Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui Animal Statues, Chinese Animal Figurines

Feng shui animals have lucky animals and proction animals. Chinese auspicious animal statues include mandarin ducks, lucky cat, feng shui fishes, money frog, dragon phoenix, dragon tortoise, elephant figurines, dragon tortoises, etc auspicious animals.  Feng shui protection animal figurines have blue rhino, foo dog, pi yao, chi lin, etc feng shui animals.

See Chinese Zodiac statues for Rat statues, Ox statues, Tiger statues, Rabbit statues, Dragon statues, Snake statues, Horse statues, Ram statues, Monkey statues, Rooster statues, Dog statues and Pig statues.

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Brass Dragon Phoenix Statue
Feng Shui Dragon Turtle
Big Feng Shui Frog
Feng Shui Frog
Money Frog
Arowana Fish Statue
Pair of Elephant Statues
Lovely Peacock
Pair of Precious White Elephants
$118.00 $98.00
Golden Money Frog on BaGua
Golden Feng Shui Money Frog with Coin
Big Brass Turtle Statue
Brass Mandarin Ducks
Brass Chi Lin
Big Brass Pi Yao Statute
Brass Money Frog
Brass Dragon Turtle
Big Chi Lin
$268.00 $248.00
Chi Lin
$68.00 $63.00
Chi Lin
Bejeweled White Elephant Statue
Bejeweled White Single-humped Camel
Bejeweled Single-humped Camel
Feng Shui Foo Dogs
White Elephants