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Feng Shui tips and Items for Love

Feng shui tips for love: The feng shui love corner by personal gua number is Yan Nian corner or in the Southwest location by bagua. Furthermore, you also can check annual feng shui tips 2016 and put some feng shui items in the flying star #1 love position to attact your feng shui romance love or cure. 

Followings are some suggested feng shui items for love.  

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Marriage Saver Keychain Amulet
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
Heart Shaped Double Happiness Sign
Purple Crystal Lotus Candle Holder
Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony
Bejeweled Lovely Peacock on Pedestal
Bejeweled Peacock
Four Friends Mirror
$28.00 $23.99
Love and Harmony Key Chain
Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks
Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
Heart-Shaped Jade Pendant
Bejeweled Silver Color Double Happiness Symbol Amulet Keychain
Love Nest for Single
Love Nest for Couple
Harmony Talisman Card
Tangerine Feng Shui Symbol
4 Friends Windchime
$66.00 $48.00

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