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Chinese Horoscope 2016, Chinese Zodiac 2016

See our newest Chinese Horoscope 2017 for Year of the Rooster

If you are not sure what Chinese zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Tool to calculate out. For previous yearly horoscope, please check the links at the end of this page.

Chinese Horoscope Rat 2016:

The favorable star Santai (high rank), suggesting the elevation in the career, will bring you some new appreciations and recognition from your boss and colleagues. Hence, the year of Monkey is going to be a year of better growth and stability for Zodiac rat since the zodiac Monkey and Rat are in harmonious energy combo. That being said, you should also beware the portents and make provision for the various attacks from the ominous stars Five Ghosts, Guanfu (lawsuit), and the sudden setbacks that they cause become the main obstacles that hinder you from progressing. To prevent turbulence and achieve the final success in the work, you could place the Yellow Crystal Point with Sacred Increasing Mantras in the southwest region of office. Southwest region is the place where Taisui stays this year; nonetheless, it is also the region that propitious star Zuofu locates, which means that the prospect is very promising if this region can be properly activated. This arrangement can stimulate not only the auspicious energy of Zuofu, but also pacifies the turbulent energy that Taisui might cause. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rat 2016

Chinese Horoscope Ox 2016:

Gradually being Out of gloomy shadow of against Grand Duke Jupiter, zodiac Ox enters the relatively halcyon field. Dispelling the dark mist surrounding the constellation, the emergence of couple benign stars shed a light on Ox people's path of fortune this year. The presence of Yuede (moon favor) suggests a significant favor and kindness from high rank. That being said, your zodiac house is also interspersed with disastrous stars%u2014sick stars Sifu (death charm) indicates that disease occurs to you and even your family, while Xiaohao (drain) will bother you with unexpected expenditure and accidental loss. To actualize your cherished dreams and pursuits, you can place Yellow Tara Mirror for Increasing Prosperity and Abundance in the southwest to activate the auspicious chi of your favorable stars. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Ox 2016

Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2016:

The house of zodiac Tiger locates in the northeast to east, the house of zodiac Monkey in the southwest to west. The energy of zodiac Monkey becomes ferocious that it rushes to northeast, the opposite palace, which belongs to zodiac Tiger. This direct rush on Tiger people's constellation would cause the fight of the chi, thus it brings instabilities, fluctuation and other changes in life. The consequence is what generally recognized as the direct conflict with Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter). Career wise, you may experience job switching, redeployment, business traveling, and business is likely to be affected and even going downward. From the life perspective, you may experience emotion changes, house moving, breaking up, study transferring, long journey touring on the road. However, great joyous events may occur as well%u2014like getting married, delivery, new house moving or promotion. Changes bring you turbulence in life; nevertheless, changes also imply new opportunities. As long as you seize the turning point, you could turn the disadvantage into the advantage. Thus, the result of future will mainly depend on how you harness your fortune. Placing the Tai Sui Plaque 2016 in the southwest to decrease the effect from Taisui and carry 2016 Tai Sui Amulet Keychain to ensure you to seize the opportunity in life successfully. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Tiger 2016

Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2016:

Visited by two powerful felicitous stars Ziwei and Longde, zodiac Rabbit will meet great opportunities of positive transformation. Ziwei, the promising emperor star, will favor you with auspicious power and intelligence. Under the shield of Ziwei, you will have lots of chances to obtain authority and bring your talent into full play, while Longde star will bless you with great benefactor luck. The lifting auspicious chi from these two stars will carve a year of fulfillment for Rabbit People. Nonetheless, even the overall luck is upgrading, it is not a year of complete plain sailing. You need to beware of the hindrances, conflicts and sudden accidents because of the invasions of the ominous stars Tiane (fallen disaster) and Baobai (unexpected failure) in your constellation. To deflect the evil stars and stimulate the fortuitous chi in your constellation, place 3 Legged Bird for Success - Radiant Sun in the south region of your house. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2016

Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2016:

Being in harmony with Grand Duke Jupiter, Zodiac Dragon will usher a year of abundance. Nevertheless, gossips and entanglements are likely to occur since the emerging ominous star Baihu (white Tiger) attracts knaves and villains (especially from female) while the other ominous stars like Feilian(flying dagger)and Dasha(disaster) is likely to cause undeserved ill turns, bloodshed, surgery, and other accidents. Dragon people should pay great attention to water related accident and the addiction to voluptuousness. To appeal to the blessing of Taisui star, Zodiac Dragon can carry Yellow Victory Dragon Baton Key Chain to support the virtual element of Dragon and stimulate the cosmic chi of Taisui. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Dragon 2016

Chinese Horoscope Snake 2016:

Tiande (heavenly bliss) and Fuxing (lucky star), both known as benign benefactor stars, will bring you excellent external support. However, the considerable number of the ominous stars and the affliction with Taisui will pose some difficulties and setbacks in the course of their personal pursuit. It is wise to focus on some joyous events (like getting marry, having baby or house moving), and hence to redirect the energy to the positive side. As a result, the general fortune will be visualized as a number of progresses and occasional failures due to the presence of several propitious stars. To activate the auspicious energy of your benefactor stars and help you to overcome the obstacles, you can display/carry the Victory Enhancing Talisman and Tai sui card 2016 on your study place or office. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Snake 2016

Chinese Horoscope Horse 2016:

The gloomy Diaoke (condolence visit) star suggests that there could be illness or even death occur to your friends or relatives. The trespass of another ominous star, Xueren (bloodshed), is prone to cause bloodshed, surgery, or accidents for Horse people yourselves. Although the gathering ominous stars will pose many obstacles for Horse people, the arrivals of two powerful auspicious stars, Jieshen (resolution) and Tianjie (heavenly support) will bring you excellent backing. Signifying the elevation in the career, the favorable star Santai (high rank) will bring you some new appreciations and recognitions from your boss and colleagues. It is the time to pave your prospect of career with hard work since these powerful stars are great helpers of stimulating your talent, benefactor luck and leadership. The emerging action star Yima (horse) also offers great opportunities of traveling and expanding business in new places. Nonetheless, the rise of career luck would also have you spend less time to cultivate your relationship, which is one of the main challenges Horse people need to face since Guasu (solitude) star is still lingering in the constellation. To elevate the general fortune and ward off menacing energy, Horse people can carry 8 Auspicious Mantra with them all the time. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Horse 2016

Chinese Horoscope Sheep 2016:

Out of the zone of turbulence and changes, the zodiac Ram enters the new period of life. The arrival of propitious star Wenchang (inspiration) will elevate the general fortune of Ram and especially bring those who engaging in creative work their muses. However, the trespasses of five other villainous stars suggest emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. Since Ram people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall, they could carry the Lapchun Spring Amulet all the time to help them prevail over the obstructions and safeguard the sail to the success. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Sheep 2016

Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2016:

The year of Monkey implies that Taisui, the Grand Duke Jupiter visits the house of Monkey this year. Thus, Monkey people are susceptible to the affection of Taisui, which stirs the chi in Zodiac's house, and consequently, the overall fortune of zodiac Monkey becomes very unstable. Zodiac Monkey has to face the year of changes and fluctuations in various aspects (work, study, affection, and even life style). That being said, change also indicates opportunity. If you can harness your fortune, you are able to take the advantage of the occurring joyous changes to "block" and "replace" the coming unfavorable events. However, the conflict with Taisui usually brings about wrong decisions making that gives rise to financial loss, contract problem and lawsuit. Since the impact of Tiasui is so potent to divert you out of the right track, especially in the aspects of career and emotion, Monkey people can carry 2016 Tai Sui Amulet Keychain and display Dragon Phoenix Ingot in the southwest region, the original constellation of zodiac Monkey, to appease the daily fretfulness and depression. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Monkey 2016

Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2016:

The general fortune of Zodiac Rooster is elevated due to the good blessing from the propitious star Taiyang (sun). Taiyang, one of the most powerful benefactor stars, symbolizes the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Rooster people; it means Rooster people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). However, the presences of three other villainous stars also indicate emotional disturbance, theft, accidental injuries and losses. The arrival of Tiankong (sky), a neutral star of enlightenment and creativity, will enhance your understanding of spiritual life and help you to discover your inner value, albeit also bringing you some unrealistic thoughts. Since Rooster people are susceptible to trouble and pitfall for the trespass of Huiqi (bad luck) star, they could hang the Persimmon on Ru Yi in the south to activate your lucky star and safeguard your sail to the success. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Rooster 2016

Chinese Horoscope Dog 2016:

With very few propitious stars in the constellation, Dog people will have to face a lot of challenges this year. Fortunately, the only positive star Dijie (solution) suggests new discovery through the journey in the year of Ram. However, you should also beware of the portents and make provision for the covering attacks from three ominous stars Sangmen (funeral), Disang (loss) and Gushen (solitude) for they will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Dog people must always have a second plan to adjust the sudden changes. To remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can you can display RenSheng on Ru Yi in the south to ward off the threatening energy and enhance the auspicious chi of your favorable benefactor star. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Dog 2016

Chinese Horoscope Boar 2016:

The emergences of the nobleman star Taiyin (auspicious Ying energy) will bring Boar people appreciations and exaltation from supportive female in the work. Nonetheless, the presence of two ominous stars Gouchen (hook spirit) and Guansuo (entanglement) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds, troubles and entanglements, and these complications will visualized either in relationship or finance. Although the general fortune is mediocre, it is a year filled with joy and happiness. Place Gui Ren Plaque in the southwest region to capture the good luck and prevent yourself from the interference of threatening stars. Since your success would also bring about jealousy and misunderstanding, it is better for you to keep a low profile this year. Detail see Chinese Horoscope Boar 2016

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