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Crystal Globe, Crystal Pyramid, Crystal Lotus Flower

This category has feng shui crystal globes, feng shui pyramid, feng shui crystal lotus flowers as well as feng shui crystal pendulum and pendants for feng shui use or home decoration.

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Laser Engraved 3D Horses in Crystal Glass Cube
SKU: 5199
This crystal glass cube is laser engraved with 3D picture of 6 running horses. In feng shui, horse is the symbol of success. Displaying such 3D-horse glass cube on your desk/table to stimulate career luck.
Purple Crystal Lotus Candle Holder
SKU: 4946
Crystal lotus stands for purity and peace. It is widely used to create harmony and attract love chi. Lighting one candle enhances your romantic and love chance. You can display this purple lotus crystal in your Love Position of your house.
Bejeweled Green Dragon Carrying Crystal Globe
SKU: 3641
This magnificent bejeweled green dragon holding one big crystal global represents that business goes all over the world and fortune comes from all over the globe. It is good for your business. Mantra Omani OM AH RA CHA NA DHI is on the surface of base.
Crystal Lotus Charm
SKU: 3335
Lotus represent purity since it has the character of clarity. It is one of 8 auspicious objects in Buddhism. Lotus grows from the mud and it is still clean so it is taken as the seat bed by Kuan Yin and a lot of Buddha. Lotus is also the one that can cl
Crystal 8 Symbol
SKU: 2739
Crystal 8 Symbol is used to activate Flying Star 8 White which is in charge of wealth and fortune. Since flying star 8 white belongs to Earth element, using crystal which belongs to Earth element also will enhance its power.
Blue Pyramid
SKU: 2593
Blue pyramid can lower the effort of violent flying star Seven Red.
Red Pyramid
SKU: 2344
Red pyramid is one of the powerful feng shui products. A lot of feng shui practices recommend to place red pyramid in the position of Flying Star 3 Jade locates.
Clear Crystal Pyramid
SKU: 2164
Clear Crystal Pyramid is used to suppress down bad energy and clean the spirit. It is also the symbol of pure love and good relationship.
Crystal Pendulum
SKU: 2135
This crystal pendulum has a sharp point in the bottom. It is used to attract more energy and suppress down bad chi.
Rose Quartz Pyramid
SKU: 2108
Rose Quartz Pyramid Shape is used for love. Display it at your bedroom to enhance love chance and increase harmony.
Clear Crystal Lotus
SKU: 1801
Hand-blown color inlayed crystal flower
Rose Crystal Lotus
SKU: 1800
Rose Crystal Lotus is used to attract love chi. Pink color also represent love. You can display this pink lotus crystal in your Love Position of your house.
Purple Crystal Lotus
SKU: 1799
Crystal Lotus is used to attract love chi. You can display this purple lotus in your Love Position of your house.
Crystal Globes
SKU: 1273
In feng shui, crystal globe is believed to energize the power to success in career. Display it on your desk, works as a symbol of your bright and beautiful future.
Drop Shaped Crystal Pendants
SKU: 584
Hanging crystal pendants to attract more good chi in.
Crystal Lotus
SKU: 177
Crystal Lotus is used to attract love chi. You can display it in your Love Position of your house.
Crystal Flowers
SKU: 164
Hand blown orange red inlayed crystal flowers.
Double Blue Crystal Flowers
SKU: 158
Hand-blown blue inlayed crystal flowers

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