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Feng Shui Wall Pictures, Feng Shui Picture Frame

Feng shui wall pictures and feng shui picture frames as well as plate display stands are in this category. See other Chinese wall scroll pictures.

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Chinese Plate Display
SKU: 2281
This beautiful white background oriental style plate display has hand painted Chinese palace pictures.
Peng Bird Picture
SKU: 2083
In Chinese legend, Peng Bird can fly 1,000 miles away in one day. Chinese people like to display Peng Bird picture in office/house to represent beautiful future and ambition.
Sailing Boat Picture
SKU: 2082
Sailing boat is sailing in the calm sea in order to let people easily get their destination. It also has the meaning of Doing everything Well. In feng shui, people choose sailing boat to smooth career and achieve their goals easily.
Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Picture
SKU: 2080
This picture depicts that carps are swinging upstream to jump cross the Dragon gate. It signifies success, courage and fortitude.
Jade Stone Pictures
SKU: 1257
Peng Bird in legend is said that it can fly 1,000 miles away one day. Displaying/Hanging this kind of bird at home/office means beautiful future (The Chinese Characters mean beautiful future too). It is good for career.
Fish Pictures
SKU: 1196
Fish represents wealth and abundance. It is used to attract prosperity and wealth to home/office. The character of swing upstream symbolizes great achievements in pursuit high fame/rank. The image looks like 3D.
Rooster Pictures
SKU: 1195
Rooster picture is said to bring good luck and prosperity into the house. The image looks like 3D.

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