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Bejeweled Wealth Pot with Dragons
SKU: 4639
This beautifully crafted bejeweled wealth pot features a beautiful gold ingot cover, and powerful red dragons along the sides. This golden wealth pot is the perfect feng shui enhancer for activating wealth luck, and increasing auspicious chi.
Bejeweled Wealth Bucket
SKU: 4638
The coins and the red bucket are exquisitely detailed with jewels, fine craftsmanship, and a Chinese inscription wishing good fortune. Besides the abundance of gold ingots inside, the golden bucket also has representations of ru yi’s along the sides.
Money Tree with Evil Eye Jewels
SKU: 4607
This money tree features gold ingots and blue evil eye jewels. Money trees are used to attract riches effortlessly and abundantly. This beautiful symbol of wealth and prosperity has more positive strength when paired with evil eye jewels.
Wealth Pot Clip
SKU: 4570
$17.99 $13.99
The wealth pot is a strongly symbolic and meaningful vase said to help attract and maintain prosperity.The wealth pot clip is lined with glittery jewels and has a gold colored Chinese idiom inscribed.
Bai Choi
SKU: 4563
This beautiful bai choi statue’s vibrant colors and elegant detailing make it a perfect ornament for a home, office, business center, etc. Since antiquity, the bai chai has been seen as a powerful symbol of wealth and opulence in Chinese culture.
Yellow Dzambhala Plaque
SKU: 4504
Surrounded with auspicious cloud, adorned with a jeweled crown and precious gold ornaments, the deity seated in the center of the lotus throne is known as the God of Wealth, Yellow Dzambhala.
Guru Rinpoche TSOG Food Offering Plaque for Prosperity
SKU: 4481
Printed with images of Guru Rinpoche and 10 bowls filled with different food and fruits, this food offering prayer plaque is said to have magical power of multiply food s and property, hence a great feng shui tool symbolizing abundance and good wealth.
Prosperity Mirror
SKU: 4474
Featuring 4 auspicious objects - Mystic Knot, Wheel of Transmigration, Double Fishes and Mani BaoZhu with coins and ingots, this prosperity can accumulate wealth and overcome misfortune.
Prosperity Medallion Pendant
SKU: 4471
This Prosperity medallion pendant safeguards one's wealth against financial draining. It is also a great money fortune enhancer.
God of Wealth Amulet Keychain
SKU: 4465
Featuring the God of Wealth in big ingot on one side whilst one treasure pot filled with ingots on reserve side, this God of Wealth amulet keychain is a powerful tool to capture excellent money fortune throughout the year.
8-rod Blue Water Drop Windchime
SKU: 4464
This 8-rod blue wind chime features of 8 blue water drops individually attached to each metal rod. It is used to activate wealth star #8.
Citrine Tree in Dragon Pot
SKU: 4445
This citrine tree features of one dragon pot in the bottom to symbolize the power of the growth of wealth. In addition, citrine Tree is the wealthy tree to bring money since citrine is the stone of wealth.
Citrine Tree in Money Bag
SKU: 4444
This citrine tree features of one money bag in the bottom to represent growth of the money and accumulation of wealth. In addition, citrine Tree is the wealthy tree to bring money since citrine is the stone of wealth.
Money Pot
SKU: 4394
$168.00 $129.99
This beautiful high quality golden money pot is the feng shui enhancer to accumulate and increase money luck. It is important to have the wealthy pot at home if you are easily to lose money.
God of Wealth
SKU: 4393
God of wealth, who wearing dragon robe and carrying ingot and money sign, is believed that he can bring good luck and wealth to home or office.
Feng Shui Frog
SKU: 4388
This golden feng shui frog with one Chinese coin in its mouth is one of the most popular feng shui products to attract wealth. It is sitting on beds of Chinese coins carved with Chinese idioms that have good meanings.
Arowana Fish Statue
SKU: 4386
Covered by Chinese coins, this feng shui arowana fish statue swimming on the wave has the meanings of wealth and abundant as well as success in career.
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
$76.00 $66.00
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain

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