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2009 is the year of OX. The intellectual Chinese ancestor watched the paths of the stars in generations, and concludes a useful formula to describe the main character of the year. The ancient master used the ten heaven branches and twelve earth branches (which are also referred as the twelve zodiacs) that combine five elements of this universe. Every year is a match of one heaven branch and earth branch, and sixty years is a basic time cycle. In the coming year of 2009, the earth branch is zodiac ox, which belongs to earth element; the heaven branch is JI, which belongs to earth element; and the Nayin of the year belongs to fire.

In the year of Ox, the star Nine Purple locates in the center, it means this star is the emperor of the Ox year contemporary. In period of star Eight White (2004-2023), star Nine Purple is recognized as the future lucky star. Star Nine purple belongs to fire element, and this star is in charge of joyous event, such as romance and wealth. We can predict that the coming year will have more happy events than general. 2009 is the year of transition. For those who are already in love, 2009 is the auspicious year for planning marriage.

Nonetheless, the fire accident will be an affair to be cautioned about. Because right now it is the period of Eight White, so star Eight White Stays in the central palace too. One of the manifestations of Star Eight White is mountain, and the encounter of star Eight White and star Nine Purple will easily cause fire especially wild fire. We would suggest people to be very careful of these problems. People also need to be aware of diseases that may associate with respiration system, oral system (like teeth) and bones.

Different from the year star One White (water element) in 2008, Fire element of the coming year star has the tendency of rising upward, electronic industry (like computer, electric power), entertainment industry and cosmetic industry will be very beneficial, even the stocking market will recover and ignite some new passion next year.

Check the direction in the center of your business/office area, figure out the eight regions of Ba gua (north region, northeast region, east region, southeast region, etc).

Use Feng Shui Compass to Know Direction

1. Locate the center of the office;
2. Display one small table/desk at that center;
3. Put one compass on the table/desk (make sure whether the table/desk is even or not);
4. Rotate the compass slowly to let the red needle of the compass pointing to number 0 when the needle is still. If the needle is not pointing to number 0, rotate the compass a little and see until the red needle is pointing to number 0;
5. Identify the Eight Regions of Ba Gua:

Understand Compass

1. The direction pointed to 0 degree is North
2. The direction pointed to 180 degree is South
3. The direction pointed to 90 degree is East
4. The direction pointed to 270 degree is West
5. The direction pointed to 45 degree is NE
6. The direction pointed to 135 degree is SE
7. The direction pointed to 215 degree is SW
8. The direction pointed to 305 degree is NW

Flying Star One White

1. Flying Star One White is recognized as one of the three auspicious stars in flying star practice. Star One White is also a future lucky star in Period Eight. It is the star that in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship. It is a powerful activator for those who seeking for promotion, social fame, traveling and higher education. This star locates in the northwest region, which belongs to Qian Gua in the original Ba Gua. Qian Gua belongs to metal element. According to five element theory, metal produces water, which is the element of star One White. By the support of the metal element, star One White has a much better development. If your main door in North West Region, check the One White

Flying Star Two Black

2. Flying Star Two Black, one of the most famous sick stars and trouble makers in flying star practice, brings about sickness, disputes and other problems. Star Two Blacks locates in the west. In original Ba gua, West belongs to metal element, Dui Gua, which is also the star Seven Red. The encounter of these two stars will generate fights, robbery and lawsuits. Watch out for the diseases associated with digest systems, skin and eyes. Parents, especially female owners, should pay great attentions to this sick star because this star represents for female owner.

Tip: Earth element of Two Black encounters the metal element of Seven Red; it indicates that there would be mountain torrents, mud-rock flow or collapse in west region, take precautions when you need to work there.

If your main door in West Region, check the Two Black

Flying Star Three Jade

3. Flying Star Three Jade, which causes trouble, damage, arguments, lawsuit and legal entanglement, locates in northeast. In feng shui practice, zodiac Ox and zodiac Tiger also belongs to northeast region. The coming year is the year of the OX. It means Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter), the year of the God, locates in this region as well. No matter where the Tai Sui locates, it makes this region most powerful and also unoffensive. Remember not to start any reconstruction from the northeast region and keep this area clam as much as possible. Those who are zodiac ox, ram, dragon and Dog will suffer a relatively hard year. Carrying a jade kunyin pendant or a red color moon stone Kuanyin pendant with you all the time is highly recommended.

Tips: Wood element destroys earth element, it indicates there would be earthquake in northeast region. When you are out for traveling in northeast region, do it with high caution.

If your main door in North East Region, check the Three Jade

Flying star Four Green

4. Flying star Four Green locates in the west region. It is the star that is in control of official work and rank, study, fame and relationship. Star Four Green is also responsible for inspiration in the work and creative ideas. The excellent side of this star is favorable to help people to well develop their merits and gain better networking, and this kind of networking will easily tend to different gender, that is what it may turn out to be bad romance sometimes. Do take precaution.

If your main door in South Region, check the Four Green

Flying Star Five Yellow

5. Flying Star Five Yellow is recognized as the most ominous star in flying star practice. Five Yellow represents for poison, dangerous killing chi, especially when it encounter with flying star Two Black, the combo of the killing chi is strong enough to cause disasters. Five Yellow brings about wealth losses and sickness, and the sickness is usually about the respiration system and digest system. In the year of Ox, Five Yellow locates in the north, it will generate diseases associate with ear, kidney and urethra, especially serious for male. In original Bu Gua, north belongs to Kan Gua, which is water element. According to the five element theory, the earth element of Five Yellow destroys the water element. It means that if your personal gua number belongs to kan gua (For males who are born in 1918, 1927, 1936, 1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008; for female who are born in 1914, 1923, 1932, 1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1986, 1995, 2004), your fortune will be sluggish. If you are a Kan gua person, you should keep yourself away from quarrels and fights; make a monetary plan to save your money and work hard. Be careful for accident and also carry the golden ganesh hindu god pendant to suppress the disturbance from the ominous star and ensure your fortune never drain. Don't begin any reconstructions from the north region and keep this area calm.

If your main door in North Region, check the Five Yellow

Flying Star Two Black

6. Flying star Six White, which belongs to metal element, is favorable for whom seeking for windfall, changes in life (as little as traveling luck, as great as house movement, switch of job). It is also a great benefactor star in career and wealth, especially good for those who get stuck or slow down in their career path and wealth accumulation. In traditional feng shui practice, star One White, Six white and Eight White have been recognized as the three most auspicious stars. In period of Eight White, the lucky chi of star Six White is declined; however, it is still a positive star that good for reputation, authority, wealth and migration luck. It is also beneficial for occupations such as military, athlete, etc. In the year of Ox, Flying star Six White locates in the southwest region, which is the original region of Kun Gua. Six White belongs to metal element; Kun Gua belongs to earth element. According to the five element theory, earth element produces metal element. So the chi of this auspicious star will have a relatively good development. However, the Kun Gua is also the original palace of ill star Two Black. Take care of your health (especially for male) and pay attention to oral disease, respiration system diseases, bones problems, gastrointestinal problems, and skin problems. What is more, southwest region is the region that sitting against the northeast Tai Sui position, keep this area calm and not to begin any reconstruction from the southwest region. For those who need to work in or nearby this southwest region (for instance, south-southwest and west-southwest), carrying a jade kuan yin pendant all the time to neutralize your misfortune and drive away the ill chi from the ominous star.

If your main door in South West Region, check the Six White

Flying Star Seven Red

7. Flying Star Seven Red, the violent star, locates in east region. Star Seven Red is a declined star from period seven (from 1983 to 2003). When Seven Red is in its position, it is very beneficial for those fields that associate with tongues (such as singing performance, media, divine, law, etc), and it is also good for the media transmission. We can see that lots of people built up their wealth and reputation by eloquence and singing performance in period of seven. However, when this star approaches to the end of its dynasty, it shows its hidden ferocious attribute, which causes gossips, fights, wars and fire dangers. In the aspect of body health, it triggers problems of lungs and respiration system. We can even see so much chaos of omen came into view in the last year of star Seven Red in worldwide scope. For instance, there were Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (abbreviated as SARS) and Iraq war in 2003; in the period Eight White, star Seven Red is good for art, entertainment and extra income in one sense. But if the arrangements don't satisfy the chi, it brings out accidental affairs, extra marital affairs, villain slanders, robbery, losses, lawsuits and fights; In the aspect of body, it causes sickness of wrist, leg joints, kidney and urinary system. In original Ba gua, Zhen Gua (star Three Jade) stays in east and it belongs to wood element. According to the five element theory, metal element kills the wood element; it means that for those people who have a store or an office with east entrance, people there will suffer diseases associated with galls, lungs, thews and pants, especially bad for males. So we need to apply water element to exhaust the killing chi of metal. Beside this dangerous star, Three Killing also locates in the east region; remember not to start any reconstruction from this region. Be aware of the fire and theft problems.

Tip: Keep this region calm and watch out for Three Killings, especially for lunar in February, lunar in April, August and November. This disaster star will make serious ominous combo in these four months, which will cause bloody issue, legal entanglement and surgery.

If your main door in East Region, check the Seven Red

Flying Star Eight White

8. Flying Star Eight White, which is the emperor star in Period 8(from 2004 to 2024), locates in southeast in the year of Ox. Since the star is in control of the fortune currently, it shows the phenomena of auspicious in many aspects. Star Eight White is good for starting enterprise, monetary fortune and promotion even marital affairs. This star belongs to earth element; however, the southeast region in the original Ba Gua is Xun gua, which belongs to wood element. According to the Five-element theory, the wood element destroys earth element, it means the Star Eight White can't have a good development due to the disturbance of wood element. So we need to apply fire element to trigger the chi of star Eight White this year. For people who work in this kind of store or office, they can wear golden Buddha Pendants to ensure themselves a very auspicious year to usher in tremendous wealth.

If your main door in South East Region, check the Eight White

Flying star Nine Purple

9. Flying star Nine Purple locates in the central palace of Ba Gua. In the period of Eight White, Nine Purple is recognized as the future lucky star. Star Nine Purple is in control of the joyous events including promotion, new start of enterprise, marriage, giving birth of new baby, etc. Once the outside environment and the interior design have a good match with the star, it is a nice and easy approach to enjoy the year of happiness. In the aspect of wealth, displacing a red feng shui Chi lin picture in the central part of the office can tap the auspicious energy of star Nine Purple and usher the great happiness in the year of Ox. A jade eight tangerine tree in the central region is better for business place to insure the increasing prosperity.

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