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Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit People

Overall in 2008

Rooster people will enjoy a good year in 2008 due to the arrivals of many propitious stars. Three auspicious stars Tiande, Fuxing and Bazuo are shinning further upon your constellation. Tiande star represents bless and help from a powerful position; this star will smoothen your career and favor you to surmount any obstructions eventually. Fuxing means lucky star of happiness, which is also good for inviting great helpful people into your life. Bazuo star indicates accomplishment of education, official rank and power. Rooster people can obtain recognition and promotional chances; if one is still pursuing his studies, it is beneficial for him to place Green Back Arrowana Fish or jade stone eight immortals in northeast to emerge successful from a competitive examination. To stimulate the auspicious energy of these stars, Rooster people can wear a dragon fish necklace this year to ensure a fully grasp and in control of all work related affairs.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

You will have a breakthrough and exaltation in work as the appreciations and exaltation from powerful benefactor or higher ranks. Place a red agate gem tree in southeast and yellow color eight money toads bridge in east to enlighten your intelligence and assertiveness to strive a shinning career this year. Business people will have chance to meet big correspondents, the collaboration will have a well development. To achieve an increase of sales and expansion in commerce, business people can place a red color Piyao in the east and three money frogs with a crystal in southeast to actualize their ambition without causing any unexpected troubles.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

Rooster people will acquire a leap in profits and enjoy their wealth increase tremendously. Avoiding blind speculation and studious preparation will be particularly helpful before you make an investment this year. Carry eight jade ingots with you and place five golden elephants in north to initiate a promising step to accumulate your prosperity. Elephant is recognized as one of the most excellent feng shui symbol that is good at absorbing and gathering riches. These five golden elephants are also making a combo of earth element to stimulate the metal element of flying Star Six White, which is especially favorable for whom are doing business and seeking for a revival of their business or triumph against competitors. Windfall luck indicates and there is some unexpected money coming to you. One can carry a Piyao bracelet with him/her to enhance your extra income fortune and place a blue rhinoceros in southwest to safeguard your wealth from robbery and theft. The blue crystal rhinoceros is also a remedy for potential injury.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Rooster people have a even better romance luck than last year. Tianxi star brings joyous affairs not only about nice relationship of romance, but also about having baby new birth, promotional opportunity, winning a lottery and winning an election. Singles will be the cynosure in the social contact. Place the rose quartz mandarin ducks in the center and hang a pink crystal in southeast as an augmentation of your romance fortune. This arrangement is also the best way to stabilize love relationship with your partner because there are other two more ominous stars Taohua and Xianchi that will embroil you into some relationship entanglements. Attached couples who are enjoying their honey mood will have chance to get marry. They can place green jasper mandarin ducks in southeast to seize the turning point in your romance path and foster the fruit of love. Being concerned by the unlucky stars, married couples will be at the risk of extra marital affairs if not taken care properly. To prevent the interference from third party, place a golden rooster facing the main door. And place the green color Fuk, Luk, Sau in southeast of your living room to create a harmonious mood in the family.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

Killing star Liuxia, an ill star, is in the horoscope. This star is particularly ill-omened for woman; it brings Gynopathy and other potential danger about pregnancy. Gravida should pay specific attention in this year. The another menacing star Feiren will cause injuries and bloodshed, beware of those matters for whom engage in some occupations associated with the operation of sharpen tools or machines. Hang a six rods wind chime in south and two calabashes with six coins in northwest to drive off the ill energy, also hang a red crystal in west to prevent your family members from disputes, bad tempers and accidental harm. For gravida, carrying a jade Kuanyin pendant with her all the time is highly recommended.

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