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Gem Trees

Gem Trees, Jade Stone Trees, Evil Eye Trees

Natural gem trees category has Chinese jade stone trees, evil eye trees, citrine gemstone trees, Aventurine trees, Amethyst Tree, rose quartz tree and other mix gemstones.  See other money trees, such as money tree with crystal base, wish granting tree, etc.

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Colorful Peony Plant
Colorful Jade Flower in Wu Lou Jade Vase
White and Ruby Jade Peony Plant
Colorful Jade Peony Plant
Colorful Peony Plant
Colorful Gem Tree
Rose Quartz Tree
Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
Citrine Tree in Dragon Pot
Citrine Tree in Money Bag
Aventurine Gem Tree with Coins
Jade Peach
Evil Eye Tree with Golden Coins
Evil Eye Tree
Amethyst Tree
Gem Tree
Rose Quartz Tree
Aventurine Tree