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Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui Animals

Feng Shui Animal Statues, Chinese Animal Figurines

Feng shui animals have lucky animals and proction animals. Chinese auspicious animal statues include mandarin ducks, lucky cat, feng shui fishes, money frog, dragon phoenix, dragon tortoise, elephant figurines, dragon tortoises, etc auspicious animals.  Feng shui protection animal figurines have blue rhino, foo dog, pi yao, chi lin, etc feng shui animals.

See Chinese Zodiac statues for Rat statues, Ox statues, Tiger statues, Rabbit statues, Dragon statues, Snake statues, Horse statues, Ram statues, Monkey statues, Rooster statues, Dog statues and Pig statues.

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Brass Monkey on Horse Statue
White Lucky Cat Statue
Pair of Big Elephant Statues
17 Inch Big Feng Shui Pi Yao Statue for Money Luck and Protection
4.5 Inch Red Three Legged Toad
White Porelain Money Lucky Cat Statue
Colorful Phoenix Statue
Precious Elephant Statues
Dragon Treasure Trove
Bejeweled pair of carp
Bejeweled Red Pi Yao
Bejeweled Blue Pi Yao
Sacred Cow Kamadhenu
Wishfulfilling Cow
Pair of Pi Yao Statues
Money Toad Statue Sitting on Coins and Lotus
Bejeweled Red Tzi Chi Kau
Three Red Lions Remedy for Three Killings
Big Auspicious Arowana Fish Statue
Big Brown Prosperity Eagle Statue
Bejeweled Cloisonne Elephant Statue with Trunk Up for Good Luck
Bejeweled Cloisonne Elephant Statue with Trunk Down for Relationships
Big Bejeweled Cloisonne Money Frog Statue
$42.50 $38.50
5 Golden Fishes with Money Pot Statue
Bejewel Chi Lin Seal
Bejewel Dragon Tortoise Seal
Bejewel Dragon Fish Jumping Dragon Gate Seal
Bejewel Pi Yao Seal
Feng Shui Mongoose
$108.00 $88.00
Crimson Phoenixes
$98.00 $88.00
A Pair of Peacock
Dragon and Phoenix Life Force and Love Energizer
$80.00 $68.00
Feng Shui Red Eagle Statue
$78.00 $63.00
Power Elephant with Warrior
$95.00 $75.00
Golden Eagle Statue
Red Money Frog on Coins
Golden Money Frog on Ingots
Brass Color Elephant Statue on Chinese Coins
Elephant Statues
Liuli Arowana Fish Statue
Pair of Golden Pi Yao Statues
Monkey Holding a Prosperity Bag on Elephant
Blue Rhino and Elephant
Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino and Elephant
Dragon with Water Bowl and Ingots
Dragon Phoenix Ingot
Wishfulfilling Cow with Cowrie Shells
Pair of Natural Stone Pi Yao Statues
Set of Green Elephant Statues
Pair of Green Pi Yao Statues
$98.00 $86.00