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Feng shui services

We are proud to announce that we just launch new feng shui services to go to house or business premises using feng shui methods to detect the energy flowing, furniture alignment, clutter cleaning and powerful celestial activation by ourselves - feng shui import. Especially the powerful celestial activation and we are the one and the only one who is able to provide the true activation service in US.

1. Big Tai Ji: Apply the authentic Feng Shui method to detect the energy flow of the house of the outside environment and interior layout.
A. To detect where is the Chi entrance of the house
B. To determine whether the energy is beneficial for the family member
C. To calculate the fundamental energy pattern of the house (Is the energy of house rising or falling? Is it a good time for you to invest your money? Will you be benefited from opening a business right now?)

2. Medium Tai Ji: Meticulous furniture alignment
A. Detailed arrangements with the degree of precision up to o 0.875 degree for the interior layout. It will minimize the potential ominous energy and maximize the auspicious chi, which affects a lot of your personal development and social life.
B. Accurate water placement to enhance the financial luck
C. Placement of sofa, dinner table, study table, and beds according to the specific energy pattern of your house and personal room.

3. Small Tai Ji:
A. An awesome combination of Qi School and Esoteric form school

a. Every person has his/her own inner dragon and tiger. The conflict of these internal creatures will cause the disharmony of self and others and lower his performance and ability. To tame your inner dragon and subdue the inner dragon is the way to reach the inner harmony of self and others. A very practical way to see this can be: you might be successful, you might have been working hard, but not appreciated by others%u2026 you always feel unsecured and aggressive. That is the syndrome of your inner energy pattern in discord with the outer environment).
b. Apply the method of pure water school to help you absorb the pure energy from the chi entrance.
c. This arrangement is meant to synchronize the outer placement to your inner chi.
d. Improve both of your emotional intelligence and social performance.
e. Elevate your view of the world, open your imagination and unleash your creativity.

B. An unique and creative design to fully bring up the talent, the way of life that is most favorable for your personal development, to ensure you a smooth sail toward the shore of your dream land.
a. To help you locate and cultivate your personal soul star.
b. According to your personal information, the house that you are currently living and the result of Yi Jing calculation, we will help you to locate the very spot of your soul star. You will be instructed the specific way of how to cultivate this star. It is an extremely creative way to help you fully develop your potential capacity of your life.
c. Auspicious direction, color, dressing.

4. Clutter cleaning
To clean the old energy of house and ritual of ushering the fresh energy

5. Unique and powerful celestial activation.
A. We are very proud to acclaim that we are the one and the only one who is able to provide the true activation service in US.
B. Activation is the most powerful Feng Shui tool combine the factors of heaven, mankind and earth, and thus be able to boost your fortune in the aspect of what you desire. It works extremely affective and has been classified as the one of the very top secret in authentic Feng Shui linage. There are only very few within the authentic Feng Shui school has mastered this technique.
C. For its powerful effect, a single celestial activation alone is charged for at least $316 in Tai Wan or mainland, China. We value our clients and we care for our clients' success. Hence, the celestial activation will be included in every local Feng Shui Consulting.

One single location Feng shui service will take around four to six hours for it requires detailed measurement and meticulous calculation.

below 1,500 square feet: consulting fee $ 698.
between 1,500 - 3,000 square feet: consulting fee $ 998.
between 3,000 - 4,500 square feet: consulting fee $ 1298.
between 4,500 - 6,000 square feet: consulting fee $1598.

The above fee is for local only. You also need to pay extra travel fee if we need to travel to your location. please contact us for detail.

In addition to the onsite consultation, we offer a Special Remote Service ($399 - $ 699), a program that enables us to provide customized service for clients who have special and urgent needs on particular topics. For instance, to pass a Bar Exam, to pass an important interview, to attract good partner, to save a marriage, to prevent financial draining, to help recover from a prolonged disease, etc.

$399 one topic single special cure or enhancer,
$499 two topics special cure or enhancer
$599 three topics special cure or enhancer
$699 four topics special cure or enhancer

We also offer phone consulting. Price is as 15 minutes for $20.00 or 30 minutes for $35.00 or one hour for $60.00. You can finish order online. Then we will contact you to schedule a time to do phone consulting.

In addition to above service, we provide Choosing Wedding Date service.

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