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Green Pi Yao
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Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Animals Statues or Figurines

Chinese zodiac animals have 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese zodiac symbols (Chinese zodiac statues) are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

If you are not sure what Chines zodiac sign you are, you can use our Chinese Zodiac Calculator Tool to find out what Chinese zodiac figurines you need.

See Feng Shui Animals for other auspicious animals, such as rhino, Foo dogs, chi lin, money frog, pi yao, mandarin ducks, dragon phoenix, dragon tortoises, elephant figurines, lucky cats, fish statues, etc.

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Bejeweled Golden Dragon Statue
Big Bejeweled Rooster Statue
3-Sheep Statue with Treasure Pot
Bejeweled Sheep Statue Stepping on Money Sign
Metal Sheep Charm
Sheep Charm
Bejeweled Sheep Statue Stepping on Chinese Coin
Ru Yi Sheep Statue
Golden Sheep Statue
Money Sheep Statue
Climbing up Sheep Statue
Prosperity Horse Statue
Properity Horse Statue
8 Running Horses Statue
Bejeweled Rooster Statue
Bejeweled Victory Horse
Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Feng Shui Ingot
Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Money Bag
Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Bai Choi
Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Money Coin
Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Wealthy Pot
$5.99 $3.99
Bejeweled Victory Horse
Bejeweled White Windhorse Stepping on Mountain
$99.00 $88.00
Brass Horse Statue
Velvet Shakin Flying Horse with Case and Gift Box
Double Golden Horse Statue for Booming Luck
Big Golden Horse Statue Stepping on Money Bag
Big Horse Statue
Big Horse Statue Carrying Monkey for Promotion
Big Jumping up Horse Statue for Success
Green Glass Horse Statue
Orange Glass Horse Statue
Bejeweled Ox Statue
Bejeweled White Rabbit
Rabbit Statue
Horse Statue
Horse Head Statue
Gemstone Snake Statues
White Horse
Golden Flying Horse
$45.00 $39.50
Metal Pig Statue
Metal Dog Statue
Metal Rooster Statue
Metal Monkey Statue
Metal Sheep Statue
Metal Horse Statue
Metal Snake Statue
Metal Dragon Statue
Metal Rabbit Statue
Metal Tiger Statue