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Chinese Zodiac Rabbit 2010, Chinese Horoscope Rabbit 2010

Overall in 2010

Representing propitious power, Taiyang star and Tiankong star are shinning upon your horoscope. As one of the most powerful constructive stars, Taiyang symbolizes the sun and infinite strong positive energy. Taiyang star also indicates great benefactor luck for the Rabbit people; it means Rabbit people will be blessed by the male or elder powerful people (for instance, a high rank male authority). The art star Tiankong is a great star for enlighten people's inspiration; on the other hand, this star also show a tendency of running for fruitless endeavor. To activate the positive side of these stars and regulate your general fortune, displaying the 4 Face Buddha Statue in the west and Tu Di Gong in the east is the best cure to prevail over the obstructions and smooth the accumulations of wealth. According to the script, Four face Buddha brings four kindnesses philosophy that owned by Buddha (patience, liberal, fair, and meditated). With the four kindnesses, the benevolent Four Face Buddha is ready to devote his lofty power to assist whoever without discrimination. Symbolized the God of earth, Tu Di Gong is the blessing symbol of prosperity. Tu Di signifies the earth energy. Based on five element theory, earth produces metal; and metal is the manifestation of tremendous property in feng shui (metal literally means gold in Chinese). As a merciful God that is in charge of all the wealth sources, Tu di gong is almost sacrificed by every Asian family. Escpecailly in this year, the Tu Di Gong has a matching chi to the auspicious star Six White in the east region. It makes this wealth enhancer even stronger.

Suggestions for Career

You will receive the benefactor's help in the work due to the illumination of star Taiyang. Even though there are other two evil stars may bring obstacles in the way, the powerful Taiyang star will help you to achieve your goal. Rabbit people are easy to obtain appreciation and support from their male mentors. When you are proceeding to some important programs, you had better try to cooperate with male partner and consider more about their advice. To actualize this flourishing career luck and avoid the disturbance from bad stars, placing the Fu Lu Shou in the east and the yellow Citrine Tree in the center is the very efficacious approach. To achieve your more ambitious success and invest for a shinning future, you can display the Double Fishes Picture in the northwest to go all the way up to the top. Side issues or unexpected difficulties may raise, for the tricky star Tiankong may drive your effort for vain. Businessman should be watchful when they are dealing with any official documents or trading agreements. It is best to be clear about all the ordinances before you sign the paper, or else you may drag yourself in some unnecessary lawsuits or financial losses. To secure your business from legal entanglement and give a better advantage in commerce, hang the red scroll Red Scroll - Wish Comes True in the south and hang Black Wu Lou Charm in the southeast. The green Chinese Buddha in the north will enlighten your intelligence and inspiration in career; it is particularly beneficial for those who get stuck in the work.

Suggestions for Wealth

Besides career luck, Taiyang star will also bring you some raise in finance. However, those who engage in business or earn their income by the pieces (like real estate agent, insurance, etc) have better chance to earn the better reward by their hard work than those who have steady salary. Those who engage in business will especially enjoy their collaboration with male partners. If your job is associated with relationship work (for examples, salesman, insurance, real estate agent, lawyer, etc), or your sale targets are mainly about male clients, the reward of your work will increase accordingly. Male benefactor will bring some extra income luck for those who are doing speculation or investments. To ensure a year of harvest and usher tremendous income, you can place the golden Monkey on Elephant in the west to actualize all your wishes about wealth. As an addition to accumulate the wealth and amplify their profits, business people can place the Amethyst Pyramid in the east and hide the bejeweled piyao( with uncooked rice inside) in the corner of your office/house and let it facing outside to absorb as much money luck as it can.

Suggestions for Relationship

With a growing personal glamour, your love luck seems to be on the right track. Romance chances indicate in your social life. However, you will find out very soon that your effort for love is fruitless. It is the consequence of the bad romance stars Taohua and Xianchi. Short-span partners, immoral lust and extra-marital affairs... These two stars are prone to embroil you into some relationship entanglements. For the interference of these two stars, most of these romance chances are just mirage, one night stay even fraud. In order to meet the soul mate and foster the fruit of love, singles should place the Rose Quartz Tree in the northwest and Golden Mandarin Ducks in the west to trigger the chi from auspicious relationship star. Couples should control themselves and not to give in to temptation because Rabbit couples are susceptible to relationship entanglement, which is easy to cause troubles and torments. To prevent the disturbance from the third party and enjoy a life of bliss and happiness, couples could place the red Bride and Groom in the northwest and hang the Double Happiness Charm in the south. Under the shadow of gloomy star Huiqi, you may suffer some depression and strain from not only with your family, but also friends in your social life. Consideration and understanding are the keys to well communicate with each other. To take precaution and avoid bad temper and arguments, place the red pyramid in the south to remove the wood energy of the quarrelsome star Three Green.

Suggestions for Health

Fortunately, the Taiyang star blocks many menacing chi coming at you. Nonetheless, your strenuous work and social activities take too much time of your rest; hence, the life of fatigue will deteriorate your health and bring about diseases for lung, gall and liver. The trespass of Huiqi star will also cause injuries in legs and hands. Besides your physical health, you also need to pay attention to your unstable and stressful emotion. Place two feng shui calabash gourds with golden Medicine Buddha in the southwest and the black wulou in the southeast to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an easeful mood in work. To combat the earth energy of Five Yellow, hang the Wu Lou Amulet in the southwest and Red Scroll - Safety for Family in the south to exhaust the ill-developed chi of violent star.

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