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Dragon sign is the fifth Chinese zodiac sign.  Zodiac dragon is the secret friend of the Zodiac rooster. Chinese zodiac dragon is allied with Chinese zodiac rat and zodiac monkey.  Chinese horoscope dragon is against horoscope dog.

Dragon statues are in this category and they are for the year of the dragon (wholesale dragon statues).  Further more, displaying one Chinese dragon statue is good for those who are allied with dragon sign or secret friend of dragon sign.  See other zodiac signs and Chinese horoscope dragon 2014.

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Jade Dragon Pendant
SKU: 4270
This beautiful long rectangle shape jade pendant embedded with dragon image is believed to bring prosperity, wealth and good luck.
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Bejeweled Golden Dragon Pendant
SKU: 4106
This vivid bejeweled dragon pendant can bring cosmic chi. It is the excellent activator to activate the good flying star One White which is in control of further education, official ranking, prosperity and relationship, especially good for business.
Metal Dragon Statue
SKU: 3714
The metal dragon statue is for who is born in Chinese zodiac dragon. In addition, it is also for who are harmony with dragon animal, such as zodiac rat and zodiac monkey.
Jade Dragon Statue
SKU: 3702
Small jade dragon statue is for who is born in Chinese zodiac dragon. In addition, it is also for who are harmony with dragon animal, such as zodiac rat and zodiac monkey.
Golden Dragon Statue
SKU: 3685
The superb golden flying 5-paw dragon statue is the auspicious animal to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. One red ball on the month of the dragon is the symbol of treasure which the dragon will bring to us.
6-Heaven Gold Coin Dragon Amulet
SKU: 3653
The beautiful feng shui amulet has image of 6 emperor coins with Yin Yang on one side and dragon image on another side. It is the amulet to invite wealth luck from heaven and enhance career luck.
Red Fire Dragon
SKU: 3642
This stunning red fire dragon holding one red ball and flying on swirled cloud is the feng shui cure to arguments, lawsuit and legal entanglement caused by flying Star 3 Jade.
Bejeweled Green Dragon Carrying Crystal Globe
SKU: 3641
This magnificent bejeweled green dragon holding one big crystal global represents that business goes all over the world and fortune comes from all over the globe. It is good for your business. Mantra Omani OM AH RA CHA NA DHI is on the surface of base.
Green Dragon
SKU: 3603
Green dragon is catching one ball and flying on cloud. The ball caught by the green dragon is the symbol of the wealth.
Lucky Charm with Dragon Pictures
SKU: 3553
This beautiful red cloth lucky charm is embroidered with golden dragon pictures. Dragon is one of the four celestial animals that bring auspicious chi to people.
Dragon Amulet
SKU: 3542
One side of this Dragon Amulet is dragon image that can bring cosmic chi. On the reverse side, there are 4 Heavenly King Protectors who protect you from legal lawsuits, scandals, etc. The dragon amulet can attract auspicious chi and reflect bad chi ..
Two Gold Dragon Holding Wealthy Pot
SKU: 3537
One big wealthy pot fulled with Chinese coins and ingots are surrounded by two big gold dragons with red ball in the middle. The scene of double dragons with red ball in the center is the symbol of prosperity and wealth.
Big Dragon Statue
SKU: 3535
Since the breath blew by dragon represents auspicious energy and good luck, please would like to display dragon statues at home or office. The beautiful wooden like Chinese dragon with a nice posture and nice job is one of excellent big dragons for your
Chinese Gold Dragon Statue
SKU: 3534
The beautiful Chinese gold dragon, which is flying on the cloud with one ball in its paw, is the auspicious animal to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. The ball that the dragon catches is the symbol of treasure.
Golden Dragon on Ru Yi
SKU: 3528
This golden on one ru yi represents good luck, prosperity, success and authority since Dragon is the auspicious animal to bring good luck and wealth whilst ru yi has the meanings of success and authority.
Golden Dragon Bringing Wealth
SKU: 3527
This golden dragon is carrying coin to represent wealth. One ball on the top, which is the symbol of treasure, is pushing up by the dragon's blowing chi to stand for up and up.
Golden Water Dragon Statue
SKU: 3526
The beautiful golden dragon statue is flying on water, carrying one ball in its paw and blowing auspicious chi. It is water dragon since it is on water. In addition, gold, which belongs to metal, can produce more water. Ball in its paw is the symbol of
Rising Dragon
SKU: 3513
This beautiful green color rising dragon is good for enhancing your career luck in feng shui. Rising has the meaning of promotion and advance. You can display it in the East location of your house.

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