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2011 Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Zodiac Rooster Overall

Zodiac rooster is directly against the Taisui (Grand Duke Jupiter) in the year of Rabbit. In feng shui practice, the constellation of zodiac rooster locates in the southwest by west, and the constellation of zodiac rabbit locates in the northeast by east. In the year of rabbit, the wood energy of zodiac rabbit is so strong that it rushes into the opposite palace, which belongs to zodiac rooster. This direct rush on Rooster people's constellation would cause the fight of the chi, thus it brings instabilities, fluctuation and other changes in life. From the career perspective, you may experience job switching, redeployment, business traveling; from the life perspective, you may experience emotion changes, house moving, split up, study transferring, long journey touring on the road. Contrary to so much disappointment, remember great joyous events may happen to you as big changes in life as well, just like getting married, delivery, new house moving or promotion. Changes bring you turbulence in life, but challenges also imply new opportunities, and as long as you grasp the turning point, you could block some ominous events that are coming to you. Besides the conflict with Taisui and some troublesome stars, you also have your fortuitous stars safeguard your ride. The result of future will depend on how you harness your fortune. To place Ling Tzi Ru Yi on your study table and the Earth Seal Amulet in the northwest is the best remedy to decrease the effect from Taisui and ensure you to seize the opportunity in life successfully. Linzhi is a legendary omnipotent medicine that is able to cure any problems (not only to cure illness but also social pitfalls, mishaps that people may encounter). Ruyi signifies the propitious power that can smoothen your luck, it is why Ruyi has a well-known meaning of doing everything well. For Those zodiacs that have conflicts with Taisui this year, Tai Sui amulet is also highly recommended.

Ling Tzi Ru Yi Earth Seal Amulet Tai Sui amulet

Suggestions for Career

Due to the changes in life, Rooster people have to adjust themselves to the new environment. You need to face the new personnel matters and new work. Sudden setbacks and hindrances are unavoidable. Fuchen star, the star of instability, will further distract and frustrate you with frequent holdbacks. You can display the Fortune Bat with 5-Coin Talisman in the southeast and the Heaven Seal Amulet Keychain in the west as the best preparation to smoothen the transitional period and attain the support from the new environment. The trespass of the ominous star Suipo and Langan will bring about extra complications. Gossips, fights, disagreements will exhaust your energy and time. Although Ludong star will bring Rooster people some promotional luck, the obstacles that they face is numerous. For those who are bosses (or in similar level, such as managers, supervisors) in their work, they may encounter the disagreements from the employees or clients. In order to get these problems solved, Rooster people need to have a positive and proper attitude. If you embark on business, it is not a year for you to do any risky speculation due to the fluctuation of the career fortune. Nevertheless, the action star Ludong favors those who work sedulously and benefit them with more opportunities. In order to overcome various obstructions in the work and achieve the final success, you can place the Victory Banner with Evil Eye in the northeast and the Clear Quartz Wand in the northwest. To prevent yourself from disagreements and gossips, you can place the red color Piyao in the north region of your working place; you can also carry the Wen Chang Education Amulet with you to stimulate inspiration and creative ideas in the work.

Victory Banner with Evil Eye Wen Chang Education Amulet Pi Yao Figurine

Suggestions for Wealth

The star of wealth is fading, and the other two stars Suipo and Langan will bring about some money losses or extra cost, especially in the Lunar March, April and August. It can be a remedy that you can spend the money on "positive changes" (such as wedding, buying house).Place the Good Income Luck Talisman in the northeast to maximize your money luck and achieve your goal of affluence. You should watch out for the visit of the menacing stars Suipo and Langan, they will drain your money away with sudden reveres. Hang the Hum Amulet in the north to drive away the horrible star and prevent your accidental cost and legal issues. For those who were born in 1980, they have the best opportunity in the financial wise among the other zodiac Monkey; business people can also place the powerful Golden Axe on their cashier to invite the wealthy star into your premise and ensure a year of blossom. Since extra income luck is weak, your plan of speculation should be conservative. For alongside your wealth palace, the ominous star Fuchen will foray your saving and fluctuate your income status. To enhance your extra income luck and actualize your money plan, you can also hang the Bluewater in Globe in the center and hide the Jade Ingot inside the drawer that you usually use. Business people can hang the golden Rich Amulet with Red Tassel behind the cashier to carry out daily monetary plan smoothly.

Good Income Luck Talisman Hum Amulet Keychain Golden Axe

Suggestions for Relationship

Offending Taisui will bring about lots of frictions, gossips, disagreements in life. Without any presence of romance star, the changes in some personnel matter would go to extreme. Attached couples may either split up or get married. It seems there are some romance chances in the surface for singles; however, it is a flash in the pan actually due to the absence of favorable star. Since it is lacking of love star, there are some difficulties their love life. Singles need to place Golden Mandarin Ducks in the northeast and the colorful Dragon Phoenix in the west to strengthen your overall love luck and find the potential partner. To enhance personal attractiveness and lighten your image in social life, you can also carry Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm with you all the time. Attached couples Mandarin Ducks in the west corner of your bedroom to stabilize your relationship with your partner and even foster the marital luck. Married couples need to exercise enough patience and tolerance as your intimate relationships with your love may indicate tensions and frailty. Even some little disagreements or misunderstandings may endanger your marital relationship. You can place the red color Bride and Groom in the north as the antidote to cure the disharmony in the family and enjoy a blissful and satisfactory married life.

Dragon Phoenix Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm Bride and Groom

Suggestions for Health

The intrusion of Taisui will smite you with ailments and injuries. Your health situation will be weakened, and accidents occur due to the threatening star Xueren (bloodshed). Take precaution when you need to handle with sharp objects and water related game as the horoscope predicts. Female zodiac roosters should also do physical check on time for they are susceptible to gynecological diseases this year. For those who are pregnant, they can carry Jade Kuanyin Pendent and avoid moving house or reconstructing the house during the time of pregnancy (If the reconstruction is unavoidable to happen, they should be absent in that location for at least couple days).Place the Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime in east to depress the ill developed earth energy of sick stars and protect you from afflicted ailments. To safeguard your drive and ward off the menacing killing metal energy from star seven Red, place the Medicine Buddha Pendant in the center and hang the Kuanyin Bell for Family in the south.

Metal Wu Lou Wind Chime Medicine Buddha Pendant

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