Chinese Zodiac Boar 2010, Chinese Horoscope Boar 2010

Overall in 2010

The general fortune will be visualized as a number of successes and occasional failures. Zodiac Boar is recognized as the secret friend of Zodiac Tiger, thus they are in the harmonious union and reciprocal for each other. Nonetheless, zodiac Boar also has some affliction with Taisui, which may pose some difficulties and disappointments in the course. The arrivals of powerful benefactor stars Tiande( heavenly bliss) and Fuxing( lucky star) will bring you excellent external support, while the star Bazuo (official rank) and Wenchang( inspiration) will smooth the obstacles ahead and enlighten your inspiration in study or work. The menacing stars Juanshe(gossip) and Jiaosha(ominous mess) indicate the disputes and gossips in your relationship wise. You should take precaution for your financial losses due to the star of drain Jiesha (drain). To place the Golden Ru Yi on your table that you usually use and Fu Lu Shou in the west are the best remedies to reduce the impact from Taisui and ensure yourself to grasp the opportunity in life successfully. For Boar people may have a lot of confusions in facing the various branches in life, Thousand hand Buddha will be very beneficial for to guide you out of troubles and lead you to a road of brightness.

Suggestions for Career

The horoscope unfolds a path with the investment and new opportunity ahead; however, obstructions, side issues or new problems will crop up unexpectedly at the start of your work due to torture from Taisui. You are able to acquire new recognition and appreciation from your colleagues for the presence of benefactor stars Tiande( heavenly bliss) and Fuxing( lucky star). Promotional luck comes into view for the visit of Bazuo (official rank) star, which is the star in control of scholarly honor and official rank. For those who work in office (especially creative job), their intelligence and acuteness will be fully developed by this star. In order to sustain the harmony and support in your working environment, you are required to exercise caution from losing your temper and hurting people with your words. For rumors, slanders, even some adversities may emanate from your careless talk this year for the invasion of star Juanshe (gossip). It makes those who are always super nice people become susceptible to fights and quarrels in some time. It is better for you to keep a low profile for your opinions are prone to cause disagreement or jealousy. To prevail over all the obstructions in the way and prevent from many scandals and gossips in the work, you can display the golden Dragon Turtle with Wen Chang Pagoda in the west to activate your benefactor luck. To grant the blooming promotional luck to come true and achieve your final victory, you need to place the Aventurine Pyramid in the northwest and the Citrine Tree in the center. Business people can also displace the golden Double Fishes in the east and Red Scroll - Nian Nian You Yu in the south of their premise to against the sudden lawsuits and argument. This feng shui combos are able to well communicating the wise energy between flying star Tanglang( wealth star) and Wenqu( inspiration star), which is one of the most famous flying star arrangements for bringing out one's aptitudes in career and study. As long as the chi of these two stars well converge, their power can be double. Consequently, you are capable to make an important strategic step towards the bright prospect of your future as they stimulate both inspiration star and wealth stars.

Suggestions for Wealth

The regular income status is elevated by rising career fortune, while the extra income is feeble. To accomplish the accumulation of wealth and advance your prosperity, you need to ask for help of the beneficial stars by displaying Aventurine Gem Tree in the northwest and Clear Quartz Pyramid in the center to recuperate their clients and flourish wealth. Business people can also place the powerful Golden Axe on their cashier to invite the wealthy star into your premise and ensure a year of blossom. The golden Axe will open up new resources of revenue and exploit as much prosperity as possible; it is also helpful to protect its owner from villains and pitfalls. A problem of sudden holdback or financial hardship also arises during the course of your investment and cooperation with others. Beware of your capital turnover may stuck due to the unexpected financial loss or arrears from others. The presence of Jiesha star may worsen the situation by causing robbery or theft in your premise. Remember that you are in conflicts with Taisui, it is wise to avert from blind speculation or else there is more a loss than gain. You can hang the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Charm in the southeast and place the carnelian dragon turtle with three red envelopes in the south to safeguard your money from draining away and the robbery. Business people can hide one golden Feng Shui Brass Abacus behind the cashier to carry out daily monetary plan smoothly. For those who always travel around, carrying Grand Duke Appeaser Amulet with them is recommended.

Suggestions for Relationship

There is tincture of marital and relationship problems in your love palace. Married couples will encounter bad romance and involve into sexual entanglements. As a result, the sign of the fragility and depression suggest in their marital life, and this discord is likely to damage their marriage and lead to separation. Attached couples should beware that there are changes and instabilities in their relationship, and this "changes" may either lead to a happy ending of marriage or split up as the energy from impact of Taisui has to somehow release in the perspective of their connection. To avoid sexual scandals and sustain a harmonious martial life, you can place the Mandarin Ducks Picture in the south and hide one Rose Quartz Heart in the northwest of their bedroom to ease the stressful situation and cure the disharmony in the family. Singles have chance to meet a good partner and develop a delighted relationship, but pay attention to gossips and disputes from quarrelsome star Juanshe. Single who seek for marriage or stable love life can place Golden Mandarin Ducks in the west and Rose Quartz Mandarin Duck Charm in the northwest of their bedroom. Those who want to regulate their networking and strengthen their love luck can carry Mystic Knot Amulet with them.

Suggestions for Health

The frequent social engagements and activities will increase your weight; bring you chronic diseases about cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus. Besides, your respiratory system is exhausted and weaker than usual. To adopt a healthy schedule and diet is helpful and necessary. Display the 5 Element Pagoda in the southwest to prevent you from ailments and safeguard your health. Those who need to travel around can also carry Wu Lou Amulet with them. The sick star Pima will cause extra trouble to the elders in your family, do the physical check on time and take precaution to their health changes. Display golden Fu Shou Tao in bedroom to keep them away from ill mishaps.

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