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Small Buddha Statues, Little Buddha Statues

Small Buddha statues are in this category. Small Buddha figurines have small laughing Buddha figurines, little money Buddha statues, small meditating Buddha statues, small Chinese Buddha figurines and little Buddha set, etc.  See more Buddha statues.

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Six Little Colorful Redwood Buddha Statues
SKU: 4689
These 6 Buddha statues are decorated with excellent gold resin and red wood polishing. This set include 6 different little colorful redwood Buddha which represent different meanings, such as wealth, happiness, love and health.
Six Little Shinning Gold Buddha Statues
SKU: 4688
This set include 6 different shinning gold Buddha which represent different meanings, such as wealth, happiness, love and health. Placing all of these Buddhas in your home or office will ensure prosperity and good fortune in all areas of life.
Laughing Buddha Statue
SKU: 4565
This Buddha is carrying one money bag for money. Buddha Bead in his right hand stands for mediating. Hat in his head also represents safe traveling.
Chinese Buddha with Wu Lou
SKU: 4385
Carrying one wu lou with Chinese word Fu (Good Luck) and ingot, this Chinese Buddha sitting on bed of Chinese coins represents good health and wealth.
Golden Buddha Statue on Big Ingot
SKU: 3779
This golden money Buddha is sitting on one big ingot with another ingot on his hand. Ingot in feng shui represent wealth. Displaying such money Buddha statue at home or office can bring wealthy energy.
Small Buddha Charm as Cell Phone Charm
SKU: 3586
This lovely small wood like Buddha charm is the perfect ornament to decorate your home or as cell phone charm. Buddha is believed to bring joy, kindness, knowledge, illumination and wealth to people as well as protection in Buddhism.
Metal Buddha Key Chain
SKU: 2771
Buddha is the symbol of wealth and happiness. Carrying metal Buddha key chain is good for protection and bringing good luck.
7 Buddha
SKU: 2326
$36.00 $32.00
There are 7 little Buddha standing on the wooden stand. These 7 Buddha are money Buddha, relaxing Buddha, lucky Buddha, ingot Buddha, wealthy Buddha, ru yi Buddha and freedom Buddha that represent different meanings.
Little Relaxing Buddha
SKU: 2162
This little Relaxing Buddha is sitting on Wu Lou and carrying one hand fan. From his happy face, you can tell how happy and enjoying he is!
Little Buddha
SKU: 2087
This pretty little Buddha is also called Buddha mediating. Meditation Buddha is said that having an image of Buddha in your environment helps to bring a sense of peace and calm. He has the intention to quiet the mind and allow for an expansion of spiritua
Sitting Buddha
SKU: 2086
$9.99 $7.99
Sitting Buddha statue is the symbol of peace, knowledge and illumination. Displaying sitting Buddha at home can bring a sense of peace and calm.
Lying Down Black Buddha
SKU: 2028
This Black Buddhas statue is lying down to represent relaxation and joy. Wu lou in his left hand is the symbol of good health. He is also carrying ingot standing for bring in wealth.
Dragon Chair Buddha
SKU: 1937
Golden Dragon Chair Buddha is sitting on the chair of dragon that means to have power to ward off bad chi. On his hands, he is carrying one big ingot, which represents wealth, and one gold bag.
Six Little Buddha Statues
SKU: 1936
Six Buddha are the symbol of happiness, kindness, knowledge and illumination. This set include 6 different Buddha which represent different meanings, such as wealth, happiness, love and health.
Carrying Money Buddha
SKU: 1876
This golden Laughing Buddha is carrying a chain of money in the front and standing on the money bag. It is said that he is carrying wealth in.
Traveling Buddha
SKU: 1874
Buddha is believed to bring joy and wealth to people. Buddha also has the power to ward off bad evil spirits and prevent bad chi from entering your premise. He is the symbol of kindness, happiness, knowledge and illumination.
Money Bag Buddha
SKU: 1873
It is said Money Buddha can bring money in his money bag and good luck to business/home.
Chinese Buddha
SKU: 1871
Chinese Buddha is the Buddha to bring wealth, happiness, wisdom and knowledge. This golden Chinese Buddha statue lifts his both hands up carrying ingot. He is one of Chinese traditional Buddha.

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