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Buddha supplies for Buddha including Buddha candles, Buddha lamp, Buddha cup, prayer wheel, mala beads, etc.  See more incenses sticks, candles, lamps and incense burners.

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Brass Incense Oil Burner with Elephant
SKU: 4627
This beautiful incense oil burner features an intricately crafted elephant; since antiquity, the elephant has been a powerful symbol of strength, good fortune, knowledge, and fertility.
Black Soapstone Incense Oil Burner
SKU: 4592
This black stone carved aroma lamp is perfect for heating up fragrance incense oils. It has different designs on the sides, and it is a great gift for any occasion. This incense oil burner has the ability to fill rooms with wonderful scent and harmony.
Om Mani Padme Hum Twirling Prayer Wheel
SKU: 4153
This red twirling prayer wheel has Tibetan six mantra Om Mani Padme Hum on it. Rotating the prayer wheel is like reciting the six mantra to bring good luck and keep away negative energy.
Black Stone Aroma Lamp for Oil
SKU: 3815
The beautiful black stone carved aroma lamp is for heating up the fragrance incense oils. It has different design of the pictures and it is a great gift for most any occasion.
Solar Energy Prayer Wheel
SKU: 3666
This beautiful high quality payer wheel has trapezoidal base with 4 sides of solar panel. A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel in which the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum is written in Sanskrit on the wheel. Spinning the prayer wheel acted as one recites the
Brass Incense Oil Burner
SKU: 3436
The brass incense oil burner designed with a lot of stars on the surface of the burner is for heating up the fragrance incense oils.
Brass Incense Burner for Cone Incenses
SKU: 3203
This brass incense burner with cover is special designed for cone incenses. Chinese word Buddha and lotus are carved on both side of the burner. Cover has wu lou shape as the lid to represent good health. It is also very perfect for your Buddha altar.
Singing Bowl with 8 Auspicious Objects
SKU: 3184
$98.00 $88.00
Singing bowl is well known for space clearing. It can produce sensational vibrations to clean the environment. This beautiful high quality singing bowl has 8 auspicious objects which can enhance good energy from 8 different locations.
California White Sage
SKU: 3145
Sage is one the sacred herb from coastal mountains of California and it is used to clean envoirment known as smudging in New Age. The burning sage can ward off bad spirits. It is one of the New Age products.
Buddha Lotus Light
SKU: 2974
The beautiful Buddha lotus light has lotus shape and Buddha character on it. It is perfect for displaying on your Buddha altar. It is believed that lotus light in front of Buddha can illuminate your future and give you ultimate wisdom.
Copper Holy Cups for Foretelling Fortune
SKU: 2871
This pair of the holy cups is specially designed for people foretelling fortune. They looks like shell and made of metal copper. Holding these two holy cups, making a wish and throw the cups to see the result.
Mini Copper Altar for Small Buddha Statues
SKU: 2865
Mini Copper Altar is specially designed to worship Buddha. You can display it on your table/desk and put small Buddha statues on. The auspicious words carved on
Metal Incense Burner with Electric Lights and Candles
SKU: 2864
The metal incense burner has built in electric lights and candles. Lighting up light and candles is believed that your future is illuminated and more helps will come to you if you need any helps. It is the perfect item to worship Buddha.
Copper Cup for Buddha
SKU: 2828
This copper cup is specially designed for people putting some drinking water inside and displaying it in front of Buddha as worship to the Buddha.
Mani Cylinder
SKU: 2396
Mani Cylinder is known as rolling prayer drum or prayer wheel. It is also called Mani in Sanskrit. Mani cylinder is used for Tibetan Buddhism reciting the Sixth Mantra.
Box of Tower Incenses
SKU: 2274
Tower Incenses are usually used for Buddha since they can last longer time and have sandal incense flavor. Tower incense burner is specially design for them.
Buddha Cup
SKU: 2252
This Buddha Cup is specially designed for people putting some drinking water inside the Buddha cup and displaying it in front of Buddha as worship Buddha. Laughing Buddha image and Meditation Buddha image inside Buddha cup.
Sandal Wood Incenses
SKU: 2128
There are approx. 250 sticks of Sandal Wood Incenses in one plastic bag. It has two size: approx. 10" or 13" in length. You can select the size option to choose the size. Price is for one bag. They are good quality sandal wood incenses.

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