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Feng Shui Tips for Tiger People

Overall in 2007

Guoyin star, a powerful auspicious star, will go with Tiger people It means Tiger people will have chances to seize more power and manage the stuff at work. Taiyin star, cooperated with Suihe star, will both be your helpful star. That means tiger people will benefit from the help of female. Tiger people should consider more about opinions from females, and that would be good for your project; however, there are a lot of troubles and obstacles in your way. Guansuo star will fetter your mind and Wangshen star will make you lose temper easily, Business people do pay attention when you are signing your agreements; it will likely cause you loses and lawsuits.

Suggestion 1 for Career

If your job is associated with real estate, insurance, or you are a salesman, you will be popular, especially when your main customers are female. Tiger people can place Two Flying Horses in south and money frog in southwest to boost your career fortune. It is also a good way to get promotion. In the meantime, Guansuo star and Goushen star will give you lots of obstacles in your managements of work, you can place bamboo or crystal globe in the southeast to seek the help from your auspicious star.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

Even though your regular income is rising this year, some money troubles will come out of the ominous stars Wangshen and Goushen. Be very careful with any investment or agreement in business. Watch out for money accidents and thieves also. To enhance the money fortune, Tiger people can hang a jade charm in east and place a pair of golden Chilin in south. Placing one Wealthy God in Southwest is recommended.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Because of the effects of inauspicious stars, pressure and emotional problems are always with you. Even though your fortune of relationship is good, but you are always struggling by yourself. Pay attention to the psychological health, it would effect your physical health this year. Try to release yourself. To resolve the disease problems, Tiger people can hang a Kuanyin bell in northeast and six coins in the center of house. Hanging/Placing one Red Scroll or red safety shoes in northwest can avoid some lawsuits and emotional problems.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

Suihe star is with Tiger people this year, so the romance luck is going well. Tiger people can place Mandarin ducks or crystal flower in southeast to trigger the nice chi of romance star there. If people plan to marry, they can hang a red double- happiness charm to assemble the joyous chi in east.

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