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2011 Chinese Horoscope Snake

Chinese horoscope Snake 2011 for year of the Rabbit

Zodiac Snake Overall

The Snake people will be blessed with the nobleman star Guoying. With a significant meaning of imperial jade seal, Guoyin star signifies the arrival of power and authority, in your constellation. For those who have certain leadership in the work, this auspicious star will highlight their talent. A lot of Snale people are born to be a leader. Thus, by the help of Guoying, this year will be an excellent opportunity for them to develop their ability and endowment. Besides these two promising star, the action star Yima (running horse) indicates the frequent "action" in the year of Rabbit, for example, traveling for business, house moving, switching job, or company moving. Even though lots of opportunities are open to zodiac snake. The menacing stars will pose great difficulties and bring about side issues on the course; Snake people must have always have a second plan to adjust the sudden changes. To remove the obstacles in the way and fructify your hard work, you can you can hang the Red Om Mani Amulet in the west and the yellow Jade Pagoda in the northwest to usher the auspicious energy of your favorable stars and boost up your general fortune. For those who have plowed the hard earth and eager to have a breakthrough in the New Year, they can display the Colorful Phoenix Statue in the west of their office or study room as a personal fortune enhancer. The Colorful Phoenix Statue has some special significance for zodiac Snake. The west region is the original palace of zodiac Rooster, which is in the compatible union with zodiac snake. Furthermore, the rooster and the snake are the archetypes of phoenix and dragon; therefore, the Colorful Phoenix Statue signifies the elevation of the personal situation. In terms of energy arrangement, the phoenix is recognized as the ultimate creature of noble Ying energy. In Ba Gua theory, phoenix represents fire element - Li gua, which is the joyous star Nine Purple. With the great similarity, the phoenix can fully develop the auspicious energy of star Nine Purple, which brings people blissful events in life.

Red Om Mani Amulet Yellow Jade Pagoda Colorful Phoenix Statue

Suggestions for Career

Sustaining by the Guoyin star, Snake people will have better promotional luck than others. Under the shine of Guoyin, your fame, work position and social status are likely to rise. The presence of Yima star will make you have more activities or stay out of home longer than usual. If you have a plan of changing your job, enlarging the business or develop commerce oversea, this year is a good time to carry out the idea. However, your success make you stand out of the others, but it also bring you disputes and gossips in the dark, and these negative factors may even affect your outcome of your hard work. To triumph over all the impediments in the way and ward off the scandals and gossips in the work, Snake people should place the golden Double Metal Vajra with Stand in the southeast and the Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel in the north. The vajra is a noble ritual object, which symbolizes both thunderbolt and diamond. The double Metal Vajra emblems firmness of spirit; and it is embodied in the form of a metal weapon that is capable of defeating any evil force. Business people should also display the Victory Banner with Evil Eye in the northeast and the red Standing Buddha in the north to against the sudden lawsuits and theft. Those whose work related to creativity and art, they can place the Aventurine Tree in the southwest to enlighten their intelligence and inspiration in career. Since the changes may occur to life, office people can display the Staff of Ksitigarbha on their table to bless them with daily smoothness.

Red Dragon Amulet With Red Jewel Victory Banner with Evil Eye Staff of Ksitigarbha

Suggestions for Wealth

The overall wealth fortune is better than last year, and you will also enjoy some financial luck that was brought by some distant benefactors. However, money never stays - saving the money becomes the main problem, for you always have extra expenditure for the health of your family member or your house. It is necessary and helpful to adopt a backup monetary plan. The arrangement wiith the Black Obsidian Pi Yao Charm in the center and the Red Pyramid in the north is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. It is also favorable to avoid lawsuits. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, you can display Good Income Luck Talisman in the northeast and the Earth Seal Amulet Keychain in the northwest to boost the wealth fortune. It is the year of action; therefore, the more you put your words into practice, the more benefit you will receive. It is even more beneficial if you have business abroad or you do trade with foreigners. Since the reward will be proportional to the amount of your work, it is also a year of hard work for those who are paid according to their turnover. Since the windfall luck occurs, you can carry Victory in Gambling Talisman Pendant with you all the time as an extra income luck enhancer (especially for those who stay abroad). If you need to make decisions for the investments or speculations frequently, placing the Bejeweled 8 Amulet in the southeast and two Red Envelops in the north can help you to keep a keen mind and stay alertness. If you are doing outdoor business or need to travel for your business, you can additionally activate the favorable star by hanging the Qi Lin Talisman in the southeast and placing the Quick Fulfillment Pendant in the northeast to enjoy a prosperous success.

Black Obsidian Pi Yao Charm Good Income Luck Talisman Bejeweled 8 Amulet Key Chain

Suggestions for Relationship

There is little surprise in your romance luck for the absence of love star. However, it can be a year of challenge for zodiac snake's relationship of affection. Guchen, the star of loneness is still haunting in the palace of relationship. Hence, no matter singles or couples will suffer from the isolated mood, and furthermore Snake people will have to go out frequently for the presence of Yima star. For this reason, they may have less time stay with their love one, which makes the situation even worse. Guchen stars are prone to embroil you into some relationship entanglements. Under such an influence, most of these romance chances are just mirage, one night stay even fraud. In order to eliminate the ominous energy and foster their love luck, singles can place the Amethyst Tree in the west and golden Eight Immortals in the northeast to trigger the chi from auspicious relationship star. Singles also have better chance to meet their partner in different area, or to meet a partner as a foreigner. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and enjoy a life of bliss and happiness, couples could place the Red Carnelian Gem Tree with Coins in the west and hang the Double Happiness Charm in the north. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. To take precaution and avoid bad temper and arguments, place the red pyramid in the north to remove the wood energy of the quarrelsome star Three Green. As a solution to the effect of Guchen star, couples may separate from each other for a short while and focus on their work individually. Nonetheless, the separated partners should control themselves and not to give in to temptation of the third party, which is easy to cause torments and end the relationship. To suppress the evil stars from causing the sexual scandals and extramarital affairs, you can hide a golden Rooster with Fan and Ball Amulet inside the house and let it face the main door.

Rooster with Fan and Ball Amulet Eight Immortals Red Carnelian Gem Tree with Coins

Suggestions for Health

The visiting of Sangmen star will bring about sudden changes to health of the elders or family member who has prolonged disease. Emotional depression and solitude will cause you distractions, insomnia and anxiety. Those who need to drive a lot or handle dangerous tools should be cautious, for their works require more concentration than others. Carrying a Medicine Buddha Pendant (or hang it in the center of the house) is helpful to restrain the metal element form the threatening stars. Drivers can also hang the Four Season Safety Amulet inside their car. Place the 6 Metal Emperor Smooth Coins in the south and hang the 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime in the east to dissolve the menacing chi and prevent ailments from overstress. If you have family member that suffer from prolonged diseases, you can tie three natural gourds to their beds to drive away the major sickness. It is a really good time for you to go out traveling for relaxes, and you will benefit from the openness of wild and thus improve the physical situation.

Medicine Buddha Pendant Four Season Safety Amulet 3 Chi Lin Mystic Knot Wind Chime

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