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Feng Shui Tips for Horse People

Overall in 2007

The propitious stars Ziwei and Longde would do Horse people a great favor at work. Luxun star, which is good for raise and promotion, together with Dijie star, which is the God of resolution, will both lead you out of difficuties and make a breakthrough this year. Changes of work or affection are not recommended this year because Tiane star would bring you some undeserved ill turns and unforeseen misfortune.

Suggestion 1 for Career

Never risk, but work hard. There are some turning points in your career, and there are some helpful people of high rank (like boss) at work. To boost the career fortune, hang a red wood charm or a purple crystal in east and eight coins in southwest. Placing a green dragon in southeast is beneficial for relationships at work.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The raise of regular income would come off propitious star, but year star Baobai is not good for extra income or speculation. Placing golden and red Chi lin in south and placing a pair of Pi yao in north are good for assembling prosperity. It is also the way to stimulate the chi of Seven red which in charge of windfall fortune.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Due to the protection of the lucky stars, the situation of health is not bad. However, pay attention to the travel, sports or work outside, and avoid some dangerous activities because there is still one ominous star Tiane with you. Hang six coins in the center and onewind chime in northeast to ward off ill chi. To diminish accidents, Horse people can hang one red scroll or red safety shoes in northwest.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

The romance fortune is almost zero. The relationship of lovers would have some little accident. Horse people who seek for romance can place green Dragon Phoenix in southeast and a red double happiness in east to strengthen the fortune of relationship and joyous star of romance. Wearing jade pendants for love is recommended.

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