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Feng Shui Tips for Boar People

Overall in 2007

Taisui (the God of the year) is staying above Roar people (Taisui xiangxing), which means the fortunate would be fluctuant. It is a year of boar, but it isn't a year for Boar people. Unforeseen accidents would happen in plans; frictions, obstructions and vilifications would take place easily. The effects from Taisui would also cause changes in life, such as transfer, affairs, marry or pregnancy. Roar people should learn how to cope with relationships around them, for Sanxing star and Zixing star bring people discrepant connections especially among family members.

Suggestion 1 for Career

There are lots of twists and turns in the way of your work, and gossips and conflicts would occur also. Fortunately, favorable star Tianjie and auspicious star Bazuo are very helpful for Roar people to overcome some hard obstacles. The first half-year would be difficult; however, opportunities would turn the fortunate in second half year if Roar people keep up good work. Taisui and Jianfeng stars would bring unharmonious affairs in the work. Relationship is playing an important role in this year. Roar people can place green Dragon Tortoise in southeast and place both red Rabbit and red Ram in northwest; it is an effective way to modify and improve the relationship luck. Zodiac ram, rabbit and boar together are making a harmonious event to prevent from the hurt of Taisui. For people who want to enhance the career luck, hanging eight jade ingots in southwest and placing a crystal pagoda in southeast to energize Eight White star and One White star, which clear the impediments and trigger inspirations in the work. Lunar March, April, August and September would be hard. Be calm at that time. There are opportunities in lunar Februry, June and November, do seize the good chances.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The wealth luck rises and falls. Unexpected cost and financial losses would break the original plan. Belongings are losing easily. Watch out for Lunar March, April, July, October and December. Place Red Color Fuk, Luk Sau in southwest to better the wealth luck and place Chi lin (any kind but golden) in east to light the propitious chi of star Nine Purple. It is the good way of supplement to the fluctuating wealth fortune. The extra income luck is weak, either. Never risk for speculation. Be careful with financial tricks in lunar April, and careful with steal affairs or robbers in lunar May and October. Place a pair of pair of Piyao in north since it is the nice region of year for Roar people and beneficial of windfall luck.

Suggestion 3 for Health

The situation of health is all right, but Taisui would cause bloody events, pay attention to daily activities especially in traffic. Keeping a red light on in northwest or placing red envelope can ward off the killing Chi of Three Jade (which brings people lawsuits and traffic accidents). Be cautious in lunar January, April, July and December. Emotional problems come out of Ominous star Sanxing. Hang six coins in center and wind chimes in northeast to avoid diseases caused by Two Black star and Five Yellow star. Kuan yin pendants are recommended.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

Gossips would effect the affections of Roar people; frictions would happen. Take care of the relationship in lunar March, July and September. Those are months that are unharmonious for love. The romance Fortune of singles fades if Roar people lose chances this year. In order to seek a nice partner, Boar people can place Dragon Phoenix in east and Mandarin Ducks in southeast to energize the joyous Chi of romance stars. It is both good for singles and couples. The Mandarin ducks are also a great remedy for discordant affairs between lovers. Seize good opportunities and enjoy the honey period in lunar June and November.

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