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Liuli Bracelets, Liu Li Bracelets

Liuli bracelet is one kind of glass bracelets. Liu li bracelet is made out of precious crystal glass and it has become well-known jewelry bracelet in all over the world for its outstanding Chinese glassware art.  LiuLi Pi Yao Bracelets are included in this category.

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Dark Purple Pi Yao Bracelet
SKU: 3946
This dark purple liu li bracelet is consisting of one big dark purple pi yao which is also believed to protect from bad flying energy as well as illness chi. Pi Yao can help to get extra income too.
Blue LiuLi Pi Yao Bracelets
SKU: 2213
Pi Yao liuli Bracelets are made of LiuLi which is one kind of precious crystal glass. It is also called colored glaze.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1080
The pictures on liuli bracelets are painted inside using some sorts of special technology and art craft. Its colorful pictures will stay forever.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1077
Even thought liuli bracelet is made of glass, it is not easily broken since it uses some special treatment. Wearing such liuli bracelet will feel smooth and "cool" feelings. Its colorful picture will bring you more pretty and confidence.
Liuli Bracelet
SKU: 1076
This liuli bracelet that has beautiful colorful pictures on it is elastic bracelet. You will feel more comfortable and pretty when you wear it.
Liuli bracelet is made of liuli that is one kind of expensive glass. It uses some sorts of special tech

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