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2009 Chinese Horoscope Boar

2009 Chinese horoscope Pig (Chinese astrology Pig) for Chinese zodiac Pig sign according to feng shui flying stars and Chinese zodiac symbol Pig.

Overall in 2009

Without any strong ominous or auspicious stars, it is a year of ordinary for Boar people. The motion star Yima visits your horoscope, which means you would have certain movement (for instances, business travel, rent a house, transfer of work) or frequent activities and some alterations in life. However, for those who want to buy a new house, they should also pay attention to the changes in the house markets around autumn and winter. Even though Yima star keeps you on the run of fatigue, it has the side of positive as long as you could adjust yourself into the new variations. For those who engage in outdoor occupations such as agents, tour guild, salesman and etc, they will benefit more from Yima star. To activate your benefactor luck and better the general fortune, you can place Golden Meditation Trinity Buddha on your study table and the Ivory Color Three Wise Man in the northwest of your living room to stimulate the Lucky star Tanlang. The Golden Meditation Trinity Buddha is also the best cure for resolving anxiety in life and keeping you a reposeful mind.

Suggestions for Career

The chances to work outdoor and doing business travel will increase. In order to keep your business running, you have to be toiling most of the time. For those who need to work outdoors, they will hew out some new approaches to gain money and patron. However, without the sustaining stars, you have to work all by your own. To dissolve tension and harmonize your working environment, you can place the Red Rhino in the northeast and the Golden Crab Holding RuYi & Ingot in the northwest to triumph over all the obstacles and blockages in the way. Because of the slow improvement, Boar people easily have the sluggish feeling in life and it distracts your attention from the work. Especially for or those who were born between August 8th to March 6th, this indolent manner may make you lose your work. To safeguard your career and smooth the difficulties in the transitions, you can place and the jade color FengShui Money Frog in the south and the Chinese Dragon Horse in the southwest to activate both your inspiration star and career star. For business people or those who want to gather support to management and make their bright career outlook to come true, the arrangement of the Amethyst Pyramid in the southeast and the Red Frame Peng Bird Picture in the center are able to actualize their endeavors and provide a smooth ride to their desire advantageous position.

Suggestions for Wealth

Short of external support, your diligence is the only way to find the favorable circumstances for your rewards. Besides, the wastage star Tiangou will bring you potential dangers of financial losses. You need to watch out for some sudden extra expenditure. The lapse of investment and the fraud would cause you unexpected cost, too. Placing the He Qi Sheng Cai Red Buddha (concord and prosperity Buddha) in the northeast and hang the Blue Crystal in the east is the authentic antidote to cure the accidental financial losses and against the deception. It is favorable to avoid lawsuits. To improve your income status and maximize the revenue, you can place the red color Money Frog Carrying Coins in the southeast and Jade Peony Plant in the center to boost the wealth fortune. If you are doing outdoor business or need to travel for your business, you can additionally activate the favorable star by displacing the golden Shi Xiang Zi Zai (Good Blessing) in the northwest and hide the Jade Ingot in the southwest corner to enjoy a prosperous success.

Suggestions for Relationship

Affected by the menacing stars Tiangou and Diaoke, Boar people will be ill with fluctuations in emotion. Besides, the heavy workload also exhausts you and brings about the arguments and separations with your family. Those who were born in 1971 suffer most with emotional entanglements, the third party relationship indicates and the gush of danger may happen any time. To prevent interference from the third party, place the Standing Rooster facing the main door and the Red Frame Mandarin Ducks Picture in the center to foster the harmony of couples and bliss. To resolve the disagreements and suppress the quarrelsome energy from evil star, one can hang the Red Scroll Ruyi in the northeast. To cure the low fortune of love, singles can place the golden Dragon Turtle with Ru Yi in the northwest and the red color Happy Kissing Couple in the center to energize the love star and ensure to grasp the chance to meet the suitable partner. For singles, the coming spring is the best season for love, because their love luck diminishes seriously in the rest of the year.

Suggestions for Health

Tiangou star would produce emotion problems to you, so it is important for you to pay some attention to your psychological health and learn how to deal with pressure. Place the Brass Wu Lou in the west and hang a Silver Six Rod Element Balance wind Chime in the north to ward off the ill earthen energy of sick stars. Boar people should refrain themselves from visiting patients or attending funeral because of the presence of threatening star Diaoke. To carry a 5 Element Pagoda Keychain with you all the time is compulsory to deflect the killing chi. With the visiting of Diaoke, you should also be watchful for the health situation of elder people in your family. To safeguard the elder people's health, one can tie three Natural Gourds by the older people's bed to combat the major sickness. This three Natural Gourds placement is beneficial for those who have a prolonged sickness particularly. Elder people should also wear a Jade Mala Bracelet and keep themselves away from north and west ill corners.

According to most needful elements that you need and the most important aspects currently that you should take care of, our Feng Shui Masters have given the following feng shui items in best conjunction with different birth years and genders after a discreet consideration and calculations. For instance, the year 1960 is Gen Zi, Gen is the heavenly branch and Zi is the earthly branch, most people would simply decide their year element just by the heavenly branch Gen, which represents the Yang Metal element (positive metal). However, it is not simple like that. Based on the Nan Yi system (another famous element system that always take into account of fortune telling), the Gen Zi year belongs to Earth Element. And according to the flying star calculation system in Feng Shui practice, the female who were born in 1960 belongs to earth element (Star Two Black), and the male who were born in 1960 belong to wood element (Star Four Green). Since it is a year of hard work for these people, first of all, we need to ensure them have a healthy body and not being exhausted by the heavy workload and secondary comes the pursuit of wealth. Or else, your may spend on your hard-earned income on the medication fee, which is not worthy at all. For female, we choose Jade Kuan Yin Pendant as the cure and enhancer. In one hand, the auspicious blessing power of Kuan Yin can safeguard your general fortune journey and your health in particular; in the other hand, the jade has the intrinsic nature of combating ill chi and producing prosperity, and jade belongs to the earth element, which functions perfectly as the enhancer of female Rat's needful element. For male, we choose Obsidian 11 Eyes Bracelet as the cure and enhancer. First of all, the Obsidian stone has the power to assembling the propitious chi around and favor its owner to keep a concentrating mind, which is the cure for the male Rat's distraction this year; second, the number 1 and black color both represents water element in feng shui. According to the Five Element Theory, water produces wood, which is the needful element of male Rat. This is the main way that we get the solution and how we make the conjunction with different people within the same zodiac. Sure there are some other detailed and professional calculations before we make the final decision, what we show you is just one of the flowers in this garden, but over the scent, we are sure we could kindly realize how much beauty hidden inside, that is the purpose of Feng shui and we try our best to make the 2009 being one of the best years in your life! May the year of Ox bring you good luck!

For those Boar people who were born in 1935, wearing the Onyx Mala Gemstone Bracelet is recommended for male Boar people; wearing the jade wulou necklace is recommended for female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 1947, wearing the Yellow Topaz Birthstone Bracelet with Buddha Pendent is recommended for male Boar people; wearing the Mala Jade Bracelet is recommended for female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 1959, wearing the Tiger Eye Bracelet is recommended for male Boar people; wearing the Jade Mandarin Duck Bracelet is recommended for female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 1971, wearing the Jade Pi Yao Bracelet is recommended for male Boar people; wearing the Mandarin Duck Bracelet is recommended for female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 1983, wearing the Yellow Topaz Birthstone Bracelet with Buddha Pendent is recommended for both male Boar people and the female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 1995, wearing Green Jade Bracelet with Pi Yao is recommended for male Boar people; wearing blue piyao piyao bracelet is recommended for female Boar people.

For those Boar people who were born in 2007, wearing the Lucky Pendant is recommended for male Boar people: wearing the carrying the Lucky Coin Pendant is recommended for the male Rat people is recommended for female Boar people.

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