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Chinese Horoscope for 2007

Each of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, which start with Rat and end with Boar, has a corresponding compass direction. Its direction is one of our rules to display our feng shui tools. It also guides us where the "'danger" sectors in our home/office are every year.

If you are not sure what zodiac sign you are, you can find your zodiac sign by clicking Chinese Zodiac Tool.

Chinese Horoscope Rat

Overall in 2007:

For the Rat people, it is better to keep thing same as before. If you want to do something new/important, you have to think about it carefully before you really do it. Also you should especially pay attention to health because BinFu Star, which is in charge of disease, will come into your life. There is one good star which belongs to career luck is with you this year. So it is a year of promotion for Rat people if you could seize the chance. The wealth fortune is not good enough to make ends meet, and there would be something that costs you a lot; however, the fortune of extra income happens. Never venture. Taiyang star, which means positive energy, is in your position. So something that means positive energy would be helpful for you, such as your helpful male friends.
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Chinese Horoscope Ox

Overall in 2007:

Tangfu star is your lucky star this year, which is helpful for your career. Especially, if you are Ox people who are engaged in occupations like police, firefighter or technical work, it%u2019s a year of promotion. However, it is your only lucky star this year also. There are four other bad stars that would cause health and relationship problems around you. Ox people will be better off to avoid visiting patient or going to funeral. Wearing a jade bracelet or genuine green crystal bracelet is a good way to ward off the bad chi.
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Chinese Horoscope Tiger

Overall in 2007

Guoyin star, a powerful auspicious star, will go with Tiger people It means Tiger people will have chances to seize more power and manage the stuff at work. Taiyin star, cooperated with Suihe star, will both be your helpful star. That means tiger people will benefit from the help of female. Tiger people should consider more about opinions from females, and that would be good for your project; however, there are a lot of troubles and obstacles in your way. Guansuo star will fetter your mind and Wangshen star will make you lose temper easily, Business people do pay attention when you are signing your agreements; it will likely cause you loses and lawsuits.
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Chinese Horoscope Rabbit

Overall in 2007:

The favorable stars Santai and Jiangxing, which represent for power, leader and reputation, are shinning on Rabbit people's road. It indicates Rabbit people will have a breakthrough at work. Year star Wugui will cause some slander and gossips around you. Guanfu, Feifu and Nianfu are all ominous lawsuit stars, they would cause from little traffic fines to big trouble about business agreements. Rabbit people do be careful with it.
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Chinese Horoscope Dragon

Overall in 2007:

It is a nice year for Dragon people. The propitious star Yuede will do you a great favor in every field. Study, career and relationship are all going well; it helps you ward off some menacing chi also. The romance star Hongluan stays with you, if people plan to marry, this year is the time.
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Chinese Horoscope Snake

Overall in 2007:

It is a year full of changes and rush. Snake people are against Taisui(the God of Year) this year. Everything is not so smooth and not of your own accord. The threatening stars are around you, disease and bloody accident would happen.
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Chinese Horoscope Horse

Overall in 2007:

The propitious stars Ziwei and Longde would do Horse people a great favor at work. Luxun star, which is good for raise and promotion, together with Dijie star, which is the God of resolution, will both lead you out of difficuties and make a breakthrough this year. Changes of work or affection are not recommended this year because Tiane star would bring you some undeserved ill turns and unforeseen misfortune.
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Chinese Horoscope Ram

Overall in 2007:

The star Huagai would light Ram people's wisdom and trigger their inspiration; however, Huagai star would produce emotional problems. In this year, the fortune of relationship and romance is very weak, and there are no special helpful people around you. It is a lonely year for Ram people, and they have to struggle everything by themselves most of the time.
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Chinese Horoscope Monkey

Overall in 2007:

The fortunate stars Tiande and Fuxing will bring some powerful, helpful people to do Monkey people a favor. Bazuo star, which represents a raise at work and rank, would stay with Monkey people. Even for students, their grades would have an improvement this year. It is the year for Monkey people to display their initiative and creativity. Nevertheless, zodiac Monkey will be hurt by Taisui star (the God of the year). Some obstructions are in the way especially in the respect of relationship.
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Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Overall in 2007:

The favorable star Wenchang, which is good for study and work, is going with Rooster people this year. It means that Rooster people would have a nice inspiration in study or work; people who are engaged in art or creative work would have a smooth development. Nevertheless, the great pressure and relationship problems would come off work; some unharmonious affairs would happen among Rooster people and their parents by the effects of gossip star Diaoke. The Posui star would bring some sudden failures, financial problems of family and discordant affairs of relationship.
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Chinese Horoscope Dog

Overall in 2007:

Because of the joyous star Tianxi, Dog people have a special fascination in social contact. The networking luck would also have a nice turn. There are new changes in the life or work (like transfer, business trip) coming out of Moyue star. Dog people need to adapt to the new situations. Moyue star would easily frustrate people by the hindrances and troubles in the transition.
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Chinese Horoscope Boar

Overall in 2007:

Taisui (the God of the year) is staying above Roar people (Taisui xiangxing), which means the fortunate would be fluctuant. It is a year of boar, but it isn%u2019t a year for Boar people. Unforeseen accidents would happen in plans; frictions, obstructions and vilifications would take place easily. The effects from Taisui would also cause changes in life, such as transfer, affairs, marry or pregnancy. Roar people should learn how to cope with relationships around them, for Sanxing star and Zixing star bring people discrepant connections especially among family members.
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