Feng Shui Tips for Rabbit People

Overall in 2008

There is no particular big favorable star in your constellation except Taiyin star (good star) this year. Taiyin has one meaning of female, which means that you can get supports from female. So you will be beneficial from the help of nice female in your work. However, the Chi of this auspicious star is too insignificant to develop very well because it does not have any sustaining stars around it. Besides, Rabbit people have tortures from Taisui, which will bring you villain and cause troubles and entanglements on your relationship. Insomnia, anxiety and bad temper happen to you from time to time. Relax yourself and learn how to get rid of pressure. Carrying along a jade kuan yin pendant prevents you from tension and troublemakers around you.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

When you proceed to some important program, try to cooperate with female partner and consider more about their advices. Your most benefactors are female in 2008. In the meanwhile of your boss highly rewarding of your diligent work, defamation, jealousy and gossips, which result from ominous star SanXing (torture of Rat), will add you lots of trouble in your work. To remedy this situation, you could place eight jade ingot in east and crystal pagoda in center to enhance your career fortune, for those who getting stuck in a creative career, placing Green Back Arrowana Fishes or green eight immortals in northeast can trigger the inspiration and enlighten the intelligence.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

There will be some increasing in regular income this year due to your excellent jobs. Nonetheless, the presence of Goushou star and Guansuo star (bad stars) will result in fluctuation of monetary luck, which means your money comes and goes for no reasons. You are prone to lose money due to pecuniary entanglement. If you are an investor or businessman, you will be facing lots of obstacles in 2008, even involving yourselves into some troubles of financial affairs. Pay specific attention when you need to sign any business contracts. Otherwise you will easily embroil your finance, even take yourself in lawsuit. Hanging a good luck red scroll/charm in west and placing a multi-color dragon turtle can improve your income and avoid potential lawsuit troubles. It is also an authentic cure to resolve the jealousy or gossips among your colleagues. Place a kuanyin vase (only white color one) with clear water (blessing water) in southwest and carry along a Piyao necklace with you. The auspicious peaceful chi of the blessing water can diminish the killing Chi of the declined star, Piyao will also favor you to gain more opportunities among tough competitions and prosper the business eventually.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

Rabbit people will enjoy a great romance year in 2008 because of the love star Hongluan. For singles, 2008 is the year that you will meet your soul mate, and have a great chance to farther this love relationship. Placing golden Mandarin ducks in center can activate romance star and help Rabbit people seize the right time and strengthen newly-built relationship. For attached couples seeking marriage or married couple seeking for baby, the specific designed fengshui Green jasper mandarin ducks is commissioned to these kinds of joyous love events. Place this pair of mandarin ducks in southeast and enjoy the harmonious romance.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

The overall health is all right, but there are some indicated ailments due to digestive or intestinal problems. You also need to watch out emotional problems because you will have infirmities in psychological aspects. Be release of your pressure. Hanging a six rods wind chime in south and a Feng Shui Bell in northwest can exhaust the threatening chi of two ominous ill stars (Two black and Five yellow). Carrying sandal wood wulou is recommended.

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