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This beautiful shinning smooth ceramic plaque is windhorse plaque for success and protection. There are one wind horse image in the center surrounded by sun & moon, 4 celestial animals and 4 Great Kings. Outside the images are powerful seed syllables and mantra to protect you.

Wind horse in feng shui is the symbol of success. It is believed that it can bring you victory and success. Further more, 4 Great Kings are heaven worriers ( VIRUDHAKA, DRITIRASHTA, VIRUPAKSHA AND GREAT KING VAISHRAVANA) who protect the heaven. Those four Great Kings can protect your prosperity, land and prevent from financial loss.

You can display the Windhorse Plaque anywhere on your desk or hang it on the wall.

The wind horse Plaque is made of wood and picture is printed on porcelain. The dimension of it is approx. 9 1/4" x 9 1/4" x 1". It is heavy.

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