbol, such as Bejeweled 8 keychain, Crystal 8 Symbol, etc. Since 8 White belongs to Earth Element, you also can put some feng shui products that represent Earth element in NW, such as Citrine Tree, Jade Ingot or vase.

Nine Purple Flying Star, which represents delight events, such as promotion, new start of enterprise, marriage, giving birth of new baby, etc, is in West. Since Sui Po and 3 killings are in this location also, it is better not to activate this location. One 3-Chi-Lin, such as 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime, Three Celestial Guardians Amulet Plaque, 3 Chi Lin Charm for 3 Killings, etc is the most recommended feng shui product by most of the feng shui tips to lower the affection of 3 killings.

In addition to 8 White and 9 Purple, 1 White is the good flying star needed to enhance. One White Flying Star, which is in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship, is in NE in 2011. Especially for who seeks for promotion, social fame, traveling and higher education, it is necessary to improve this star. Since one White belongs to Water Element, one Feng Shui Amulet or Double Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Amulet can produce more Water. Further more, one White is also in charge of relationship, one Mystic Knot Amulet or golden mandarin duck in NE can improve your relationship.

For someone who seeks for windfall, change in life, such as traveling, moving house or job change, it is better to focus on Flying star Six White which is SE in 2011. Since Six White belongs to Metal, we can use the following feng shui products to lift this benefactor star up: 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins, Metal Ingots, Feng Shui Fortune Bat, Golden Garlic, Monkey on Elephant, etc. Besides of one White in control of relationship, Six white is also one part of the contribution of the relationship. One Golden Ru Yi with Dragon Phoenix Image can help you have a harmony life and wishes come true.

If you are thinking of further eduction, exam or promotion, such as your children education, you need to activate Wen Chang star which is the Four Green Flying star locates. Wen Chang (Four Green) is in SW in 2011. You can hang one Wen Chang Education Amulet, Art and Literature Amulet or Wen Chang Pagoda in SW.

For Elders or who are easily getting sick, it is better to lower the affections of Two Black flying star and 5 Yellows which bring sickness, disputes and other problems. Two Black is in South in 2011 Year of the Rabbit. Wu lou is one of the most powerful feng shui products to ward off sickness energy. One Metal Wu Lou, Wu Lou Amulet or Ling Tzi Ru Yi in South can prevent illness chi from hurting you.

Besides of Two Black causes sick, Five Yellow is one of the most deadly fictitious stars. It causes disasters, wealth losses and sickness. By most of the feng shui tips, one Five-element pagoda or wind chime is the powerful cure to Five Element in Feng Shui.

Seven Red is a declined star in Period 8 and it is thought as one disaster star which will cause fighting, robbery, stealing, accidence, etc problems. To prevent from stealing, one blue crystal, Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm or Feng Shui Blue Rhinoceros is one of the best feng shui cure to Seven Red.

The last bad flying star is Three Jade. 3 Jade, which causes trouble, damage, arguments, lawsuit and legal entanglement, etc is in North in 2011. If you are in facing of lawsuit problems and want to win your case, you can place one Flaming Sword, red scroll, Ksitigarbha Fireball or Victory Banner in North. In addition, you also can carry one Victory Banner Amulet with you when you need to be in court.

At last, make sure the locations in your house are accurate when you place or hang those feng shui products. One compass may give you a help. Check the details of how to use compass in compass’s instruction to know how to locate positions.

You can place the feng shui products for 2011 on on LiChun Feb. 04, 2011. May the above feng shui 2011 tips help you bring prosperity, wealth, harmony and good health in the Year of the Rabbit 2011.

Relationship of 5 Elements and Colors, Shapes & Materials

5-Element is the basic principle of feng shui. Using the theory of 5 Elements can let feng shui balance. 5 Elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth. For example, we can use water or wood element to increase wood element since water generates wood. On the other hand, we can use metal and fire to decrease wood element since metal destroys wood and wood produces fire. Colors, shapes and materials represent 5 elements.

Colors represent 5 elements: Gold, white and silver represent metal; Black, grey and blue represent water; Green represent wood; Red and pink represent fire; Yellow and brown represent earth. For instance, we can choose blue or green color to increase wood element and choose gold or red color to decrease wood element.

Shapes are also representing 5 Elements: Round, oval and arch-shaped objects represent metal element; Wave-shaped and free-flowing objects represents water element; Retangle-shaped objects represent wood element; Sharp point objects and triangle objects represent fire element; Square shaped objects represent Earth. For example, we can use wave-shaped and free-flowing objects to increase wood element and choose sharp point objects to decrease wood element.

In addition, materials are also representing 5 elements: Metals represent metal element; Ponds and water fountains represent water element; Wood, plants and flowers represent wood element; Lighting objects represent fire element; Ceramic and porcelain objects represent Earth. For instance, we can use water fountain to increase wood element and use lighting objects to decrease wood element;