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Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2014

Overall for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2014:

With the arrivals of several propitious stars in your constellation, your general fortune will be visualized as a number of progresses and occasional failures. The arrivals of powerful benefactor stars Tiande (heavenly bliss) and Fuxing (lucky star) will bring you excellent external support. Nevertheless, the considerable number of the ominous stars and the affliction with Taisui will pose some difficulties and setbacks in the course of their personal pursuit. It is wise to focus on some joyous events (like getting marry, having baby or house moving), and hence redirect the energy to positive side. To trigger the auspicious energy of your benefactor stars and help you to overcome the obstacles, you can display the Harmony Talisman Card with Eight pieces of Natural Agate Jasper Tumble Stones in the southwest of your study place or office.

Harmony Talisman CardBag of Agate Jasper Natural Stone

Suggestion for Career:

Even though Zodiac Rabbit is inflicted with Taisui, the blessing stars Tiande and Fuxing are still good for the general career luck and bringing you appreciations of others. Therefore, the promotional opportunities are also coming into your view. Nonetheless, due to the disturbance of ominous stars Juanshe (gossip) and Niansha (annual killing), gossip, entanglement and accidental change occurs to you every now and then. You can hang the Feng Shui Abacus with Fan Amulet in the southwest region of your house to ward off gossipers and remove setbacks. For those who are looking for jobs, the Lunar January, April, July, October and December is the best time to actualize their pursuit, while Lunar March, June and August is the most likely time that setbacks and backstabber might occur. To invite good progress and secure your success, you can place the Citrine Polished Point in the south to usher the energy of promising flying stars Zuofu and Youbi. For those whose occupations require inspiration and creative process, they could hang the Double Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Amulet in the southwest.

Feng Shui Abacus with Fan Amulet Citrine Polished Point Double Carps Jumping Over Dragon Gate Amulet

Suggestion for Wealth:

Affected by the Taisui star, the general monetary luck is OK. Nonetheless, it is the year that your diligence will be rewarded. Businessman will have chance to broaden their social network and meet the new clients as benefactors in the work. To unclog the path to the abundance and prosper your wealth, you need to place White Umbrella Goddess Plaque in the south to stimulate the dominant stars of opulence and bliss. The Three Elephants with Evil Eyes in the northeast is beneficial to suppress the vicious energy (like robbery) and foster the windfall luck. For those whose work rely a lot on networking, they can do a special arrangement to regulate their networking and wealth luck together by placing Fluorite Polished Point with Eight Pieces of Aventurine Natural Stone in the north.

    White Umbrella Goddess Plaque Three Elephants with Evil Eyes Fluorite Polished Point 

Suggestion for Relationship:

The trespass of the unfavorable stars Juanshe and Niansha will bring forth disharmony in your life. Your love one is apt to disagree with you on some trivia, which discourages you even more. It is very beneficial to spend more time in communication in your love relationship this year. However, for those who want to save their relationship in danger, they also get a chance to redeem their love if they correct the old attitude. Lunar March, May, June and August is the period that relationship problem might occur. To find the suitable partner and stabilize the love relationship, single Rabbit people can hang the The New Moon Rabbit Pendant in the north of their living room and place the Golden Mandarin Ducks in the southwest to enjoy romance. In order to ease the tension in love, Rabbit couple could place the Red Scroll - Ru Yi in the southeast of the bedroom to ward off the ominous stars.


 The New Moon Rabbit Pendant Golden Mandarin Ducks   Red Scroll - Ru Yi  

Suggestion for Health:

You should beware of drinking problem and keep an eye on the health condition of elders in your family, especially in Lunar April. Besides, you also need to pay attention to some illnesses of the respiratory system. Hence, to adopt a healthy schedule and diet is helpful and necessary. Under the shelter of the auspicious stars in your horoscope, these ailments are not really problems. Nevertheless, the presence of star Pima (in mourning), may result in the events of visiting patient or attending funeral. Having the Metal Wu Lou in the east and the 6 Rod Silver Wind Chime in the northwest of your living room to prevent the family members from sicknesses and safeguard your health. To stay away from the violent energy resulting in robbery and bloodshed, you can hang the Blue Wu Lou Charm in the northeast of the bedroom.

Metal Wu Lou 6 Rod Silver Wind Chime Blue Wu Lou Charm

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