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Feng Shui Tips for Dragon People

Overall in 2007

It is a nice year for Dragon people. The propitious star Yuede will do you a great favor in every field. Study, career and relationship are all going well; it helps you ward off some menacing chi also. The romance star Hongluan stays with you, if people plan to marry, this year is the time.

Suggestion 1 for Career

There are always some helpful people with you in study or at work, and you will win acknowledgement by your hard work. There are some changes (like transfer or promotion) in your job, place a horse display in south to active the chi of Six White star (which in charge of promotions and other beneficial changes at work). Cooperated with Six White, also place money frog on elephant in east to trigger chi of Nine Purple, they will lead you to the goal easily.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

Make a plan for the cost, because there is some unforeseen cost (even trick or steal) this year even though your regular income is static. Placing laughing Buddha and eight coins in southwest would benefit your prosperity luck. Placing red Safety charm in northwest to protect from Sifu star and Xiaohao star (which would cause ominous accidents). Extra income fortune is not so good, never risk for speculation. The means placing a pair of Pi yao or Golden Chi lin in north is to better the windfall luck.

Suggestion 3 for Health

The auspicious star Yuede help Dragon people to ward off some forbidding Chi of disease, but the threatening star Sifu is very strong. Pay attention to the health of older people and the outside activities. Hang metal Wulou in the center and wind chime in northeast to fight against the ill star. Wearing Wu lou or Kuan yin pendant is recommended.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

It is a year of romance for Dragon people. The lovers are closer and Couples are harmonious. Single dragon people can place a crystal pagoda and hang a crystal lotus in southeast; the lotus would purify the romance chi of singles and make them more lovable and attractive to enhance their opportunities of finding partners. Carrying a Jade Piayao charm is recommended (for singles only). If people plan to marry, place a white crystal tree in southeast and place a gray Dragon Phoenix in southeast.

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