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Big Buddha

Big garden Buddha for yard and big happy Buddha for indoor desk are in this category.  Big Buddha has big fat Buddha, big standing Buddha and big sitting Buddha including big meditation Buddha, money Buddha, child Buddha, etc Chinese Buddha.  See more Buddha statues.

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Golden Happy Buddha
SKU: 3838
This golden happy Buddha is holding up one big ingot and crystal ball He is the symbol of happiness, wealth and good luck. The Chinese calligraphy symbol in front of the Buddha is Fu standing for GOOD LUCK.
Money Buddha on Carp Fish
SKU: 3781
This beautiful wood like money Buddha sitting on carp fish is the symbol of wealth since fish and money Buddha in feng shui represent wealth. Especially it is very good for who has business to have such money Buddha statue in his/her office to attract mo
Big Money Buddha Stepping on Money Bag
SKU: 3735
The big golden color money Buddha is stepping on the money bag and holding one ingot to represent money. This big money Buddha is good for business to attract money and prosperity luck.
Happy Buddha
SKU: 3624
This happy Buddha holding up one big ingot and crystal ball represents happiness, wealth and good luck. In feng shui, ingot is the symbol of money and crystal can bring good energy. The Chinese calligraphy symbol in front of the Buddha is Fu for GOOD LUCK
Golden Buddha on Elephant
SKU: 3551
This set of Buddha has two golden Buddha sitting on Elephant. Buddha can bring propriety, wealth and good luck in. Buddha is also give us knowledge and illumination. On the another hand, elephant is the symbol of strength, discretion, vigor and harmony.
Lying Down Buddha
SKU: 3393
Wooden like brown color Buddha is lying down and carrying ingot, money bag and wu lou. Ingot and money bags are the symbol of money whilst wu lou represents good health. He is the Buddha that represents wealth, good health, happiness and relaxation.
Big Golden Money Buddha
SKU: 3392
The big golden money Buddha is carrying money bag and ingot to represent wealth. It is believed that displaying such big golden money Buddha at home or business can bring customers and money luck. Peaches and wu lou stands for good health.
Standing Money Buddha
SKU: 3391
The beautiful jade like standing money Buddha statue with beads around his neck is carrying money bag. He symbolizes to bring money and good luck to business or home. Besides this, the money Buddha also carries the wu lou to represent good health.
Big Chinese Buddha
SKU: 3390
The wooden like Buddha statue holds one big ingot up. He is the Buddha who will bring money and prosperity to your home or business. He is also the laughing Buddha who can bring happiness to you. He is the Buddha for business to attract more customers
Child Buddha
SKU: 3389
$78.00 $68.00
Five lucky Children around the Buddha is the excellent figurine for married couple who wish have babies. In addition, the child Buddha is also sitting on the money coins and ingot for wealth. One big crystal ball in front of him stands for treasure.
Money Buddha on Dragon Chair
SKU: 3388
The beautiful golden money Buddha, sitting on the chair of dragon, is holding one ingot and money bag on his both hands. Ingot and money bag are the symbol of wealth. Dragon chair with one crystal ball represents power and authority.
Big Meditation Buddha
SKU: 3172
Displaying this wood like sitting meditation Buddha at home can bring you peace, knowledge and illumination.
Big Standing Money Buddha
SKU: 3171
This beautiful wood like standing Money Buddha is standing on the bed of coins and ingots. He is carrying money and wu lou. One big ingot which represents wealth is also held in his hand. Wu Lou has the significant of good health.
Big Standing Buddha
SKU: 3170
This beautiful wood-color standing Buddha is standing on double dragon shaped stand and carrying ru yi and wu lou. It is the Buddha to bring good luck, wealth and good health.
Big Water Fountain
SKU: 2945
This big garden water fountain is one big meditation Buddha holding one crystal ball and sitting on lotus. The crystal ball can move when it is plug in. Water is coming from the crystal ball and drips to the lotus-shaped bottom.
Golden Meditation Buddha
SKU: 2891
Golden meditation Buddha can bring you a sense of peace and calm. He also can illuminate your future and bring good luck to you.
Laughing Buddha on Tiger
SKU: 2634
Laughing Buddha on Tiger symbolizes wealth, happiness and good health. When Chinese Buddha is on tiger, Chinese Buddha Buddha represents Wealth God. Laughing Buddha is believed to overcome sadness and bring happiness. He is also carrying peach and wu lo
Big Golden Chinese Buddha
SKU: 2565
The big golden Chinese Buddha is holding up one big ingot which is the symbol of wealth. He is also called Laughing Buddha who brings wealth and happiness. Business man usually like to display him at office to attract more customers to their business.