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Feng Shui Tips for Dog People

Overall in 2007

Because of the joyous star Tianxi, Dog people have a special fascination in social contact. The networking luck would also have a nice turn. There are new changes in the life or work (like transfer, business trip) coming out of Moyue star. Dog people need to adapt to the new situations. Moyue star would easily frustrate people by the hindrances and troubles in the transition.

Suggestion 1 for Career

The work is going well; nevertheless, there is no particular favorable career star to support Dog people, and they have to struggle with Moyue star in the some time. Fortunately, the Tianxi star would smooth some frictions in cooperation of personnel, and it is beneficial to keep up nice relationship in the work. For the improvement of career luck, place Buddha in southeast to activate the One White star (which brings people inspirations and concentrations in the work or study) and place chi lin in southwest to magnify favorable Chi of Eight White star (which ensures the faster success in pursuits). For those seeking for transfer or promotion, they can place two flying horses in south to trigger Yima star to approach the goals. Never place any red or plants in south region.

Suggestion 2 for Wealth

The income fortune would fluctuate, and there is some cost for healthy problems. Place a pair of ingots in southwest to better the undulate Chi of the money luck and hang a red scroll to collect the prosperous Chi in east. The extra income fortune is not so good, never risk for speculation. For those who desire windfall luck, place a pair of Pi yao in north to enhance the windfall fortune.

Suggestion 3 for Health

Ominous stars Guamo and Hangfna would effect Dog people%u2019s emotions and create pessimistic feelings and great pressures. Dog people feel exhausted this year. Binfu, the star of disease, would turn the psychological problems into sickness. To avoid accidents, place red envelope in northwest to resolve the threatening wood chi from Three Jade in that region; to avoid diseases, hang six coins in northwest and bell in the center to ward off the Chi of ill stars.

Suggestion 4 for Relationship

The romance luck is increasing this year; however, dog people especially for female should watch out for star Guasu, which would bring people frictions and disagreeing mood between lovers. Female easily feel devastated. Placing mandarin ducks in southeast is a cure of unharmonious affairs in affection; people who plan to marry or to conceive baby can place a Jade Tangerine Plant in east to activate and emit the joyous Chi of future auspicious star Nine Purple in the house. Singles can place a crystal Lotus in southeast. The crystal lotus would purify the romance chi of singles and make them more lovable and attractive to enhance their opportunities of finding partners. Carrying a Jade Piayao charm is recommended (for singles only).

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