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Chinese horoscope 2008

Chinese horoscope for Rat People:

Once the zodiac year is same as you, which means that you are against God of Year Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). 2008 is the year of rat, so Rat people will offend God of Year (Tai Sui). Tai sui is on the way of your life, which means changes, challenges and vicissitudes will happen to you for sure. For some rat people, the routine of their life will be changed entirely, such as switching job, transferring education, changing status of immigration, moving house, getting marriage or giving birth. These changes will be either good or bad. Accidents occur out of your schedule; side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. When Tai sui is on the way, relationship fortune will be also declined and knave may come at you. The melancholy and disconsolate emotion bored you easily. Fortune is fluctuating at the beginning. Fortunately, there will be three propitious stars in your future journey, you will turn out to be fine eventually.
Feng Shui Tips for Rat

Chinese horoscope for Ox People:

The auspicious Taiyang star is playing a main role in the fortune of Ox people in 2008. Taiyang star, which represents the sun and the strong positive energy, is one of the most powerful stars. Under the shield of Taiyang, Ox people get supports from the male or elder people. To strengthen the good fortune, Ox people can carry dragon fish necklace in 2008; dragon dish is known as a strong fengshui symbol that will help people unblock the obstacles in the way and offer great confidence to make a breakthrough at work.
Feng Shui Tips for Ox

Chinese horoscope for Tiger People:

There is no particular strong ominous or auspicious star with Tiger people this year, which means Tiger people have to work out and carry everything all by themselves. Nonetheless, a motion star with the name Yima will stick with you. Yima is a neutral star that indicates getting moving in your life. Once this star concerns your fortune, activities of changes (for instance, you have to take a certain long journey for some reason, move from one place to another, switch jobs, etc) occur necessarily. As for positive or negative, it depends on whether Tiger people would seize these opportunities in the right way.
Feng Shui Tips for Tiger

Chinese horoscope for Rabbit People:

There is no particular big favorable star in your constellation except Taiyin star (good star) in 2008. Taiyin has one meaning of female, which means that you can get supports from female. So you will be beneficial from the help of nice female in your work. However, the Chi of this auspicious star is too insignificant to develop very well because it does not have any sustaining stars around it. Besides, Rabbit people have tortures from Taisui, which will bring you villain and cause troubles and entanglements on your relationship. Insomnia, anxiety and bad temper happen to you from time to time. Relax yourself and learn how to get rid of pressure. Carrying along a jade kuan yin pendant prevents you from tension and troublemakers around you.
Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit

Chinese horoscope for Dragon People:

The arrival of auspicious star Sanhe and Jinxin will bring Dragon people some raises in rank, income or reputation. However, troubles and villain will show up at the same time due to the presences of other three ominous stars (Five ghost, Guanfu and Huangfan), These three ominous stars indicate that lawsuits, disputes or vexations will happen to you. For businessmen, be discreet to prepare to cope with coming problems. Carrying along a gold 4-face Buddha pendant all the time will benefit Dragon people to usher fortune and combat with evil Chi for the whole year.
Feng Shui Tips for Dragon

Chinese horoscope for Snake People:

Recovering from various turbulent changes last year, Snake people will experience a better year in 2008. Under the help of auspicious star Yuegui, snake people will be able to pass all crises eventually. Favorable star Ludong will bless you to derive recognition and promotion in the career, also enhance your monetary status. However, the overall fortune is just so-so due to the ominous stars are tough. There are lots of challenges of different aspects coming to you. Most of the time, Snake people have to face and resolve the coming problems by yourself, this will be a assessment of your intelligence, courage and patience. Keep a steady head and do not be rush. Carry a blessing of jade with you as the most authentic cure.
Feng Shui Tips for Snake

Chinese horoscope for Horse People:

Horse people have a direct conflict with Tai sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) this year. The constellation of zodiac horse is in the south, which belongs to fire element. Fire is destructed by the water element, which is the base element of north, right at the position of Taisui Rat. Horse people suffer the worst luck in the year of Rat due to these double lashes. What is more, there is no lucky star that backs you up either. You will experience some changes like job switching, relationship clashing, business traveling, cash flowing, house moving, study transferring, long journey touring on the road. These changes of new environment bring you lots of instabilities, challenges, hindrances and setback. You have to face these troubles all by yourself. Contrary to these disappointments, if some joyous events happens (such as getting marry, giving birth), these kinds of happiness are also recognized as changes in horoscope, which will help you to block some ominous events. To wear a jade Kuanyin pendant with you is the most reliable cure to ward off the potential killing chi and regulate the overall fortune.
Feng Shui Tips for Horse

Chinese horoscope for Sheep People:

Sheep people will enjoy a smooth going in 2008 due to the arrival of several powerful promising stars; Ziwei star and Longde star will bring you very auspicious chi that can favor you to make a progress in wealth and career. Once you get stuck in some difficulties or personnel entanglements, you will be able to make a significant breakthrough by the help of a solution star Dijie. The overall luck is upgrading, however, you will suffer some setbacks, conflicts and sudden accidents because of the ominous stars Tiane and Baobai locating in your constellation. To carry a gold Buddha pendant with you is an authentic way to deflect the evil energy and gain benefactors at work.
Feng Shui Tips for Sheep

Chinese horoscope for Monkey People:

The fortune of Monkey people will have an ill turn this year due to the arrival of polecats in your horoscope, and two snobbery stars White tiger and Zhibei will aggravate this situation. You will experience some hard time for gossips. Obstructions will be embroiled in your work. Only little rewards can be gained even though you strive very hard. What is more, you will be in a stressful mood due to depreciation from others. Tough as your overall luck, you (especially for whom are pursuing their study or education, engaging a creative career)still have a lucky Wenchang star. It is very favorable for them to stimulate this lucky star by placing a crystal pagoda in northeast.
Feng Shui Tips for Monkey

Chinese horoscope for Rooster People:

Rooster people will enjoy a good year in 2008 due to the arrivals of many propitious stars. Three auspicious stars Tiande, Fuxing and Bazuo are shinning further upon your constellation. Tiande star represents bless and help from a powerful position; this star will smoothen your career and favor you to surmount any obstructions eventually. Fuxing means lucky star of happiness, which is also good for inviting great helpful people into your life. Bazuo star indicates accomplishment of education, official rank and power. Rooster people can obtain recognition and promotional chances; if one is still pursuing his studies, it is beneficial for him to place the jade stone eight immortals in northeast to emerge successful from a competitive examination. To stimulate the auspicious energy of these stars, Rooster people can wear a dragon fish necklace this year to ensure a fully grasp and in control of all work related affairs.
Feng Shui Tips for Rooster

Chinese horoscope for Dog People:

Even though there is no major favorable star in your constellation, Dog people will be able to overwhelm most of the obstructions and land on their feet eventually due to the reconciling star Tianjie. This star is also beneficial to harmonize some previous entanglements, even some prolonged legal issues, which infers positive turns in the aspect of your relationship. Dog people will also enjoy the increase of romance luck. Nonetheless, the health will be weakened by three ill stars, keep away from high risky activities and beware of the health situation of seniors in your family. Hang a white jade stone wulou by your beside to regulate your health fortune and ward off the evil energy. For those who travel a lot, hang an In and Out safety Peach Wood wulou gourd or kuanyin bell inside the car to safeguard your journey.
Feng Shui Tips for Dog

Chinese horoscope for Boar People:

Beneath the calm surface, the general luck is going up and down. Potential problems are hiding and may somehow occur later. You need to prepare and adjust yourself to face new challenges because there is lacking of beneficial stars in your constellation this year. Striving with the new environment, different job, money loss and unstable fortune will add you lots of pressure. Roar people need pay specific attention to lawsuits (for example, getting fine ticket) and gossips among relationship. Place jade Ruyi on your work desk and hang a red scroll Good Future with a red jade turtle in west to regulate your networking and avoid legal entanglements. Ill health is strongly indicated due to the arrival of sick star Bing fu. Wear a jade Buddha's hand necklace with you to cure the evil energy that afflicts you. The Buddha's hand is also beneficial for you to gain helper in the work and get you out of troubles.
Feng Shui Tips for Boar

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