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Chinese Red Envelopes
SKU: 673
Chinese Red Envelopes are Known as money envelopes or Hong Bao. It is believed to put the red envelop with Prosperity Coin inside the purse or pocket can bring more money luck. Chinese red envelopes are one of the suggested items for Chinese New Year.
2 Sets of Wealthy Coins
SKU: 2243
$3.50 $2.99
These 3 Chinese Coins are tied together in red thread in feng shui are called wealthy coins or lucky coins. It is said to put these wealthy coins inside purse, wallet, or handbag can attract more wealthy chi and bring wealth.
Convex and Concave Mirrors
SKU: 337
$5.99 $3.99
Feng Shui Ba Gua mirrors are one of best known Feng Shui symbols of protection. The mirror is believed to reflect back the bad energy against your house. There are two different kinds: concave and convex. The mirror of concave is "in" that looks like...
Colorful Chinese Money Envelopes
SKU: 2628
$1.75 $1.55
In China, people put money inside the money envelopes (red envelopes or hong bao ) and give away to their relatives, children and friends on Chinese New Year. Money envelopes are also call red envelopes.
Spanish Hand Fans
SKU: 2398
These hand fans have Spanish style which has black lace and Spanish style pictures.
Clear Hanging Crystal Balls
SKU: 155
Crystals are the most popular symbol to enhance the Feng Shui of any home, and is especially good for creating family harmony and happiness. It is used to reflect the bad chi and attract the good chi. It is the powerful tool to turn the chi around.
Shinning Gold Brass Wu Lou
SKU: 4012
$8.99 $6.99
This shinning gold brass wu lou is the perfect feng shui item as metal cure to expel sickness chi. You can hang it in the position of the flying star #2 locating to diminish the sickness energy.
Silver Coins
SKU: 3209
Silver coins were the currency in Ding Dynastic. They have dragon pictures with very high value at that time. Silver coins are the coins different from the round coins with hole. Now people use them as the cure to bring wealth and ward off bad energy.
Money Bag Buddha
SKU: 1287
It is said he can bring money in his money bag and good luck to business/home.
Brass Wu Lou
SKU: 2330
$8.99 $6.99
Brass wu lou is feng shui item for metal cure. According to 5 element theory, metal element which brass wu lou belongs to can decrease the Earth element. Brass wu lou is the symbolization of good health.
Feng Shui Traditional BaGua Mirrors
SKU: 910
$5.99 $3.99
Feng Shui Ba Gua mirrors are one of best known Feng Shui symbols of protection. The mirror is believed to reflect back bad chi against your house. There are three different kinds of mirrors: flat (also called traditional bagua) concave and convex.
Bronze Trunk Up Elephant Statues
SKU: 988
Bronze Trunk Up Elephant Statue is the symbol of strength, discretion, vigor and harmony. It is said it can bring good luck and health to home/office when you place it at home/office.
Feng Shui Pi Yao
SKU: 1806
Feng Shui Pi Yao is also called Pi Xiu or Pi Sou. It is used to ward off flying chi as well as illness chi. It can help to get extra income too. Some people even bring the pi yao statue/charm to casino to win extra money.
Feng Shui Pi Yao
SKU: 3683
Feng shui pi yao is also called Pi Xiu or Pi Sou. It has one horn on its head and two wings on its body is the mystical creature to bring good fortune and extra income as well as illness chi. Feng shui pi yao is one of the best feng shui products to appea
Dragon Keychains
SKU: 2039
Dragon is the auspicious animal to bring omen chi and wealth to people.
Mini Brass Wu Lou Charm for Carrying
SKU: 3608
Brass wu lou is one of the most common use feng shui products to take off sickness energy. The Chinese talisman Good Luck and Safety for Whole Life are carved on the surface of he brass wu lou. One Buddha script inside the wu lou to enhance its power.
10 of Chinese Coins (I ching Coins)
SKU: 518
$3.99 $1.99
It is said to put these Chinese coins (I ching Coins) into the purse, wallet, or handbag can attract wealth luck for feng shui wealth.
Coin Charms
SKU: 449
$5.99 $4.50
This lucky coin charm with red tassel is consisting of 6 Chinese coins. Hanging it at home to enhance wealthy luck.

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