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Water Fountains

Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountains, Outdoor Fountains

Wholesale fountains such as indoor water fountains, tabletop fountains, small fountains, Buddha water fountains, zen garden fountains, feng shui fountains and big garden outdoor fountains in Chinese store San Diego at very excellent prices.

Water fountain is supposed to bring wealth since the running water presents wealth by feng shui. The best location for water fountain is in the North or NE. Putting one dragon statue, such as blue water fountain or golden dragon can enhance water feature.

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Broken Pot Floor Water Fountain
$158.00 $98.00
Water pours down from top to the "broken" pot and "slides" alone the side of of the pot into the bottom of the elegant fountain. A simple yet beautiful fountain, this distressed look will make the perfect addition in your home or garden.
Tree Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain with Illumination
$268.00 $195.99
The Tree Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain with Illumination is an ideal blend of contemporary design and old-world sculpture. With its rustic charm, this water fountain will be the center of attention wherever you place it. It is perfect as your garden fountai
Venice Multi Pot Outdoor-Indoor Fountain
$188.00 $128.00
Charming, understated, and perfectly quaint. Like an image from a rustic painting, three pots stacked haphazardly, water flowing serenely from one to the next.
Waterdrop Tabletop Water Fountain
$48.00 $39.99
As water drops down four levels onto a bed of polished stones, you will be overcome with relaxation. You will love the sound of water falling from one level to the next into the basin of stones and water.
Pots Water Fountain with Led Light
$218.00 $148.00
A simple yet beautiful pot indoor or outdoor fountain, this distressed look with LED lights will make the perfect addition in your home or garden! Water is dropping down from the top bowl to the lower bowl. Each of the bowls has LED light.
Muiti Pots Sandstone Outdoor-indoor Water Fountain With Led Lights
$218.00 $195.00
This sandstone-made multi-pot features of water flowing down from top pot to the lower one. Each of the pots has LED Light. This distressed look will make the perfect addition to your home or garden.
Indoor Fountain or Outdoor Fountain with Pump and Light
$298.00 $208.00
Combining soft lighting with the tranquility of water, this alfresco home rocca outdoor fountain will bring you the peaceful beautiful sound of the water to your home. It can be used as outdoor garden fountain or indoor fountain. There are LED lights i
Tiered Pots Tabletop Fountain
$48.00 $38.00
This small tiered pot tabletop fountain featuring water from the top pot to the bottom is a perfect decoration for your living room.
Square Shape Fountain with LED Lights
$128.00 $98.00
This fountain features white led lights make it very attractive in the night. The water flows smoothly over the first tier into the basin, producing a relaxing sound. It's good choice for your home decoration.
Tealight Pillar Tabletop Fountain
Combining the beauty of fire and water, water trickles out of the back pillar down the faux stone steps, highlighted by feng shui four pillars with tealight candles. The flickering of the fire with the water running makes a relaxing decor in any area.
Modern Bowls Fountain with LED Lights
$238.00 $188.00
This fountain features white led light that make it very attractive at night. Water flows from the top bowls to the bottom bowl. With minimal noise production, the Classic fountain is great for outdoor or enclosed spaces. This fountain is a sure focal poi
Play Child Water Fountain Boy And Girl
$248.00 $148.00
What's more refreshing than a cool drink on a hot day? Beautiful bronze-look fountain shows two children at innocent play in the garden. Weathered finish adds instant antique appeal!
Rockery LED Indoor Water Fountain
$68.00 $58.00
Rockery LED Indoor Water Fountain
Polyresin Flower Water Fountain
$60.00 $49.99
Polyresin Flower Water Fountain
Polyresin and Fiberglass Tiered Pot Fountain
$218.00 $128.00
This indoor/outdoor fountain features three levels of pouring water! Water pours from one jar top to the next and ultimately pools into the bottom of the elegant Fountain. A simple yet beautiful fountain, this distressed look will make the perfect...
Multi Bowls Tabletop Fountain
$75.00 $65.00
Three traditional polyresin and fiberglass tiered bowls define this design, creating a distinguished look for your home. The polyresin tabletop water fountain is lightweight and easy to place as outside or inside fountain for convenience.
Multi Colorful Pots Tabletop Indoor Fountain
$54.00 $39.99
Water flowing down separately to two small different color pots from the big pot is the main feature of this multi colorful pots tabletop indoor fountain. It is a perfect decoration to your home.
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain
$76.00 $66.00
LED Buddha Indoor Tabletop Fountain

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