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Wholesale feng shui wind chimes including outdoor larger wind chimes, indoor copper wind chimes, brass wind chimes, metal windchimes and gemstone chimes. Wind chimes have different rods and colors.

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6-rod Metal Wind Chime with 3 Chi Lin
SKU: 2894
$42.00 $38.00
3 Chi Lin is attached to the 6-rod metal wind chime. 3 chi lin are the divine guardians which are Fu Dog (foo dog), Chi Lin and Pi Yao. It is specially designed to lower disaster chi by the 3 killings. 6-rod wind chime is perfect to lesser 5 Yellow.
Victory Banner Wind Chime
SKU: 2893
$42.00 $39.99
Victory banner wind chime is one of the powerful metal cure to the bad effects by Flying star 5 Yellow and 2 Black. Victory banner wind chime has the meanings of winning that it can overcome all kinds of bad spirits.
Golden Nine-Rod Dragon Wind Chime
SKU: 2820
$95.00 $88.00
Golden Nine-Rod Dragon Wind Chime is one of the most powerful feng shui products to activate the flying star 9 purple. 9 purple flying star is the auspicious flying star that is is in control of the joyous events including promotion, new marriage, etc.
3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime
SKU: 2731
3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime is one of the powerful fengshui metal cures to descend the disasters and conflicting caused by 3 killings. It has 6 metal rods with mystic knot on the top. 6-rod wind chime can suppress down bad chi and mystic knot brings
Mystic Knot Wind Chime
SKU: 2730
$35.99 $29.99
Mystic Knot Wind chime is excellent fengshui cures for afflictions. 6-rod wind chime can suppress down bad chi and mystic knot brings success, rich and undying love.
3 Chi Lin Wind Chime
SKU: 2729
$35.99 $29.99
3 Chi Lin Wind Chime, which has 3 Chi Lin attached, is one of the powerful fengshui products to lower the disaster chi generated by 3 killings. You can hang 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime in the position of 3 Killings located.
Agate Slab Windchime
SKU: 2562
The agate slab windchime is consisting of 5 natural agate slabs. Agate slab windchime has more powers to bring good energy and reflect bad chi.
Large Wind Chime
SKU: 2386
This large wind chime is for outdoor or garden. It has 6 dark green color large hollow metal rods and wood top and wood pendant. It make beautiful nice sound and perfect for outdoor or garden.
6 Rod Wind Chime
SKU: 2332
6 rod Wind Chime is one of the best choice to block the bad energy in feng shui. According to flying stars and 5 element theory, number 6 rod belongs to metal. Metal can decrease the Earth element generated by flying star 2 Black and 5 Yellow (Flying star
6 Rod Wind Chime
SKU: 1933
This 6 rod wind chime is made of metal - metal wind chime. There are 5 different colors: yellow, blue, green, black and red. On the top, there are feng shui crane bird or kuan yin statue.
color and top:
Feng Shui Wind Chime
SKU: 1144
This wind chime has 6 metal hollow rods with Yin Yang pictures on each of the rods. Yin Yang is the symbol of balance. It is one of the perfect feng shui wind chime to block bad energies and lower down the affection by sickness flying star 2 Black.
Silver Wind Chimes
SKU: 908
This beautiful silver color wind chime can be used as garden wind chime since it is stainless wind chime. They are 6 rod silver hollow metal wind chimes.
Pagoda Wind Chimes
SKU: 902
5-rod Pagoda Feng Shui Wind Chimes: Pagoda Wind Chime is very good to suppress down the bad chi. There are also 5 small bells, which is used to enhance the power of wind chime, surround each layer of the pagoda.
Metal Wind Chimes
SKU: 273
This kind of metal wind chimes are made of solid metal. It is stainless and perfect for hanging as garden wind chime.
8 Rod Wind Chime
SKU: 263
Wind chime has 8 solid metal rods with wooden top and wooden pendants. 8 rods has the meanings of wealth. 8 rod wind chime is used to keep off bad energy and bring good chi.

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