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Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit People

Overall in 2008

Once the zodiac year is same as you, which means that you are against God of Year Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). This year is the year of rat, so Rat people will offend God of Year (Tai Sui). Tai sui is on the way of your life, which means changes, challenges and vicissitudes will happen to you for sure. Displaying Feng Shui Ox in North position to act of kindness to Grand Duke Jupiter. For some rat people, the routine of their life will be changed entirely, such as switching job, transferring education, changing status of immigration, moving house, getting marriage or giving birth. These changes will be either good or bad. Accidents occur out of your schedule; side issues or new problems crop up unexpectedly. When Tai sui is on the way, relationship fortune will be also declined and knave may come at you. The melancholy and disconsolate emotion bored you easily. Fortune is fluctuating at the beginning. Fortunately, there will be three propitious stars in your future journey, you will turn out to be fine eventually.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Once the Tai sui is on your way, changes in life are unavoidable. You may have to adjust yourself to new environment. However, new changes may bring you new challenges; hanging an eight-jade ingot and a red good future scroll in the east is a good way to enhance the career fortune. It will help you grasp the new coming opportunity in a right time. Jiangxing, Tangfu, and Suijia, these three helpful stars will be with you on the road, For those who are seeking for promotion or exercise controls at the helm, a jade tangerine plant or jade grapes plant in southeast is essential. These jade plants will activate the Chi of Star Nine Purple, which is the star in control of joyous event in the family, in the east. In the same time, these jade plants will be cooperating with the auspicious star (Eight White) in the east and boost your work status significantly. Rat people who have official jobs need to place a crystal pagoda in northeast to trigger the chi of Wen chang star, which is the star in charge of inspiration and study (good for children also).

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

As long as the career fortune is on the right track, the wealth fortune will be smooth and regular income situation steps will be up as well. You may also have chance to start an enterprise; moderate investment is better choice. However Rat people must keep themselves away from risky speculation because Tai Sui star affects the wealth fortune. Placing a brass Piyao (gold or brass color) in north can enhance the windfall luck. Especially for those who engage in occupations associated with art and entertainment, a golden money frog in the southwest will be very favorable for their wealth fortune.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Zodiac people always have relationship problems in their Tai sui year. Big pressure and new duty will come to you following the changes in the work (no matter the change is good or bad). Tai sui star will cause anxious emotion problems as well, so unharmonious affairs happen between lovers. Hanging a red crystal in west will decrease the ominous chi from star Three jade (which cause gossips, quarrels and other problems in the work or family) and improve your relationship luck. Good poise and understanding are always good tips to cope with misinterpretations. The romance chance is diminishing this year if you did not catch your luck last year (rat people have a very good romance fortune last year). Disagreements between couples occur more often than before. Lovers will have more difficulties in affection. Placing a golden three-gods statue in the center can develop the harmonious chi of the auspicious star in the center; hanging a red Good Luck scroll/charm in west is a good way to cheese the temperament of the family members. Singles can hang a pink crystal in the center and carry a jade mandarin duck necklace to enhance the romance luck.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

You may have bad sleep (like insomnia) or diet problem due to great pressure and anxiety. Three ominous stars Taisui, Fushi and Jianfeng will harm your health and bring you little bloody accidents. Avoid dangerous activities and pay extra attention when you are using metal tools and driving. To ward off these menacing chi, you may hang a wind chime in south and a metal wulou in northwest to weaken the illness chi from those bad stars, stay away (do not stick there too long) from these two regions (South and Northwest) and keep those areas still and in order.

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