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Feng Shui Import has oriental gifts wholesale and retail in San Diego. We offer free feng shui tips too. Our feng shui supplies' categories include Buddha statues, water fountains, Chinese dragon, crystal balls, wind chimes, Bagua mirrors, jade pendants, hand fans, money frogs, lipstick holders, coin purses, elephant statues, Chinese wall scrolls, Chinese art crafts, oriental music gifts, fu dogs, chi lin, kuan yin statues, kuan Kong figures, crystal bracelets, jade bracelets, jade necklaces, feng Shui Tortoises, feng shui fishes, feng shui bagua mirrors, feng shui books, oriental dolls, pagodas, red scrolls, pi yao, pig statues, rat figurines, mandarin ducks, Embroidery hand bags, teapots, tea sets, incenses, good luck charms, mobile phone charms, etc.


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