Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2013

Overall for Chinese Horoscope Rabbit in 2013:

The emergences of propitious stars Wenchang (inspiration) and Yutang (auspicious hall) are advantageous to enlighten your inspiration in study or work. It is the time to pave your prospect of career with hard work since these two powerful stars are great helpers of stimulating your creativity and artistic talent. Nonetheless, the raise of career luck would also have you spend less time to cultivate your relationship, which is one of the main challenges Rabbit people need to face. To elevate the general fortune and activate the favorable star, Rabbit people can carry Wish Granting Tree with Charm with them all the time. If your work relies a lot on networking, you can borrow the cosmic chi from Wenchang star by placing the Green Pi Yao in the southwest.

Wish Granting Tree with Charm Green Pi Yao

Suggestion for Career:

For those who have plans of expansion or want to switch their jobs, this year is the time to put it into practice. Shinning upon your horoscope as the beacon light, the propitious Wenchang star boosts up your career fortune by developing your talent and gaining recognition from others. However, Threatening stars Tiangou (fierce dog) and Tiansha (evil spirit) will pose some difficulties in the beginning of the course. Qiuyu(jailing) star and Zaisha (disaster) will result in sudden setbacks, villain, frauds and financial loss. To safeguard your ride and attain an excellent path towards the future advancement, you can hang Three Bars of Mantra Amulet in the northwest and Red Crystal Globe with Omani in the northeast to stimulate the energy of your benign career stars. You can also foster the career luck and activate the energy of Wenchang by placing the Aventurine Tree in the south and Water Crystal and Mantra Mirror Talisman in the north. As the star of inspiration, Wenchang is particularly beneficial for people who embark on creative job. If your work is related to art, writing, producing, design and etc, you can place the black color Stone Dragon Turtle on your study table and spend more time doing your study in the southeast region of your house. Covered by the bliss of the auspicious star, your brainwave will be stimulated, and your inspiration will roll on like waters. Students studying for scholastic and academic exams would also have the higher possibilities to develop their intelligence and succeed in the tests.

Three Bars of Mantra Amulet Red Crystal Globe with Omani Aventurine Tree Water Crystal and Mantra Mirror Talisman

Suggestion for Wealth:

Those whose occupations are related to artistic field (like design, performance, and entertainment, etc.) will also benefit from the auspicious energy of Wenchang star. The general monetary luck rises in Lunar February, June and September. Nevertheless, the arrival of Qiuyu (jailing) star indicates not only lawsuits, but also the obstacles of breaking through in the business. You also need to watch out for several stumbling blocks since the menacing star Tiangou suggests the occurrences of deceits, theft and financial losses. Do take a good care of your private property and pay some extra attention when you are signing important papers. To secure your finance and give a better advantage in commerce, place the Citrine Polished Point in the northeast and the Anti Burglary Amulet in the west. The disturbance of Tiangou would also decrease the extra income fortune, and thus affect your investment or speculation. To suppress the vicious energy (like robbery) and foster the windfall luck, Rabbit people can trigger the energy of Qichi star by hanging Three Elephants with Evil Eyes in the west and the Feng Shui Abacus with Fan Amulet in the northwest region of the house or the office.

Citrine Polished Point Anti Burglary Amulet Three Elephants with Evil Eyes Feng Shui Abacus with Fan Amulet

Suggestion for Relationship:

Without special strong romance star in the house, the love life of Rabbit people this year is low, while the third party and emotional entanglement may occur and jeopardize your relationship To increase the love luck and meet the suitable partner, Rabbit people can hang The Moon Rabbit - Full Moon in the north corner and Amethyst Tree in the south of the bedroom. Affected by vexing Tiangou star, Rabbit couples are more susceptible emotional fluctuation, and having arguments between each other. Work fatigue may also worsen the depressed feeling. If your lover belongs to Zodiac Rabbit, she/he does require more understanding and encouragement from you. To avoid arguments and disagreements, Rabbit people can display Double Happiness Amulet in the south and place the Red Scroll - Safety for Family in the east to create an atmosphere of harmony and happiness. Patience and tolerance are the keys to maintain healthy relationship for married or attached couple. To suppress the evil stars from causing the sexual scandals and extramarital affairs, you can hide the Colorful Standing Rooster Statue in your wardrobe and have it face toward the door.

The Moon Rabbit Amethyst Tree Double Happiness Amulet Colorful Standing Rooster Statue

Suggestion for Health:

Pay extra attention when you are driving and avoid getting involved with dangerous games, especially in Lunar February and Lunar March, since the stars Tiangou and Diaoke both indicate accidental changes and bloodshed. Diaoke star also implies funeral affairs, which may come from possible demise of friends or relatives. To hang Lotus Mandala Pendant in the west of the house to ease the menacing violent energy and keep you away from bloodshed and mishaps. Zaisha star (calamity) implies undeserved ill turn and accident. To prevent your family member from any accidents and illness, you can place the 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime in the center and hang Annual Protection Amulet with one Feng Shui Calabash Gourd in the southwest.

Lotus Mandala Pendant 3 Chi Lin Wind Chime Annual Protection Amulet Feng Shui Calabash Gourd

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