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LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
$76.00 $66.00
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
Buddha Water Fountain Carrying Coin and Wu Lou
SKU: 4329
Featuring happiness, money and good health is the essential of this Buddha fountain. By feng shui, wu lou stands for good health and coins represents money. Both of these two money symbols are carried in by this happy Buddha.
Buddha Water Fountain with Dragon
SKU: 4328
This beautiful Buddha water fountain features one money Buddha surrounding by one dragon. The money Buddha carrying one money bag and ingot signify to bring money in whilst dragon enhances its power of water feature.
Feng Shui Fish
SKU: 4319
This elegant feng shui fish - dragon fish statue is like jumping out from water and spiting out wealth, treasure and nobleness to people. It is one of the feng shui products to enhance your auspicious chi.
Amitabha Buddha wind chime
SKU: 4228
This Six rod wind chime consists of 6 gold plated brass rods and a bell-shaped base garnished with the auspicious image of Amitabha Buddha, who is revered as "The Buddha of Infinite Light". These several components are powerful enough to make...
Feng Shui Treasure Box for Wealth
SKU: 4216
This beautiful gold color feng shui treasure box featuring ingots and coins is the one to prevent from money loss and hold your wealth. It is recommended to have it at your money corner if you have problem to safeguard your money.
2/7 Hotu Mirror for Big Money
SKU: 4179
$36.00 $28.50
The mirror features the image of the Ox and Tiger standing on a bed of ingots, coins and gold bars. The annual flying star rearrangement generates a new pattern of 2/7 Ho Tu Combination in the northeast, which brings the luck of great financial luck and..
Fortune Booster
SKU: 4156
All these powerful Feng Shui symbols placed within the ceramic box are called a fortune booster, which generates auspicious energy to balance one's energy in life and steer him towards his ideals.
7 Jade Ingots on Star of David Crystal Base
SKU: 4151
7 jade ingots,which symbolize wealth and prosperity, are displayed on one star of David crystal base. This item is one of the best feng shui enhancers to enhance earth energy and activate wealth luck #8.
Money Tree
SKU: 4147
Feng shui money tree represents wealth and abundance. Money will become more and more as the tree becomes bigger and bigger. People like to display money tree in the house bring good omen for the coming year in Chinese New Year.
Wealthy God Money Talisman Card
SKU: 4074
This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along talisman card framed with coin symbol has image of wealthy god on one side and money ingots on the reverse side.
Five Dzambhala Talisman Card
SKU: 4064
This beautiful handy pocket sized carrying along talisman card framed with motifs of the Buddhist swastika has the image of Five Dzambhala and description.
Wealthy Pot with Money Frogs
SKU: 3963
This beautiful high quality yellow wealthy pot is the feng shui enhancer to accumulate and increase money luck. It is important to have the wealthy pot at home. 4 money frogs on the top of the wealthy pot to bring money.
Bai Choi
SKU: 3962
Bai Choi is one kind of Chinese vegetable. It is also called Bai Chai. Bai Choi has the meanings of wealth and signifies to bring wealth since it is pronounced as hundred wealth in Chinese. Displaying Bai Choi in home or office to stand for wealth and b
Box of Golden Bars
SKU: 3957
Feng Shui gold bar is the powerful feng shui product to activate the wealthy chi. Gold bar is the symbol of wealth. The Chinese auspicious words: Fuk, Luk, Sao, Xi and Cai on each of the bars.
Feng Shui Ingot
SKU: 3949
This beautiful golden feng shui ingot has the images of dragon phoenix chasing the ball on both sides. The feng shui ingot is the symbol of wealth and money whilst dragon phoenix is the significance of harmony. Such feng shui ingot can bring prosperity an
Feng Shui Big Shinning Gold Ingot
SKU: 3948
This beautiful big shinning gold ingot has the images of double dragons chasing the ball on both sides. The ingot is the symbol of wealth and money. Displaying such big ingot at home or office can bring prosperity chi in feng shui. You can take it as weal
Yellow Jade Wealthy Pot with Ingots
SKU: 3899
$68.00 $63.00
This beautiful high quality yellow jade pot filled with yellow jade ingots is the feng shui enhancer to accumulate money chi. It is important to have the wealthy pot at home if you are easily to lose money and no accumulation.

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