Feng Shui Fish Statues, Chinese Good Luck Fish Symbol

Feng shui fish statues have arowana fish, dragon fish, carp fish, golden fish, feng shui goldfish and double fish. The feng shui fish symbol is wealth and abundance. Displaying good luck fish statue or fish picture can bring wealth luck. 

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New Year Charm - Double Fishes with Mystic Knot
SKU: 4952
This beautiful New Year Decoration Charm features a beautifully designed fish plush figurine and a lovely money bag. In feng shui and Chinese culture, fish are used as symbols of success and good charms.
Double-Fish Keychain for Double Happiness and Wealth
SKU: 4942
Featuring colorful double fishes on ingot with Chinese character of good blessing and coin sign, this keychain is standing for abundance, double happiness and wealth.
New Year Charm - Double Fish with Mystic Knot
SKU: 4776
This beautiful New Year Decoration Charm features a pair of golden fish and a large red mystic knot. There is also a plush figurine below the fish with the Chinese character of “fu” meaning good fortune and luck.
New Year Charm - Fish with Money Bag
SKU: 4775
This beautiful New Year Decoration Charm features a beautifully designed fish plush figurine and a lovely money bag. In feng shui and Chinese culture, fish are used as symbols of success and good charms.
New Year Charm - Fish with Lucky Firecrackers
SKU: 4771
The firecracker charm has a large, vibrantly colored fish figurine at the top of the firecrackers. These golden fish are popular representations of wealth and are used to attract wealth luck for its owners. The Chinese character for fish “yu” also mea
Golden Feng Shui Fish
SKU: 4764
Fish are widely used in feng shui as excellent representations of prosperity and good luck. This beautiful fish statue features two wonderfully crafted fish swimming among a sea of golden coins and waves.
Bejeweled GoldFish
SKU: 4684
The goldfish is crafted with excellent quality, jeweled with lovely jewels, and dazzles in its appearance. Place this beautiful gold fish in your home or office to give career luck, wealth luck, and ensure a long, healthy marriage.
Bejeweled Arowana Fish
SKU: 4683
With its abilities to energize wealth and abundance, the gold arowana is said to be the most expensive of all freshwater aquarium fish. Placing an arowana figurine in your home or office will boost your opulence and career luck.
Bejeweled Goldfishes
SKU: 4682
This pair of beautiful goldfish stands sparkling on a pedestal of water. This pair of bejeweled goldfish not only represents abundance, but also marital bliss and good fortune.
Arowana Fish Statue
SKU: 4386
Covered by Chinese coins, this feng shui arowana fish statue swimming on the wave has the meanings of wealth and abundant as well as success in career.
Feng Shui Fish
SKU: 4319
This elegant feng shui fish - dragon fish statue is like jumping out from water and spiting out wealth, treasure and nobleness to people. It is one of the feng shui products to enhance your auspicious chi.
New Year Decoration Charm - Good Luck Ingots
SKU: 4167
With five golden fishes on an elegantly carved Chinese character "good-luck" represents five types of luck: longevity, prosperity, health, virtue, and peace, this Good Luck Ingot Charm is one of the best options for New Year home/business decoration.
New Year Decoration Charm - Good Luck Fish and Fortune Coin
SKU: 4166
The double golden fishes in the top embrace the fortune coin with auspicious writing on each side. One side of the wheel says "Perennial Abundance", the other, "Delight as One Wishes".
New Year Decoration Charm - Carp Fish and Treasure Bag
SKU: 4165
The vivid jumping carp fish in the top symbolize the capacity in pursuing happiness and better life. In the bottom hangs the treasure bag, filled with copious coins and ingots, signifying copious wealth for the coming year.
New Year Decoration Charm - Double Fishes
SKU: 4164
Fish is the symbol of abundance and auspicious fortune. Double fishes express a traditional wish that good fortune comes in pair.
Good Blessing with Double-Fish Keychain
SKU: 4152
The good blessing keychain has one Chinese word GOOD LUCK with double fishes surrounded. This feng shui keychain has the meanings of wealth, happiness and good luck.
Money Buddha on Carp Fish
SKU: 3781
This beautiful wood like money Buddha sitting on carp fish is the symbol of wealth since fish and money Buddha in feng shui represent wealth. Especially it is very good for who has business to have such money Buddha statue in his/her office to attract mo
Golden Arowana
SKU: 3635
Arowana fish is regarded as emperor in fish kingdom for the powerful stimulant in create authority and wealth, It is the perfect feng shui product to attract money. Coin in its mouth stands for its aptitude of bringing wealth.

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