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Feng Shui Jewelry: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings

Feng shui jewelry has jewelry necklace pendants, feng shui bracelets, feng shui earrings and feng shui rings. 

Jewelry necklace pendants have Chinese jade necklace pendants, gemstone necklace pendants, Tibetan Dzi necklaces, Chinese pearl necklaces and feng shui pendants.

Feng shui bracelets have Chinese jade bracelets, gemstone bracelets, liuli bracelets, Tibetan Dzi bracelets, cat eye bracelets, feng shui crystal bracelets, sterling bracelets and other jewelry bracelets.

Feng shui earrings have Chinese jade earrings, Chinese pearl earrings, sterling silver earrings and feng shui crystal earrings.

Feng shui rings have Chinese jade rings, unique rings such as Buddha rings, frog rings, etc,  sterling silver rings, Tibetan mantra spinning rings and some big jade rings for men. 

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Powerful Protection Against 8 Kinds of Black Magic Medallion
SKU: 4503
This powerful protection amulet medallion is able to prevent one from becoming bewitched by love spells and send any black magic that cause you to fall sick, split from your family or engage in fights with the authorities back to where they came. One can
Feng Shui 5-Element Balancing Medallion Pendant
SKU: 4502
This feng shui 5-element Balancing Medallion neutralizes zodiac clashes and missing elements contained within your Paht Chee chart, unlocking your full potential and allowing your good fortune to ripen.
Shakyamuni Buddha Pendant
SKU: 4472
$17.99 $13.99
Omnipotent and omniscient, benevolent and benign, Shakyamuni Buddha is the ultimate Buddha. One can wear this Shakyamuni Buddha pendant to ward off any evil spirits and invoke auspicious blessing.
Prosperity Medallion Pendant
SKU: 4471
This Prosperity medallion pendant safeguards one's wealth against financial draining. It is also a great money fortune enhancer.
Amethyst Tumbled Stone Bracelet
SKU: 4316
This stone bracelet is made of amethyst tumbled stone which is the stone of healing. Wearing natural amethyst tumbled stone bracelet is good for healing pains and exploring the spirit and mind.
Black Obsidian Tumbled Stone Bracelet
SKU: 4315
This stone bracelet is made of black obsidian tumbled stone which symbolizes resilience and self-control. Wearing natural black obsidian tumbled stone bracelet can block negative energy and grip the insight of wants and needs.
Aventurine Tumbled Stone Bracelet
SKU: 4314
This stone bracelet is made of aventurine tumbled stone which is recognized as the stone of opportunity and luck. Wearing natural aventurine tumbled stone bracelet is very beneficial for windfall luck.
Gold Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone Bracelet
SKU: 4313
This stone bracelet is made of gold tiger eye tumbled stone. Wearing natural gold tiger eye tumbled stone bracelet can restore energy and rediscover motivation as well as protection.
Carnelian Tumbled Stone Bracelet
SKU: 4312
This stone bracelet is made of carnelian tumbled stone which is the stone of protection. Wearing carnelian tumbled stone bracelet can protect against fear, anger and envy as well as stimulate precision and analysis.
Color Jade Beaded Bracelet with Infinity Symbol
SKU: 4311
This beautiful color bracelet with infinity symbol is perfect for daily wearing to bring success, wealth and undying love as well as enhance your beauty.
Chinese Jade Beaded Bracelet with Infinity Symbol
SKU: 4310
This beautiful Chinese jade beaded bracelet with infinity symbol is perfect for daily wearing to bring success, wealth and undying love as well as good health.
Leaf Shape Jade Pendant
SKU: 4300
Wearing such green Chinese leaf-shape jade pendant can bring you beauty as good luck, peace and health. In addition, leaf in feng shui represents new life and beginning.
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Sailing Boat Jade Pendant
SKU: 4294
This round jade pendant embedded with sailing boat image. Sailing boat in feng shui represents to bring wealth as well as Doing Everything Well.
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Drop-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4293
This drop-shaped Chinese jade pendent with one shinning crystal on the top can enhance its wearer's beautiful as well as bring good health.
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Oval-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4292
This oval-shaped jade pendant embedded with 3 crystals on the top is like the turtle. Wearing such beautiful turtle-shaped jade pendant can ward off sickness energy and bring good health.
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Rotatable Drum-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4291
This rotatable drum-shaped pendant embedded with crystals on the top can enhance your beauty and bring you confidence.
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Jade Dragon Pendant
SKU: 4270
This beautiful long rectangle shape jade pendant embedded with dragon image is believed to bring prosperity, wealth and good luck.
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Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
SKU: 4269
This heart-shaped jade pendant decorated with owl-shaped hooker and crystal on the top is used to improve romantic love and love life.

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