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Five Elements

The Five Elements are also called "Wu Hang". It is the study of the movement of energy. These Five Elements consist of Fire, Earth, Metal Water and Wood. The movements of these Five Elements have five directions: radiating outwards, concentrating inwards, rising, descending and rotating. They are as followings:

  • Fire energy: rise up
  • Earth energy: rotate
  • Metal energy: move inside (concentrate)
  • Water energy: descend
  • Wood energy: expand
The Five Elements interact with each other in cyclical patterns. The relations of them can be regarded as "generate", "destroy" and "weaken". See following diagram for details

Feng Shui 5 Elements

The relationships of Generating are as followings:
  • Fire generates Earth
  • Earth generates Metal
  • Metal generates Water
  • Water generates Wood
  • Wood generates Fire
The relationships of Destroying are as followings:
  • Fire Destroys Metal
  • Metal Destroys Wood
  • Wood Destroys Earth
  • Earth Destroys Water
  • Water Destroys Fire
The relationships of Weakening are as followings:
  • Earth weakens Fire
  • Metal weakens Earth
  • Water weakens Metal
  • Wood weakens Water
  • Fire weaken Wood
From the above relationships, we know how to strength or weaken the specific energy. For example, if we want to activate/strength the Fire energy, we can choose items or colors that correspond to Fire energy or Wood Energy because Wood generates Fire. Supposed that we want to weaken Fire energy, we can choose items or colors that represents Water energy or Earth energy since Water destroys Fire and Earth weakens Fire.