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Wholesale feng shui wind chimes including outdoor larger wind chimes, indoor copper wind chimes, brass wind chimes, metal windchimes and gemstone chimes. Wind chimes have different rods and colors.

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Flying Dragon 8-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4870
$46.00 $38.00
This feng shui Flying Dragon 8-rod windchime is beneficial to enhance one’s wealth luck and improve network. It is also a protection tool to ward off violent energy.
Gui Ren Windchime
SKU: 4869
$46.00 $38.00
This Gui Ren windchime bestows one with great benefactor luck, giving one the auspicious blessing from the legendary Jade Emperor (the symbolic figure of heavenly king), bringing helpful mentors and supportive friends into your life.
Flying Horse 9-Rod Windchime
SKU: 4868
$46.00 $38.00
It is believed that pegasus brings one promotion and recognition luck. Featured with positive yang energy, this windchime is a must have for office people.
8-rod Blue Water Drop Windchime
SKU: 4464
This 8-rod blue wind chime features of 8 blue water drops individually attached to each metal rod. It is used to activate wealth star #8.
6-Rod Silver Wind Chime
SKU: 4233
$19.99 $17.99
Besides two wooden pendants on the top and bottom of the wind chime, there are another 6 wooden pendants between the rods. The words on those 6 wooden pendants are money, wealth, happy, love, good fortune, longevity in English and Chinese.
Amitabha Buddha wind chime
SKU: 4228
$55.99 $48.00
This Six rod wind chime consists of 6 gold plated brass rods and a bell-shaped base garnished with the auspicious image of Amitabha Buddha, who is revered as "The Buddha of Infinite Light". These several components are powerful enough to make...
Pagoda Bell Wind Chime
SKU: 4004
This pagoda bell wind chime is used to clean the environment as well as suppress down bad energy. Shaking the pending coin to hit those small bells and make nice sound.
8-Rod Black Wind Chime with Tower-Shape Wooden Top and Coins
SKU: 4003
This beautiful 8-rod wind chime is decorated with one more tower-shaped top and coins. 8-rod wind chime is used to lower down the sickness energy and create prosperity. Yin yang images and coins are used to balance energy and bring good energy.
5-Rod Black Wind Chime with Yin Yang Image
SKU: 4002
This 5-rod wind chime with yin yang images is used to suppress down bad energy, transfer bad energy into good energy and balance energy.
6 Rod Silver Wind Chime
SKU: 4001
This silver wind chime has 6 rods with dragon images. It is one of the best feng shui cure. Dragon is believed that it can bring auspicious chi to people.
Purple Agate Slab Wind chime
SKU: 3956
The agate slab wind chime is consisting of 5 natural purple agate slabs. Agate slab wind chime has more powers to bring good energy and reflect bad chi.
4 Friends Windchime
SKU: 3874
$66.00 $48.00
This brass 4 friends wind chime featuring of the double happiness surrounded by mystic knot symbols can magnify friendship luck and turn casual platonic friendships to intense love relationship. It is powerful good relationship amulet or love amulet.
6 Rod Wind Chime
SKU: 3727
6 rod black Wind Chime is one of the best feng shui cure to sickness flying star #2 and #5. Each of 6 rods has dragon pictures on it and dragon is believed that it can bring auspicious chi to people.
Wu Lou Wind Chime
SKU: 3652
$55.99 $48.00
This beautiful brass wu lou Wind Chime consists of one brass wu lou with one row of 6-rod wind chime. Wu lou can absorb sickness energy and bring good health. 6-rod wind chime with Om Mani Padme Hum is the feng shui solution to sickness flying star #2.
Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime
SKU: 3651
$55.99 $48.00
This beautiful brass Sun Moon 8-Rod Wind Chime consists of one brass bell shape object and one row of 8 rods. Sun presented by peacock and Moon represented by rabbit stands for Yin Yang balance. Yin Yang balance in feng shui is good feng shui.
Dragon Snake with 5-Element Pagoda Wind Chime
SKU: 3650
$69.99 $48.00
This beautiful brass Dragon Snake with 5-Element Pagoda Wind Chime consists of three parts: one golden medallion on the top; 6 brass rods carved in the middle; one 5-Element Pagoda amulet on the bottom. This wind chime is the feng shui cure to ...
6-Rod Silver Wind Chime
SKU: 3435
This beautiful silver color 6 rods wind chime can be used as garden wind chime since it is stainless wind chime. They are 6 rod silver hollow metal wind chimes. Dimension: 28" overall length, 14" in length and 1/2" in diameter for the longest metal rod.
Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime
SKU: 3076
This wind chime has six solid brass dangling wu lou is special feng shui product to lower sickness chi. It is the metal cure to flying star 2 Black. It is the item to bring good health.

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