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Feng Shui Tips for Dragon People

Overall in 2008

The arrival of auspicious star Sanhe and Jinxin will bring Dragon people some raises in rank, income or reputation. However, troubles and villain will show up at the same time due to the presences of other three ominous stars (Five ghost, Guanfu and Huangfan), These three ominous stars indicate that lawsuits, disputes or vexations will happen to you. For businessmen, be discreet to prepare to cope with coming problems. Carrying along a Gold Thousand Hand Buddha Pendants all the time will benefit Dragon people to usher fortune and combat with evil Chi for the whole year.

Feng Shui Tips 1 for career

Favorable stars Santai will bring Dragon people excellent progress, recognition and reputation in career. Besides the Huagai star will foster you smartly to learn and study. Creative idea will come out also. But dragon people will also encounter jealousies and slanders because of bad luck of villain star Five ghost (bad star). To suppress this effect of bad star and enhance the wisdom of working/studying, placing a gold feng shui carp in east to smooth the career path. In addition, a jade peony plant in southeast can gain you more resilience against the tough time and ensure you to fully grasp your promotion chance to boost your career.

Feng Shui Tips 2 for wealth

Dragon people will enjoy the increase in wealth in 2008, but the increase is mainly from regular income because of lucky star JInxin. Nonetheless, the occurrence of Guanfu star hints that some lawsuit entanglements will occur to you due to your carelessness. Pay attention to cooperation of business or agreements. Hanging a red scroll Chaiyuanguangjin in west and blue crystal rhinoceros in southwest can prevent you from loss of finance and legal issues. Red color ingot Buddha or Red Pi Yao in east and golden money frog in north are the best way to enable you to overcome any obstacles in the way and prosper your wealth luck. Dragon people also have certain extra income fortune, but risky speculation is not recommended. To enhance the windfall opportunity, carry a piyao bracelet with you. Piyao is also a bless symbol of good sales in business.

Feng Shui Tips 3 for relationship

The Huagai star will bring you great artistry that is good for creation, yet it will also transform you into an egocentric that becomes emotional, passive and destructive. Less attention to affection will make you estrange and isolate from your friends or love mates. In order to overcome the hard time of relation gap, carry along a jade Yinyang Bagua charm with you, and place a multi-color dragon turtle in center to remedy disadvantage in your connection and provide a pleasing networking environment. Since there is lacking in romance for Dragon people, singles should wear a jade star flower necklace and place pair of golden mandarin ducks in center to tap the Romance star Tanglang, which is the one in control of the Peach Blossom luck in 2008. For enhancing a harmonious mood in love and preventing mishaps from bad energy, hanging a red crystal in southeast will be beneficial to keep a harmonious mood in love and away from disputes for attached or married couples.

Feng Shui Tips 4 for health

Mind losing, out of concentration, anxiety and bad quality sleep will happen to you due to the evil energy of HuangFan star. Take extra precaution to the epidemic even though you are very strong. Gossip and lawsuit will fret you from time to time, do proper exercises and keep a reposeful mind. Place two feng shui calabash gourds in northwest and six-rod wind chime in south to prevent ailments from overstress and bring you an easeful mood in work; a Feng Shui Bell in vehicle can also resolve the ill emotion.

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